Monday, 22 September 2008

Homestyle Sewing

Recently, having seen this book on a fellow blog, I treated myself to it...

I had bought the "non-Christmas"  book by the same author at the Quilt Festival a few months back.  Now they can be friends!

I attempted to make the slippers from the first book and they were so small (despite apparently being for up to size 41 feet and I am a 39/40) I actually only made one!  Anyone know any one-footed dwarves out there?  Now this made me cross because I had cut into a gorgeous new piece of Pop Garden fabric to make them, too.

The books are by Tone Finnegar, I think she is Norwegian, and are part of the very popular "Tilda" range, cute items made in cute Tilda fabrics/papers/ribbons.  There is a whole group on Flickr devoted to Tilda if you fancy a look.  The projects in the books are sorted into categories by room, ie. hobby room, children's room, kitchen.  These books make fantastic eye candy...


Hobby Room:

Living Room:


Entrance Hall:

Christmas Workshop:

So, yesterday, I decided to have a go at a project out of the Christmas Homestyle book because a lot of the projects are not actually dedicated to Christmas.  First up, this babushka...

Hmm, quite pleased with the babushka, a fun little project that didn't take very long and which can be made from scraps.  If I have a spare ten minutes, I might pretty her up a bit more with some beads on her flower.  The Munchkin thinks she's very cool and wants to make one. It is of course, a completely useless object!  

Next, on a roll, I decided to try the bag from the Christmas Homestyle book.  Aaaarrggghhh!!! Big mistake.  The instructions were dreadful and the pattern pieces (which you have to trace from the back of the book) didn't seem to meet up very well.   The box corners did not meet at all and when I turned the bag through, the lining was far too big and all baggy inside.  So, after much fiddling, I completed it and I have to say, I am really pleased with the way it has turned out but it was not an enjoyable project and will need lots of tinkering with the pattern before I contemplate making it again.

I added a vintage brooch, one of my faves, which my mum found for me.  Clever girl!

Today, I must have been feeling brave because I decided to tackle another project, this time from the original "Sew Pretty Homestyle" book.   Again, the instructions were not brilliant (maybe I'm just thick!), perhaps something gets lost in translation, but it was a pretty easy project once I sussed them out. Tomorrow, I start my new adult education course and so I thought I could use this bag to take my supplies with me. The handles are vintage; I found three old bags with similar wooden handles in a charity shop in Bridport and this is the first project for which I've used them. These were originally paired with hideous fabric but I am loving this new Cath K take on it. Can you guess what I'll be doing?

I'm very excited about it! More of that tomorrow...


  1. Love the things you made and the Babouska is cool! Shall I give you a tip - I actually photocopy the patterns (for my own use only) that I want to use then they are acurate to the book... then you can play with them if the photo-copier can increase and decrease the sizes you can have more fun!

  2. Hi kc'scourt!,
    I don't think it was the copying that was the problem, just that the instructions were bad in terms of which bits to sew to other bits and where, and the corners just didn't work at all, wrong shapes to match together!
    Ah well, we live and learn!
    Hen x

  3. Your knitting/crochet bag looks spectacular.

    I love these types of bags. So Agatha Christie.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  4. I need to sit down and have a cuppa after all that! Amazing! t.x

  5. At first I thought "where can I buy that book?",, then after reading how the instructions were difficult and the patterns did not meet up in places and you had to tinker a lot with it, I thouhgt "on second thought, I don't want to know!". Besides all that, your projects turned out beautifully and I love the fabrics Hee Hee!

  6. I've just bought her second Christmas Homestyle book and have the first one too :)
    You've been such a busy girl, and I love everything you've made, in spite of the struggles you've had to deal with. Thanks for the feedback and inspiration.
    Can't wait to hear what you're adult education class is going to be, maybe something to do with fabric/design?
    xo, Kali

  7. I'm amazed how some people is so gifted. I wish I were one of them as you are.

  8. Hell Hen,
    I have these books too. They are so beautyfull. I love all the Tilda stuff.
    You have been soo productive ans all the things are so cute. :)

    Lovely Greetings

  9. Looks like a great book. Those bags are beautiful.

  10. Hi, I'm a new reader of your blog and am really enjoying reading your posts. I have both books and just recently made the make up bag from Sew Pretty Homestye as a gift for a friend. I'll have to say that her directions are pretty sparse. Thank you for sharing your projects, I'm inspired!

  11. Hen I think you have 18 hour on earth do you do it? gorgeous bits and pieces you made there, I love the bags..I think I'd have launched it across the room if it didnt match up the first time..but then I'm a tad impatient! I have no idea what you are up to with your adult education course..but I know I'm looking forward to hearing about it!
    ps. your green flowery lampbase, the same as my green flowery lampbase is 'English Flosmaron ware', I meant to tell you that when you asked ages ago and seeing it in the photos reminded me! x

  12. Those books look fabulous.. they're going straight on my amazon wish list! If I could make something half as good as the things you've made I'd be happy!

    Victoria x

  13. hey,
    im new to blogging and came across your blog today,a few days ago i bought one of the books you mentioned in your blog "sew pretty homestyle.
    i havent done a single project as yet,but i have fallen in love with the whole book!
    you have made me want the christmas one too hehe!
    hope your well

  14. Hey!
    Just found your Blog and had to stop by and say I love it!

  15. oh, and that I linked in mine. :)

    Kisses from Brazil!

  16. You have such a lovely blog, and I love the things you made. I made the sew pretty homestyle bag as well, with round handles, and I agree the instructions are pretty awful. It took me ages to work out what I had to do, though once I'd worked it out I was thrilled with the result. Your bag is gorgeous.

  17. Hi Hen, I struggle with the instructions on the sew pretty homestyle book too, I think you have to be quite an experienced sewer with a good imagination but i still enjoy attempting the projects and really love the pictures and inspiration. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion - i already own the homestyle book and wondered if you thought it was worth getting the christmas book for a few christmas ideas as well. i have read that the two are quite similar with quite a lot of repitition in the projects which would put me off buying the christmas one aswell. What sorts of projects are in the christmas one? I'd appreciate your opinion - thanks!


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