Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Napkin Rings Encore...

A fellow blogger has asked for instructions for the napkin rings featured in my "Hello Again" post.  Now, I have considered whether I should do this in case I was breaching any copyright and have come to the conclusion: a) I have checked the booklet from cover to cover and unless I am blind, nothing says that the instructions cannot be reproduced; b) I made a few changes to the instructions in the booklet anyway.  So, here are my napkin ring instructions!  As per all sewing projects, read ALL the instructions first!

1) Choose your main background fabric, eg. a plain cotton or linen.  Cut two pieces 9cm x 23cm.  I used linen for one set which I thought was a bit floppy so I ironed on some medium weight interfacing; for the cotton ones I made, I just used the material in its "virgin" state, so to speak.  You decide.

2) Choose the flowery/spotty accent fabric for your napkin ring.  Cut a piece 4cm x 23cm and centre this over one of the backing pieces of fabric (right side up).  Sew in place along each long edge of the accent fabric.

3) Select your trimmings, suggestion is some ric-rac braid and some ribbon.  Cut two pieces of each, 23cm long.  Place the ric-rac braid along the long edge of your accent fabric and sew in place.  I tried to position the centre of the ric-rac along the accent fabric's edge.

4) Now place your chosen piece of ribbon over the edge of the ric-rac, leaving the outer half of the ric-rac visible.  Sew in place.

6) Place the two pieces of backing fabric right sides together, pin in place.  

8) Give everything a good press (but be careful because in my experience, ribbon can shrink under a hot iron which will make everything pucker up.  Iron a test piece first at step 4 is what I would do!)

9) Blind stitch the opening shut.

10) Have fun choosing a pretty button.  Overlap the edges of the napkin ring , I'd say by about 2cm and position your button centrally on top.  Stitch your button in place through both edges of the napkin ring.

11) Spend silly amount of time fiddling with napkin rings and arranging your table! 

Just make sure Stanley doesn't get to them first now the colder weather is setting in!


  1. The Napkin rings are lovely thank you for showing us and such wonderful attire for Stanley but I do hope fellow bloggers scroll down far enough past the comments to still see your wonderful River Cottage please note fellow bloggers "READ ON" otherwise you'll miss Hens wonderful day trip!!!!
    Well spotted, that was indeed Burgh Island in the background..Bigbury is our favourite beach to visit

  2. Hello there I have just found your blogand spent the last hour and a half reading back to the beginning. My stepson and daughter in law live in East Dulwich so I have been in the sweetie shop and Ed etc.Did oyu ever catch the market stalls there as well. Fantastic - I cannot believe such lovely shops all in one area. We love the vintage/new stuff shop on the main street - its on a corenr can't remember the name but we bought a lovely Zenith round black fan which is so sexy! Love your trips out your cottage. Make the most of that lovely little boy being 6 - mine are 24 and 21 now - where did those years go.......... Whoops off I go dwon memory lane. Anyway I shall be back to visit your blog and will add you to my sidebar at the weekend as I can see you are going to be one of my regular reads.

  3. I love this project! You make it look so simple. I love the ability to use up some scraps, and how useful this project is. Your example is adorable, especially with that strawberry fabric in the background. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You instructions for the napkin rings are very good. This will be my next project when I have finished the one I´m working at the moment.

  5. Thank you Hen for reproducing the instructions, I thought you'd just scan in the page, but to reproduce was very very generous of you. Thanks again!

  6. I was a bit worried about scanning the original straight in so I just did my own thing! Look forward to seeing what you produce...

    Hen x

  7. Great tutorial, I'll have to give these a try.

  8. So nice of you for sharing the napkin rings tutorial with us!
    Debbie Moss

  9. again!
    I just been Very nosey and been trough all your lovely past posts!
    And I must tell you that I enjoyed every single one of them!
    You are very T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D!
    HUGS d
    DEBBIE m

  10. We have a lot of the same buttons!!
    Napkin rings would be no good to me....I don't entertain! I think yours look nicer than the originals.
    Deb x

  11. Hi
    So glad I stumbled across your blog I love all those pretty things you make, your holiday cottage is so gorgeous I love how you've decorated it, your den is totally gorgeous too I'm just in the process of setting up a studio down the garden in a summerhouse and your den has totally inspired me to crack on with it. Your day out to River Cottage HQ looks wonderful I would of loved to go the picture of the hen houses looks wonderful ofor your banner!

  12. I love making napkin rings and these are so lovely. Your tutorial is very clear now I just wish I could sew. Would love to make these. Very nice, thanks for sharing:)


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