Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Partner in Crime

Is also my sister, Adele, whom you will have seen and read about in my previous posts as she is usually my companion in escapades which invariably involve trips to Liberty for fabric we don't need, tea shops for cakes we could definitely do without and pretty gardens we can but dream of having.  Unfortunately, we live 200 miles apart but we keep in touch regularly with letters which arrive in mad envelopes with pictures stuck all over the front and containing essential supplies like chocolate, magazine clippings and the odd fat quarter.  Hello Del!

I seldom get back to my hometown of Chester but I always enjoy a good nosy around my sister and her husband Barry's house when I do so I thought I'd share, it's too  lovely to keep to myself!

Adele's Carltonware collection is even more extensive than mine and certainly beautifully displayed.

This cabinet contains mainly the raspberry pattern.

Her main love is what I term "Carltonware cutlery", that is the little sets which the company produced which contained butter/preserve dishes with accompanying knives and spoons.  If you can find them in their original boxes, so much the better.  Sorry that the photo is not great. Adele, you were right, we should have opened up the doors!  Next time...

Like me, Adele also loves old embroidered pieces.  

Some gorgeous framed embroideries:

I believe these are "anti-macassars" (what a great word!):

Divine tea cosies:

Adele can generally be found with a tapestry in her hand.  She has produced the one for this little chair and designed the top section herself:

The upper landing is taking the form of a little gallery:

We are both mad about blowsy cottage garden flowers, particularly roses, delphiniums, irises, peonies and of course, lupins. I think she told me that this picture came from Canada via Ebay. Aren't the colours gorgeous.

A colection of pomanders.  They look cute all together.

A collection of cats in amusing guises.  I believe they are by Quail and all have a "Q" on them somewhere.

She is also mad about orchids and has lots in her kitchen.

Look at this lovely cake stand. It depicts Anne Hathaway's cottage:

Better for the figure than the real thing!

In between all this thrifting, sewing tapestries, and razzing round the country bookmaking with her husband (look out for "Pinno" at the races and have a bet), she enjoys scrapbooking. She appears to have taken over a corner of the drawing room for this purpose!

She has now produced several scrapbooks with different themes.

Flowery, cottagey...

William Morris...

I believe one dedicated to afternoon tea is the current project.

What a talented sister I have!


  1. Your sister has some wonderful collections in her house! I love the embroideries, especially that one from Canada. So lovely!

  2. What a stunning collection of Carltonware! I have a few pieces but that is truly extraordinary.

    And does your sister have a blog? It would be lovely.

    Thanks for the pics.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  3. She doesn't have a blog and I'm not sure she could be persuaded - or fit it in with all those tapestries and scrapbooking!

    Hen x

  4. wow..what an amazing collection of loveliness! I'm in awre at those lovely embroideries and carltonware! I'm catching up on a few posts I've missed of yours, I would dearly love to go to Totnes with all those scrummy shops and amandas pretty market stall..Ive been hankering after a spotty broom for ages! I also have to say what a splendid job your Harry did with his owl..colours obviously inspired by ginger-jacks tail! Harry has to have the smiliest face in blogland..what a happy chap!

  5. Hi, just noticed a comment you left a few posts back which means I've discovered your wonderful blog..Yaaaay.
    I must say Adele co-ordinates beautifully with the stunning Lupins!! And her Carltonware collection..my heart skipped a beat I'm sure!!
    How gorgous was Mr Owl? I did something very similar the other day with my daughter, although I do have to inform everyone what it is...bless, she's so proud of her bunny(?) as well.
    Jane. x

  6. Hi Hen, thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment over at mine.
    I love your blog, it's full of so many great photos of most things that make me smile!
    Adele's home, decorations, plants, collections are so beautiful...you girls obviously have a lot in common.
    xo Kali

  7. Hi Hen!I've just discovered your blog and couldn't resist going back to the very beginning :)You do some lovely things and you and your sister are obviously two peas in a pod!I'm planning on knitting a scarf like a piece of Carltonware,getting the colours right could be a bit tricky though. Best Wishes from Annie x

  8. Hello Dear Auntie Helen, my mother ptherwise known as your partner in crime directed me to your blog and im fascinated!! I think its really well presented with loads of lovely photos...all you need now is a photo of my not so little kitten....
    Thank you for my pink bag which you made with your own fair hands, the pug theme is the best!! Anyway take care and i shall keep reading! Grub x

  9. WOW! Your sis does good collecting!
    Yes it is an anti-macassar used for protecting sofa arms. But the real question is what is a 'macassar', why should we be 'anti' and why do we need to protect our sofa arms from them? Hmm, answers on a postcard to Hen house! t.x


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