Friday, 19 September 2008


Today I trekked into London to meet my niece for lunch, who has come back for her last year at university (yes, that does makes me feel very old).  Now, what to do to fill the few hours between dropping the Munchkin off at school and meeting Ness? Washing? Ironing? Cleaning? Sewing even? No, better to really make a day of it "up west" (I feel like an extra on Eastenders) and peruse my favourite shops on Marylebone High Street.

Yes, you guessed it, this inevitably took me to Cath K. Often, it's months between my visits to her shop but as you will know if you've read my earlier posts, I've already been a few weeks ago; oh, the things I have to do. I decided our kitchen could do with a fresh cheery look so I went intent on buying some oilcloth for the kitchen island. I settled on the strawberry design on the blue background and decided a red/white spotty pair of oven gloves and some matching tea towels would lift the mood, as well as being entirely practical of course. There are always new things to spot in Cath's shop and indeed there were new displays since my last visit.   So you see, it just shows, it really is necessary to visit on a fairly frequent basis...

I love this display, the red, the spots, the union jack painted on the tabletop...

Can you see the mirrors above the shelves?  They're just like the one I bought a few weeks back from Amanda's stall at Totnes, painted with cottage garden scenes and crinoline ladies.

There seemed to be a lot of upholstered chairs in Cath's shop today, so here's the "chair section" of this post:

I like the vintage books in this corner and that lovely vintage fabric used for the peg bags, not to mention the enamelled pots...

There was a lovely section showcasing the range for babies:

Downstairs, even more gorgeousness for children displayed against some lovely painted furniture:

Jane the first lady of Petticoat Lane , if you're reading, I saw the Fair Isle beret, it is too gorgeous for words (and there are matching mittens)!!!

I just love this "patchworked" effect paper on the walls.  It looks like more of Cath's photocopied fabric:

But I was seriously in love when I found this little bedroom corner with its eiderdown and granny blanket and blue spotty shelves.  How cosy.

Even the changing room is pretty. Gorgeous wallpaper in particular.

This eye catching display on the stairs caused me to linger...

So, I was reasonably restrained in Cath K today.  For any fans out there, if you didn't know already, this is the 15th year since Cath opened her first shop and so some special limited edition products have been launched (two printed tote bags, some postcards and a tin of mints). They are available on her website.

It was good to see lots of new window displays in the shops along the street.  This one in Brora caught my eye..

I then managed to find VV Rouleaux which I usually cannot locate as it has moved to a little side street. Aha, but today I was organised and checked first on the 'net this morning to get the exact location. If you have not heard of this shop, it is famous for its vast range of trimmings. 

It's quite an overwhelming display and sadly, you'd need quite an overwhelming bank balance to indulge in much of it! Pretty to look at though and get the odd little bit...

I finish with two wildly differing items which I spotted in between mooching in the shops.

Firstly, this "art" which was outside a gallery...

Yes, that is a skip!

And this gorgeous little number, my most coveted car...

Except I'd like the pale aqua blue colour please, if Father Christmas happens to be reading!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, looks like we might even be in for some sunshine...


  1. I'm going to CK on Sunday. I can't wait, it's been ages! Not sure whether to go to the one in Wimbledon village or Fulham just yet. The Fulham one is good because they do all the cheap off cuts and print rejects apparently.

    Ordinarily I agree with everything you say but I have to say I can't stand those awful cars! :-) I do girly decor but I don't do girly cars! LOL

  2. Great pics. Love the skip art! Time was we had one of those permanently installed in our lane! (Or is that not quite the same?). Hope Santa is sorting my pink Fig at the same time as he gets your blue one! I love that you get retro styling along with aircon and push button windows! t.xx

  3. What a lovely post. Cath Kidston is why I found all you English girls blogs! Love Cath!!! Enjoy the weekend. Rachaelxo

  4. Now, this makes me want to live in England again. Gosh, the things we miss here in Australia. The *^$) end of the world. Thank goodness for the internet eh?? PLease beg Cath to open a shop here (and in Melbourne too - not Sydney!!)
    I love your photos - it takes me back to a very ahppy place!! Kathryn.

  5. gosh Hen,I cant keep up with all your scrumptious posts! I love seeing CK's shop through you it's so great but seeing all those dispays makes me really miss being a window dresser (I've done painted apple crates on the walls too, like above the till in pic 2!!)
    and I've decided to cover a chair with my wonky curtain fabric just like in picture 5..oh the inspiration! I love those little Figaros too and they should come and plonk the skip on top of the hideous fountain near our local shops that cost 10k and has never worked would be far nicer!
    ps..managed to get my order through in the end.and a red spotty scarf jumped in the basket too...oops!!

  6. Looks like you had a day in paradise!

  7. What a wonderful shopping excursion you had! I would not be able to live near that Cath. K shop - oh, the temptations! I love that shop with all the trimmings too. Just imagine all the things you could create with such a beautiful selection.

  8. Hen, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING IMMEDIATELY and log onto You can win your very own Nissan Figaro in a Red and White Boden Print!! How lovely would that be? You need your recent despatch number from that gorgous red cardi.
    'First Lady of Petticoat Lane'...Now I'm liking that!!
    Thank you for the virtual shopping trip....Must confess to a little ordering though!! Fair Isle Beret, of course to go with florette made by your good self and 15 year Anniversay mint tins and postcards. Lovely aren't they?

  9. Your postings should come with a health warning..LOL..I could spend all week in a CK shop like that.

  10. Oh....the day I actually get to walk into a Cath store I think I will have to lie down.In the middle of the store.Breath slowly.I will have to visit through you obviously so I do agree that it would be very wise to go regularly.You have my full support : )

  11. Thank you showing us round CK, I usually go to the one in Covent Garden which is quite a small shop, I think I might have to pay a visit to this branch - far more eye candy.

    Victoria x

  12. I agree with you totally, a trip to CK is a necessity!!! Thanks for all the lovely photos and my birthday wishes

  13. If I went in there they'd never get me out again! Luckily, for my bank balance, there aren't any CK shops anywhere near me.

  14. I hope you don't mind but I've linked back to this post on my blog as I'm visiting the Marylebone CK store after seeing your amazing photos!

    Victoria xx

  15. such a wonderful post!! I would soo love to go to the cath store!! the trim store looks amazing too!! I hope you have a fantastic day!! big hugs!! Britt :-)

  16. Hello, thank you so much for this great post! I was recently in London in the CK Covent Garden shop, but the manager wouldn't let us take photos, so I am really pleased to see these!

    Lovely blog, by the way!

    Allison x


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