Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hope and Glory

Or do I mean Hope and Greenwood? Some of you may have heard of this brand of nostalgic sweeties and we are lucky enough to have their main shop just a couple of miles away from us. Having spent the morning sewing indulgently to the backdrop of Thomas the Tank, Henry et al whizzing along their wooden rails, I suggested to the Munchkin a trip to Dulwich to the sweetie shop and he was, perhaps not surprisingly, very enthusiastic!

The exterior boasts a lovely old fashioned stripey awning and a seat for one to indulge in an ice cream cone perhaps. 

The window display is always interesting to behold.

The real jewel is the interior which is chock full of old dressers lined with Cath K wrapping paper, topped with pretty vintage tins and adorned with sparkly fairy lights and blowsy silk roses, their shelves laden with giant glass jars of multi-coloured sugary confections and rainbow-hued sherbets.  The counter is of the authentic old fashioned wooden frame, glass fronted variety, its top crammed with glass stands with domed lids groaning with coconut ice, geranium creams, rose fondants and crumbly vanilla fudge.  Now the bad bit. The lady in the shop said no to my polite request to photograph. I was so disappointed as I would have loved to have shared the interior with you.  However, fortunately for us I'd already snapped a quickie of the interior, so here goes (the things I do for blogging!  My next blog could be from my very own cell courtesy of HMP!)

Harry was then kept quiet for all of about oooh, three minutes, choosing ten sweeties for his little basket (he's quite smart that one, he sussed that a packet of love hearts would only count as one!)  I purchased a few bits.  I thought they would look good on the dresser at the cottage (if they make it that far).  

And this groovy wrapping paper.

I like the fact that they think about every aspect of what they make.  Look at this gorgeous tag and badge.

If you click here on the words "Hope and Greenwood", you shall be transported to the shop's website which is really beautifully done, all the sweeties artfully arranged against old western annuals and pretty wrapping paper.  It took me back a few years, Sherbet Dib-Dabs, Parma Violets and all that!

Whilst in Dulwich and the munchkin satisfied with the promise of sweeties after dinner following best behaviour, we visited a couple of my fave local shops.  Here are some goodies in "Grace and Favour"...

(Sorry about the reflection in the window.)

And here are some in "ED" (purveyor of Greengate and a bit of Cath K, amongst other things)...

Now where did I put those flying saucers...


  1. What wonderful shops! The lolly shop looks gorgeous! It must be lovely having those types of shops nearby!

  2. Hello Hen..So kind of you to visit the other day!
    You have a gorgeous blog and this post in particular is close to my heart.. I bought my son Harry one of their large jars of tuck shop sweets for his 14th Birthday. Guess who ate most of them!??? Can't resist Fruit Salad chews..
    Thank you for sharing this delightful emporium with us..
    Michele x

  3. Wow what gorgeous looking shops! I came across the same sweetie shop hidden behind Covent Garden opposite the Fortune theatre (Russell st i think) but my boyf knowing my weakness for sweeties wouldn't let me go in!! (to be fair we had dinner reservations and he knew I'd spoil my appetite!) I have really enjoyed noseying around your blog, you have a lovely writting style. Thankyou for taking the time to add a comment on my blog and for the advice. I have just checked Rolls and Rems website and there's a shop just round the corner in Holloway - I will definately be paying them a visit! Thankyou! All the best, Becky


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