Thursday, 17 July 2008

I've treated myself...

Well, in a moment of rashness this morning, I bought this rug!  

I was so pleased this morning to find that the internet seemed to be working properly again (it's been so slow the last few days which has made posting photos almost impossible) that I eagerly popped into all the blogs I love including that of the designer Anna Maria Horner.  She has just launched a new range of quilting weight fabrics called "Garden Party" and today on her site, has some new items for sale, including some rugs inspired by this range of fabrics.  I just fell in love with this flowery one and so decided to make it our own.  I've no idea where it's going yet but that's hardly a problem, is it?  If you haven't heard of Anna Maria I recommend a visit to her blog.  She is such a talented designer, I am really in awe. She also seems to have an enviously wonderful homelife (anyone who can manage 5 children is amazing in my book!)  I can't wait to get my hands on her new book which comes out in a few months.

I bought some fabrics from the range she launched just prior to Garden Party which is called "Drawing Room".  I've made a few bags from this fabric which our American friends refer to as "home decor" weight which means it is heavier and thicker, really lovely to work with and it gives the bags added stability.  Here are the bags I've made (so far) from her Drawing Room fabrics:

I was really pleased to note that 2 of these appeared in the weekly "eye candy post" in queen of the bag maker Lisa's u-handbag blog.  My sewing room is now seriously overcrowded and I can't justify hanging onto these (not even that delicious birdy one) so if you fancy giving one of these a new home, whizz over to my Etsy shop via that clever little blue button to the right of this page.

Thanks for visiting, I'm off to make apricot jam now...

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