Monday, 8 September 2008

Hello Again

Thanks for all your lovely comments recently after my trip to Cath K and "revealing" my den.  I've just found out that our friend Cath has a new book coming out next month, "Make", and have gone all dizzy with excitement at the prospect.  My other half casually asked if it will be out for my birthday to which I remarked , it shall, but I don't think I'll be able to wait that long!

Anyway, I digress.  We had a great time at River Cottage and of course, I am going to do a post about it  but I went slightly wild with the camera (I blame that homemade cider) so it might take me a few days to get it sorted.

It was lovely to have a bit of time at the cottage but after our extended trips over the Summer holidays, going back to a "Friday night 'til Sunday afternoon" scenario is a bit depressing. However, I did get to spend all of Sunday faffing around arranging the new things I'd made recently  and the goodies from my order from Cath K which had turned up and been stashed down the side of the garden shed all week, shock horror!!!

In Friday's post, there was a photo of some pretty strips of fabric adorned with Cath K fabric and ribbons and ricrac.  They have become...napkin rings.  I made these following the "Napkin ring with buttoned detail" project in a booklet that came free with Country Homes and Interiors mag a while back (sorry, I can't remember which month though I think it was between the New Year and March) entitled "Country-Style Sewing".  

It was great for using up bits from my scrap basket and add to that the fact I got to add loads of bits of ricrac, ribbon and buttons and I was in heaven!  I think they've turned out quite cute?

I made quite a few in all sorts of random colours, as you can see, but I'm already hankering after a red and white polka dot set and think that co-ordinated sets would make good Christmas gifts.

Also from the same free booklet, I made this peg bag.  My goodness, I made something I actually needed!

Another opportunity to faff with left-over bits of fabric and ribbons, suits me! I think these would make nice pressies too so everytime I cut fabric out for a project and have the right sized piece left over, I'm running up another one. 

The pattern for the peg bag can be downloaded from

I also made the apron you can see me wearing in the photo above, where I'm hanging out that pretty embroidered cloth (some naughty person got blackcurrant jam on it at breakfast, grrrrrr).  It's reversible and made from a "Montessori by Hand" pattern (somewhat confusingly, they now call themselves "Sew Liberated") which I bought on Etsy.  The side you can see in this photo is made from a fab retro fabric, '50s kitchen inspired, by Michael Miller, the reverse is red and white polka dots.  

I also can report that I made something useful (William Morris would be proud of me)!  It's this holder for carrier bags.  I was fed up with them loose and wild in the cupboard.  These are so ridiculously simple to make and you only need a small piece of fabric, about 50 x 20cm.

What else?  Ah yes, some bunting for the bathroom which falls into neither the "needed" nor "useful" category but I like it anyway!

Last but not least, the nights are turning chilly and I bought the Munchkin a hot water bottle last year and have been promising to make a cover. This is the result...

Very snuggly he was too!

Praise also to my other half who has fixed up these shelves for me in the kitchen.  I could while away hours just fiddling about with my display on these although they are, of course, fulfilling a strictly functional purpose...

Thanks so much for reading, now I must get on with reading the new issue of The English Home, oops, I mean the ironing!!!


  1. Thank you for you beautyfull posts. I love you napkin rings. They are soooo cute.


  2. Wow,you have been busy making lots of lovely things! The napkin rings are really great.

  3. I don't think I could ever get bored of looking at your lovely photos..utterly delicious!

  4. You sure have been busy! Such nice photos of all your projects. I love how those napkin rings turned out. Great way to use ric-rac.

  5. Hi Hen,
    You are a busy bee! I have that booklet too, they're really easy projects aren't they even for a 'grumpy' sewer like me.
    Deb x

  6. What lovely sewing you have been doing. I love the napkin rings. I must find that little booklet and have another look at it!!

  7. Back again...I have been back through your posts...gorgeous blog.
    I love everything - a sheer delight to read.

  8. Love that strictly functional shelving - great sewing too - you're very industrious! I find bunting is a great place to keep cobwebs which in turn are great fly catchers - so it is functional after all! t.x

  9. Loving all the things you're making. Can you put the napkin ring instructions on your blog, perleeeeaseeee???

    Funnily enough I'm half way through sewing the M-b-H apron and I think I need to unpick as I don't like my ruffling up!

    Thanks for your post on River Cottage, I think HFW is great, but I'm veggie, so couldn't go to his 10 birds in 1 feasts etc etc!

  10. I love both the peg bag and the napkin rings. So pretty and simple.



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