Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Heaven is..

...a Cath K shop!

I'm still coming down from an extreme high, bloggers, having visited the Cath K store on Marylebone High Street today which is the best Cath K one I've visited so far (I think I might set forth on a mission to visit them all!)  When I went there a couple of months ago, the downstairs floor was shut as they were having a revamp = severe disappointment.  Well, it was worth it, what a revamp!  The whole shop has had a facelift and absolutely splendid it is too!

This is the view upon entering. Love, love, love the lupin wallpaper!

I've seen the lupin design in the shop before but as vintage fabric made into tote bags.  I think she's had the fabric copied and made into paper (she suggests photocopying fabric in her book "In Print".)

Venturing further in, there was a fab "kitchen corner" display:

They've moved the oilcloth up here and put up this fabby retro wallpaper:

Even the firedoor has had a lick of jolly red paint.  

Mixed in with all the ultra desirable new items for sale designed by Cath, there are also gorgeous vintage items, also for sale (though generally at a fairly hefty price, I guess that's the "finding fee").  I spied this yummy teacosy (£25)...

This set me off dreaming of my ideal career: maybe I could be a vintage "spotter" for Cath, getting paid to trawl round flea markets, junk shops and car boot sales.  Don't suppose there'd be much competition for that post?!

There was a lovely display of aprons (and oven gloves), far too nice to actually use, more for prancing round with feather duster in hand?

Does anyone have a laundry room that looks this good?

The new range of sewing notions is fab.

There was quite a range of vintage jewellery on display under the counter. Not yet enough to rival my own brooch collection (more of that in another post).

Time to go downstairs.  What I love about actually going to Cath's shops is seeing the things that don't appear in the catalogue: the vintage goodies like cake stands, glass dressing table sets, flowery pictures, pull-along toys; the vintage wallpapers and fabrics; and the upholstered and/or painted vintage furniture.  Sigh, I wanted to flop on the sofa, put my feet up and read the books!

There were lots of these covered lampshades around. I had a good nosy, they looked quite simple, gathered top and bottom with a tie near the top. Might give that a whirl...

To finish off, we spied this divine Victorian chest of drawers sporting Cath's rosy wallpaper. Yours for £950 if you have a bit of spare cash...

I was satisfied with some new goodies...

The Munchkin spotted the cowboy mat and beaker.  Can't knock his taste for a 6 year old!

This new "London" design is fab.  This is wrapping paper, the reverse is flowery.

There are two mugs with this design, one with the pattern all over like the paper above, the other with one big scene of Big Ben and the red Routemaster bus.  They've also had this enlarged and made into wallpaper which adorns one wall of the shop as you go in.  There are also lovely oilcloth bags made from it.

Couldn't resist these new badges.  Look at Stanley!

There was another set of badges so I was very good and restricted myself to just the one set (this time).

I've been hankering after some of this lovely gingham/flowery fabric.  The fabrics with the red ribbons round are from the reduced basket (25% off as roll ends/slightly faulty).

Cath, you're a very clever lady; you bring us much pleasure but make us quite poor!


  1. What a dream it must be to be able to visit a cath Kidston shop. I am surprised you were able to take photos. Or were you just very discreet? Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful outing with us - I enjoyed it so much!

  2. We had exactly the same set of drawers in our shop and my friend and I would regularly stop and drool over it. She's a clever woman Cath, she kows how to get us hooked!
    Julia xx

  3. I'm drooling,I'm drooling...I just LOVE this womans stuff! that red polka dot sofa would be my dream purchase..I'm still half way through covering an old chair with Cath Kidston polka dots. Thanks for sneaking some photos for us!! x

  4. My day is complete. I am now able (just about) to handle my daughters birthday party later on today!! What a fab post on such a grey and wet day. I may have to re-visit several times today to get through the day!!
    Had a splurge myself in the Bath store the other day. Also bought green dress and scarf in 'Comfy Wear' - can definitely recommend. V.Comfy - funny that being in the comfy section!!
    Also spotted the most divine 50's swimsuit...I don't think I'll sleep until I buy it!!!
    Jane. x

  5. Hello there, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I adore Cath Kidston too, everything is so pretty and I agree there are lots of extra goodies in the shops that they don't sell online. That chest of drawers is stunning, I had book marked this saturday to refurbish the ones in my bedroom. I bought 2 rolls of that really pretty duck egg summer palace wallpaper for £3.00 in Laura Ashley last night and I'm going attempt to cover that in wallpaper like the lovely CK one! :-)

  6. The Bath store is great a whole 2 floors!! Much better than the old one. It's now opposite Rossiters (Another great shop), near to Waitrose...Just for future reference!!!
    I love your blog, I'm sure it's going to me REALLY popular. Just added it to my sidebar so I can check for updates!!
    Jane. x

  7. I'm having a small fainting attack...i'm completely overwhelmed by this store..............i think i actually want to live in a CK store......Such a clever clever lady and the team she has working with her are amazing...if CK ever comes to Manchester i am going to BEG for a job......i just want to spend all day playing with the pretties!!!!!!
    Lovely blog......i'll be coming back later....i must do some work...!!!


  8. Omigod! I wish I could live in CK's house and design all these lovely things. You photos are stunning and I'm so pleased that I found your blog [came via tinyholder]. Will be returning though - and often.

  9. Ooh I love the "London" design, will have to make a trip to Marylebone High Street sometime soon. It is one of my favourite places to window shop and I could spend hours in Daunts books shop! Mmmm

  10. Looks lovely! I love the lupin wallpaper - wonder if they are going to sell it?
    I'm pleased she opened shops in Bath & Bristol so we can get a regular "fix"!


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