Monday, 29 September 2008

Autumn Mists

What a treat the last days of September have turned out to be.  We've had some lovely sunny days, better than most of the Summer, wouldn't you say?  My Cath K sun loungers have stayed forlorn in their packaging in the shed all Summer so we'll just have to hope we get a chance to use them next year as although we've finally had some sun, we had things to do in the garden this weekend which meant lounging was sadly not an option.

I'm usually very much a Summer person; I love the hotter weather and the sunshine.  I think I suffer from SAD the rest of the year.  However, the cooler mornings of Autumn have brought some enjoyable sights and on Sunday morning, whilst the rest of the HenHouse was still tucked up, I ventured into the garden.  It was so misty, it was quite spooky; I expected a headless highwayman to come trotting past!

Somebody else was up for breakfast...

(Look carefully, he wouldn't let me get up close.  Didn't he realise he was about to become famous by being the first bird to be featured on my blog?!  Other than hens, of course.)

It was then I noticed that we appear to have some very active spiders in our garden.  I walked into quite a few cobwebs on my way to put the empties into the recycling bin and then I decided to try to capture the rest, they looked so attractive with the dew clinging to their gossamer outline...

They're obviously a lot more proficient than I am with my crochet!

Who would have thought that later in the day, we'd have been able to dust down the bbq, get the new Cath K oilcloth on the table and enjoy a few rays...

Despite the sunny days, we've had some chilly nights too.  We've had our coal and log deliveries and someone is a very happy chappy indeed...

Hope you all had lovely weekends too...


  1. Great pictures Hen, love the cobwebs. I can't wait to have a fire again, but need to get the chimney swept first.
    Hope you didn't make the same mistake as I did and buy the Cath Kidston Windbreaker! Mr PL was very sceptical and said that Cath should stick to what she's good at, but I ignored him, bought it and insisted we take it away to the South Hams with us. Well, we were nearly laughed off the beach when it proceeded to blow over every 5 minutes whilst everyone elses stood rigid! Needless to say it went straight back to the shop and the horrible blue one purchased!
    Jane. x

  2. Love the misty photos.

    Behind our house are fields and beyond that a deep gorge where a stream lies. We often get mists rising up from the gorge and rolling in towards the house.
    Reminds me of the film, "The Fog".

    Great cat in front of the fire pic.

  3. Love the pictures but the CK one made my heart sing!xxx

  4. what beautiful scenery in your garden! Those spider webs are so delicate looking. Nice to see even the kitty enjoyed a cozy weekend!

  5. What great pictures today - I just love the one of the spider web with the gate in the background ! Hope you have a great day - can't believe September is over!

  6. Don't you love these hot days and nights where you need a fire? Great pictures and a lovely blog xx

  7. Oh Hen, those spider webs are beautiful!! I love the brolly and the table cloth too of course!!

  8. Oh that's a lovely feeling when you have the fuel in for the winter! Lucky cat! t.x

  9. Hello Hen, you fotos are so beautyfull. Behind our house we although have a very nice garden and it´s the most beautyfull palce in spring ans autum. All these explosive colors. I love it.
    And I`m looking forward to make the first fire of this year. :)


  10. Great photos. The spiderwebs are beautiful, if a little scary. ugh! ;)

    I loved those days of sunshine we had, we had a bbq too. Sadly it has turn to befitting weather for the time of year again. Your photos were a tonic though!

  11. It took a while for the mists to lift here and yes it's definetly spider time as they all do their very best to fatten up for winter.

  12. Thank you for the lovely comment! Just seen it!

  13. Great pictures of cobwebs. The weather was lovely while it lasted but it's pretty miserable and cold here today.

  14. It's alway such a pleasure to come here, to your blog.
    Your pictures are very nice. I like so much the fog, I'm not a summer person at all, I have SAD in Summer!

  15. Love the CK parasol and tablecloth :-) looks summery even when it doesnt feel it! i really like cobwebs all frosty like that even though I am terrified of spiders ! Lx

  16. Your cobweb pictures are very Halloween-y!

    Envious of your CK garden lovelies.

    Victoria x


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