Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Llangollen Railway

On Saturday, we went on a trip to the Llangollen Railway whilst spending the weekend with my parents in nearby Chester. My parents have been taking me to Llangollen for years and now that my other half, the steam railway fanatic, and the muchkin, another steam engine (and Thomas the Tank Engine) fan, are on the scene, we had more reasons than ever to visit.

Llangollen is situated in North East Wales in the Dee Valley. Indeed the River Dee runs right through it, starting as it does in Snowdonia and disappearing into the sea at the Wirral Peninsula via Chester. It is a very fast flowing river, home to the majestic salmon.

We arrive via the medieval town bridge into an old fashioned high street.  We have to visit the butchers which sells fantastic sausages!

The setting is stunning, against the backdrop of the Berwyn mountains and the lovely old Railway Station sits across the other side of the river from the town.

The Llangollen Railway opened in the 1860s and the last service passed through on 1 April 1968 when the railway was then closed.  It was left to the ravages of the weather (and looters) over the years until a group of volunteers got together to save the railway in 1974.  All the track and signalling had gone, many of the fixtures and fittings had been stripped and one station at Glyndyfrdwy (don't try saying this after a few sherbets) was flattened completely and grassed over.  Over the years, in a marvellous achievement, 7 miles of the line has been reopened with stations from Llangollen in the East to Carrog in the West.  What a great job they have done.

The interior of the station is also very authentic.

Saturday was part of a Thomas the Tank Engine special weekend so it was fairly certain that someone was going to have a marvellous time!

Harry was chuffed to meet the Fat Controller and to have a ride on Percy.

We rode along the line to the last station (though the Railway hopes to extend the line in the next few years to Corwen).  Carrog has a lovely little station which takes you back to yesteryear.

Carrog is a quaint little village against a beautiful backdrop.  We set off to the pub to refuel.  I can't remember when I last took such a scenic route to the pub!

Harry found a lovely Victorian postbox to post his card to Nanny and Grandad.

The village chapel.

On the way back, we passed a little cottage with this irresistible window "display".  I hope the owners will forgive me that I couldn't resist taking a photo to share.

What a lovely day we had of good old fashioned fun!


  1. Hi (again!) Hen,
    I can't keep do you find the time! What a lovely post with fab pictures. I love old stations that have been evocative, bring back steam I say. All I know about Llangollen is the canal going over the whatsit - I think thats there! Looks very nice though
    Deb x

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm happy to have found yours as I have had such a lovely time reading it & I'll definitely be back again. I saw your post about the posters - they are adorable aren't they. Just a tip - you can buy a plain pine frame from Ikea which fits perfectly - I painted mine & at only £2.49 the frames are a real bargain!

    Are you close enough to attend the fair that Michele & I are organising for November? I'm sure you'd love it!


  3. Looks like such a fabulous day out!
    Anything to do with trains and I have to stop what I'm doing and grandad was a train driver with the GWR and I think the passion is inherited. ;-)

  4. Hello there!

    I am a bit late commenting on this post....

    My grandparents lived in Wrexham. It is lovely to see these photographs!

    Kindest regards


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