Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Post Offices and Pink Bags

Despite having said yesterday that I might not have time to make bags for a while, I obviously failed to factor into the equation that it would take a few days for my quilting parcel to arrive so with a few hours on my hands this morning, I whipped up this clutch bag:

This design was suggested to me by a customer on Etsy who had seen something similar in my Etsy store which I had designed (but it was a bigger shoulder bag with a strap) and wanted a clutch version which I duly delivered.  I have to give great thanks to that lady, Audrey from Glasgow, as it has proven a popular design.  The fabric was bought from a fellow Etsyer and came all the way from Japan.  Astoundingly, it was posted on a Thursday and arrived chez moi the following Monday!  Seriously, it can take longer to send a parcel within England!  Talking of post, ours arrived at 5pm today which is an all time record.  What is happening with the Post Office these days..? 

A few months ago, we breathed a sigh of relief as the post office in the village where our holiday cottage is was saved from closure.  To our dismay, it has been announced more recently that it shall close after all as Royal Mail decided to keep open a branch in Street (which it had previously marked for closure) which meant, you guessed it, one in so one out.  There has been a tremendous campaign in the village to save the post office; posters in everyone's windows, meetings in the village hall, letters to Royal Mail, appearances in the press and even a trip to Downing Street to hand in a petition.  It shall be such a shame if it closes as it is a lifeline to so many in a village which is otherwise pretty cut off.  There is no bus service at all on weekends and only a sporadic one during the week.  There are a lot of old people in the village and the shop/post office provides more than just a place to buy your stamps.  Fingers crossed that Royal Mail might change their minds (again) and save us.  We shall be going down for the weekend this Friday (hurrah) so we shall see what the latest news is...

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  1. I really love this clutch design. Looks like the perfect size. And the fabric makes this such a fun girly bag!


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