Friday, 5 September 2008

My Den

This is how I refer to my space at home, where I hide myself away and create all sorts of yummy things.  It's a lovely room on the first half landing of our house with a view over the back garden through massive double sash windows so it's really light.  Luckily, I can see more of next door's garden than ours, they seem to do a lot more weeding (but they are retired, that's my excuse).  It's a room that has, shall we say, evolved from a general storage room (ok, a dumping ground) which I was forced to sort out when we bought the cottage a year ago (because until then it was full of boxes of stockpiled goodies in anticipation of our cottagey dream).  I've since sort of taken it over in a hermit-like fashion.  Unfortunately, the furry friends rather like it too.

Here's where I work, at a nice old pine farmhouse table.  We bought this from an antiques shop in Chard (Somerset) and brought it back strapped to the roof of the car.  That drew some amused looks, I can tell you.  It's very practical and I have a long bench bought from the same shop on which I sit and it's very handy as I can whizz along from my sewing machine at one end to my laptop at the other (I'm usually attached to one or the other).

From here, I can gaze lovingly at my stash in the corner:

I don't spend much time fiddling with these, honestly.

My shrine to Cath K fabrics resides here too.  It was just one pile..

But now it's on top of Kaffe Fassett, too!

Hmm, don't you just love a bit of gingham or polka dots mixed in?

I have another little drawer unit filled with sewing notions which resides in this corner with my cutting mat and "things".

I get deep satisfaction looking in this drawer...

This sight hits you when you enter the room.  

This is my "inspiration wall", (err, it's where I stick all the cards my sister sends me and the copious artwork the Munchkin churns out along with printouts of things which catch my eye on the 'net etc).

This chair I bought from an antiques shop years ago (which has shut down now) and is adorned with a crochet blanket my nan made for me when I first went to uni, some knitted toys my mum got me from the car boot (I love them and have started a bit of a collection recently) and Golly, whom I bought when I was little from a jumble sale.  That 10p made me very happy and mum recently dug him out from the loft at home.  It's a cosy spot for a bit of hand sewing and as it rocks, the cats keep off as they find it scary when they jump on and it wobbles back and forth!

I made the Union Jack cushion this week.  

The cupboard houses wrapping paper, ribbons and cards and any birthday/christmas presents I might be stockpiling (for other people, I mean). The Munchkin is strangely drawn to this area!

I've been doing lots of sewing recently, which I'll post about next week having taken piccies of them in their new home at the cottage (and when I've finished the hand sewing on the train this evening).  Here's a sneak peek...

We're off to the West Country as tomorrow, we are going to an open day at River Cottage, hurrah!  The Munchkin is very excited at the prospect of meeting "the real River Cottage man"! Given the weather forecast, we'd better pack the wellies.  More of that adventure next week. 

Have a fabby weekend, everyone. I've loved finding loads of new blogs this week and making and receiving lots of comments.  Thanks so much, it cheers me up no end!


  1. What a beautiful blog, so inspirational and all those scrumtious fabrics, I look forward to coming back X

  2. I love your sewing room - I'm gradually getting a sewing corner together, and building up my fabric stash, but my mouth has dropped open at the pictures of yours. How inspirational. I also loved reading your CK post - I must nip to the store. I work near the Covent Garden one, and it's good, but pretty small. The chest of drawers is amazing, but at what a price! Thanks for a lovely post. Caroline x

  3. Hello, I have just found your blog and think it is lovely. Absolutely love the fabrics that you use. I see that you like Hugh F-W; I live in the town where his Canteen is - have you visited it? It is lovely and has done wonders for the town. Best wishes, kathy

  4. How lovely to have all that space to yourself to work (and play!) My room is shared with hubbys's part office, part gym (well, exercise bike), part sewing room, part library...the list goes on and it's only 10ft square! It does have a nice view of my garden though. There's something about having a big pile of fabric sat waiting isn't there? And I love that word - notions - I thought it was just me...our American cousins are responsible I think! Have a lovely weekend. Deb x

  5. You seem to have your life exactly as it should be. Enjoy your break - it sounds wonderful.

  6. Hello Hen, how lovely to meet you and discover your absolutely beautiful blog. I've had a lovely browse through your post and have fallen in love with your sister's collection of embroidered pictures. I adore them but have only disovered about 3! I'm quite passionate about blowsy cottage gardens too (mine's what you might call a work in progress!) and have been admiring those beautiful lupins and the delphs. Smashing, thanks so much for popping by and I'll definitely be back very soon for another visit.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I just love your room and all the beautiful bits and pieces. Your River Cottage visit sounds wonderful - my son and I are both envious! We can't even get the DVD collection here in Australia yet!!

  8. I love your furry friends (and I can tell they love to be near you too). What a fantastic room you have. Thank you for sharing it with us. That ribbon drawer made me smile, and I love your fabulous fabric stash corner too. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Hi, you're so lucky having a beautiful room like that to do your crafting in and what a great fabric stash! Have a great weekend I would love to go there.

  10. Hello....i love your sewing room!
    I'm sat next to my husband...he is watching some awful sci fi film, so i'm amusing myself looking at the pretty houses......your house really is lovely!!!
    I'll be popping in again!!!!


    PS...your cat is so cute!

  11. crikey thats what I call organised! what a lovely room to create in.
    gorgeous bunch of kitties too x

  12. Another wonderful post full of colour and beautiful, beautiful things. My heart skipped a beat I'm sure when I saw your fabric stash!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful week-end meeting the 'real River Cottage man'.
    Jane. x

  13. Just to let you know that I had a go at replicating the lovely CK drawers you had in your last post, cost me a mere £1.50 though not £950! :-) It's actually not that hard to do! :-)

  14. Hello Hen, I am so happy to have found you! Love your blog, love your den, would love to 'play' in it! Rachael from New Zealand

  15. Hi there, discovered your blog via another, which is what blogging is all about after all. What I wouldn't give for a fabric stash like that and not to mention a sewing room of any proportion. At present I work in my garden room, but with winter approaching and only a woolly jumper to keep the frost from the door...sigh! Devx


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