Monday, 4 August 2008

Jam and Thrifty Things

It's fair to say I've had quite a fruitful weekend.  My parents came to stay for a few days and whilst Andy and I enjoyed ourselves on our steam railway trip, my parents set off fruit picking with the munchkin (with particular instructions to track down blackcurrants).  Ever the obliging pair that they are, I returned late from our jaunt to find they had not let me down.  In between visiting the Palace and the car boot sale, a weekend of jam making has ensued and I can report that 15 jars of blackcurrant and 9 jars of summer fruit (a concoction of blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry and strawberry) jam rolled off the production line.

Today, I've had a most pleasant morning cutting out fabric to fit over the lids of the jars and generally rearranging my "jam cupboards". It was once a one cupboard affair in the kitchen...

...but has spilled over to the utility.

Yikes, I haven't even started on the chutney yet! I think it's pretty good but we'll see if I'm unbiased if I manage to enter some into the competition at the village fete.

On Sunday morning, we braved the drizzle to visit the Hayes Street Farm boot fair.  I didn't find a huge amount (and those gorgeous eiderdowns one used to be able to find now seem a distant memory) but I couldn't resist this selection of vintage coloured glass pieces.  The jug was £1 and will look pretty at the cottage with flowers inside and the other two pieces were 50p each and will fit the bill on my afternoon tea table.

The 50p glass items came from the very last stall we visited where everything on the table (which looked like it was the result of a house clearance) was 50p and the books were all free! How could I leave this little collection of hand-painted Paragon china behind..?

Unfortunately, there is only one teacup (and three saucers!) but there is the big sandwich plate and 6 side plates, just right for a few scones.

I also picked up this table for our deco-inspired Burgh sitting room.  Only £2!  It needs a good clean and polish yet.  Funnily enough, much as I find general cleaning a bore, I do rather enjoy cleaning up all my thrifted finds.

Andy found some stuff which is no doubt very exciting to boys but not really to us girls, like cable for the garden and screws and things. However, he also got some great old fashioned books (annuals) and these two elm chairs, one of which will probably find its way into Harry's room at the cottage (with a suitably cowboy-inspired cushion to be made by yours truly). 

I'll add that to my sewing list then...

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  1. wow..thats a whole stack of jam you have there!! I love the new table..your burgh sitting room is gorgeous, we started off our house very art deco but somewhere along the way it got quite diluted down! I still love that era though!
    I've just noticed, tucked amoungst all your lovely finds, I have that very same green flowery lampbase as you and I also have a Harry who had a cowboy bedroom when he was little! oo-er!


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