Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Log Cabin Loveliness

Apologies if on reading the title of this post, you thought you might get piccies of a log house somewhere in the woods with a hunky man wielding an axe!  If, however,  you like cushions, Cath K fabrics and such prettiness, please read on...

A few days ago, I fancied making something and decided on a log cabin cushion from Cath K fabrics (seeing as I had recently augmented my stash whilst at Bicester).  I've made a couple before and love the fact that you get to create something with so many different fabrics within one project which is fairly easy to complete.  I largely followed the instructions in The Crafter's Companion.  Once I started, I got carried away (again) and it ended up being gigantic.  Oooh, I think I need to add one more row, and maybe just another one, this starry fabric will look so pretty next to that flowery one... I've therefore been waiting for the stuffing I ordered to arrive so I could make a pillow form for the inside and there it was in the porch when I opened the front door this morning.  It's turned out really nicely and amazingly, the sun just peeked out from behind the clouds so I thought I'd venture outside.

And what do you know? Looks like someone beat me to it.  Know the feeling...

I give up!


  1. I just did a quick breeze through your blog and it is lovely.

    And I totally agree, Joan Hickson IS Miss Marple.

    Will be visiting again...

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  2. Hello thanks for visiting my blog! Lovely to visit yours too - your cushion is so pretty. Don't cats always find the best places to sit!


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