Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Recent Thrifting Adventures

Herewith, one of my fave blogging subjects and something I always love reading on fellow blogs: recent thrifty, vintagey finds. I haven't done one of these posts for a while so this is a bit of an amalgamation of various trips. Here goes...

Because I am an organisational freak, (don't you just love organising,) first up is the vintage china/glass section...

This lovely teapot and creamer and sugar bowl set came from a charity shop in Bridport, £7. It's Crown Devon and the pattern is called "Georgian" which I think is evident from the shape.

This frankly gorgeous chintzware cake stand was from Ebay. I've been hankering after a tiered cake stand and this one, as you can see, has two tiers which is great because it means I still have the challenge of finding one with three tiers... It has a cute pink plastic handle (has a teeny chip) and was a snip at £5.

A lovely glass cake stand (you can never have too many of these) from a charity shop in Crewkerne. It was £2.50 which is a lot for me to pay for a glass cake stand (I think £1 is my usual at car boots) but this is very pretty with that raised lip so I splashed out!

Another pretty glass cake stand from a car boot sale (£1).

You can't have missed that fabulous "cake" atop the stand. I came across a photo of this on Flickr and contacted the lady who made it who sold it to me via her Etsy shop. She uses vintage bits and pieces (the crochet) to make these little cakes. I just love it!  It did, of course, draw a "what's that for" remark from my other half.  Grrr, honestly...

This lovely glass preserve pot came from a car boot sale in Chester when I was visiting my parents. It is so much nicer than the modern version I already had and I had been hankering after more so I could offer a choice of jams at teatime (being the queen of preserving that I am!) This was the princely sum of £2.

Onto kitchenware...
On Sunday, we headed off to Greenwich for a jaunt; I haven't been there in ages. There are a couple of flea markets which are good for a mooch. The stuff can be a bit pricey but some things, a girl's gotta have...

This fab Skyline utensils set, in very good condition, the masher in particular is pristine.

This pickle fork in its box. The condition is absolutely perfect such that I'm scared to use it!

From the same stall, I seized upon this brilliant cookery book issued by the Daily Telegraph. It's so retro! The pictures inside are just great and feature all that vintage kitchenware we lust after, flour sifters, coloured stripey rolling pins etc.  The recipes themselves are extremely dubious, however.

Err, what is "mock cream"?  Sounds absolutely delicious.  Nice flour pot, cruet and scales though..

Carrying on with books and also bought from Greenwich, this beautiful children's book of stories.  It is in lovely condition and has beautiful colour plates.  The inside cover bears a label which states the book was given as a school prize in 1930.

At the Bridport street market, I picked up these old Agatha Christie books. I do fancy reading them, when I get round to it, and in the meantime, they look very attractive indeed.

From books to stationery type stuff.  At a local car boot, I found this letter rack for £1 at a house clearance stall.  It is proving to be very practical...

Next up, pictures. To be specific, embroideries. These arrived today, via Ebay and shall augment my "flowery wall" at the cottage.

I have to admit that I have the top one bearing the Patience Strong poem, which came to me via my nan, just a piece of linen with the transfer on it, but given a choice of spending hours completing it or buying one with all its vintage provenance for £5, there's not much choice!

Right. We're getting to the "miscellaneous" category now. A while back, I posted about our second trip to Totnes but failed at the time to take a photo of the clock we bought from the market. It bears a plaque which states it was given to the recipient for his services to the local rotary club, 1930-1935. We plugged it in and hey presto, it works! A good buy for a tenner, methinks.  It sits atop the mantlepiece in our "Burgh Room" which is deco inspired.

I love vintage brooches and have amassed quite a collection. I love to just admire them but practically speaking, I also add them to the bags I make.  My mum and my sister came up trumps with these finds. Thank you, girls; jar of jam in return perhaps?

And finally, to bring it all home in, move over Miss Marple, this wicker trolley (and the candlewick because we love candlewicks here at the HenHouse).

That's all for now...


  1. Is that all ?!! LOL ;-)
    You really do have great taste and an ability to search out the best things ;-)

  2. wow what a haul of stuff!! well done you! love that 2 tier flowery cake stand - i am also on the hunt for a 3 tier one so will compare notes when i aquire one!
    i need to revisit your cowboy bedroom post as my little boy is wanting a cowboy room so looking for inspiration :-)is it ok if i add your blog to my blog list? i like to let people know first !
    Lesley x

  3. Impressed and envious! I have a wicker trolley which I use for my shopping! I seem to attract attention with it!!!! Rachaelxo

  4. Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one with a candlewick obsession. I can't leave them when I see them! They always come in such pretty colours! Thanks for the virtual shop fest! I need a cuppa to recover! t.x

  5. What wonderful treasure you have found! I just love it all. The wicker trolley would have to be my favourite. What bargains you seem to be able to find. The thrift shops here seem to think they are onto something and the prices have gone sky high!

  6. Hi Hen - woooowwweeee.....I think perhaps you deserve the title of 'Champion Thrifter'!!
    I particularly loved the embroidered pictures that you found and also the costume brooches.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments - I have enjoyed catching up with all of your posts.
    I am a big fan of Hugh F-W - its his love of chickens, I think ;-))

    If ever you get to go to Shepton Mallet antiques fair - you would find a friend of mine who makes 'those' vintage fabric covered lampshades for CK! His skills are amazing! (I'm going tomorrow - can't wait!)


  7. I love all the things you've found and maybe I need to come shopping with you. You'd have to promise not argue about the cake stands though...I've a bit of a thing going on there at the moment. By the way all the brooches are gorgeous too.

  8. Great finds. I especially love the shopping trolley. Will you paint it or leave it natural?

    Have a lovely day enjoying all your treasures.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  9. I absolutely love your finds they so are beautiful - can I come to tea?

  10. Thanks so much for your comments, everyone. So nice to have company.

    Of course, everyone come to tea! It's not as if I don't have enough cake stands and preserve pots - and if I haven't, what better reason to find some more!

    I'm going to leave the basket as it is but I am fancying an elasticated flowery cover for the top and matching padded cover for the handle. I can see a raid on my Cath K stash coming on...

    Hen x

  11. Gorgeous finds - love the cake stands. Kathy

  12. I love seeing other peoples finds. Well done on this great haul - my favourite had to be the teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl.
    Hope you use it and don't just hide it away in a cupboard - it will look great for when people come round for tea!
    BTW just found your blog and will be back to read more.

  13. Oh Wow I love your goodies, I have two of the little blue deco glass vases at the side of the clock. We love clocks in our house - we have some lovely Bakelite ones, all bargains. I love sitting on a weekend on my own with only the sound of a ticking clock, reading a housey mag................Your wicker shopping trolley is the best of all

  14. Oh my gosh! I want to go shopping with you some time! What wonderful treasures. And that pretty cake looks right at home! ;o) Silly husband!

  15. I always like seeing other peoples wonderful finds..I had 3 of those lovely items in my ebay watch list!! oo-er! love the wicker trolley it will look gorgeous when you've given it the 'Hen' touch!
    Can we have a tour of the burgh room please? your teasing us with these glimpses of deco gorgeousness!

  16. Hi Hen,
    Still catching up and just found all your treaures...what a haul! I have a few of those old Fontana paperbacks, they always have great covers don't they?
    And oh! That basket...they used to be ten a penny at Newark (Ant.Fair) many years ago. You could pick them up so cheaply and I always said I'd get one and of course never did! Will you be taking it to Tesco though! How great would that look?
    Deb x

  17. Oh wow ! What a fab post and so many treasures, especially the Miss Marple Wicker Trolley. Just Brilliant !!


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