Sunday, 14 September 2008

Yee Haw!

Howdy pardners! Welcome to Sheriff Munchkin's lil' ranch in the "Wild West" country. Mosey on down for a lookee 'round...

Ok, that's enough of that, I can't keep up the wild west language for very long (although we did try very hard for last year's birthday party which was, you guessed it, cowboy themed). The Munchkin's room at the cottage is a shrine to all things wild west. This started when I oh-so- subtly planted the seed that there was a rather attractive children's print in a little shop owned by a lady of the name Cath Kidston. It didn't take long for the small person to become very enthusiastic indeed about the cowboy theme once we'd got our mitts on the cowboy bedding from Cath K. The next six months while we were waiting to get the cottage from the frankly, rather difficult owner, saw umpteen visits to the car boot in search of wild west treasure.

It also saw me doing an awful lot of sewing. I swear I was seeing red gingham before my eyes when I was asleep! So, the Munchkin's room is long and quite thin, abut 18' long by 6' wide, one of only two rooms upstairs in our little cottage. We started on the day we moved in by ripping up the disgusting flowery carpet in there, only to reveal more disgusting carpet. It had to go! We were faced with wide boards painted black. Hmm, not brilliant as the cottage only has one window in each bedroom on the front, very small windows with lots of trees outside so it's a bit on the dark side upstairs. However, lack of time meant we went with the black painted floor and actually, it looks pretty good, very rustic, a bit saloon! On the day we moved in, his room was the first priority; I knew once he was sorted, we could get on with everything else!

At one end, he has his sleeping quarters, namely an iron day bed from Ikea, a Lloyd Loom bedside table purchased from Ebay and painted red by yours truly with some Cath K cowboy fabric on top.

One thing he is not short of is cushions (I love making cushions!) The one embroidered with the horse and cart was an Ebay find; it was actually a tablecloth but not seeing how the Munchkin would need a tablecloth, I chopped it up to make the cushion. My nan crocheted the blanket. She churns out crochet like there is no tomorrow! The knitted cowboy was from a car boot sale in Dorset and was something ridiculous like 10p. It is very handy having a small child with you at a car boot sale, their cuteness generally ensures very reasonable prices! This room has very oddly shaped walls which usefully form little ledges, just the right size for all the annuals and jigsaws and board games we've collected.

The lamp came from a car boot sale, 50p, which I then painted and covered the shade with Cath's marvellous red star fabric (now discontinued, we're v unimpressed!)

He loves his furry radio (eBay) and he has a brilliant collection of wild west books. These Ladybird ones were also eBay finds. Using our printer/scanner contraption, I copied a lot of the great pictures in the books and annuals and put them in bright Ikea frames to hang on the wall. They look very effective and didn't cost a lot. You can see a few here and below, the peg rail Mr HenHouse made for some handy bags I ran up (and unfortunately, a Buzz Lightyear costume, nowhere is free from the lure of Disney!)

The annuals are brilliant. All found second hand, mainly at car boot sales and dating from the '50s and '60s. The most we've paid is £3 and most were actually 50p or £1. He really does enjoy reading them too.

This great old pop-up book came from eBay.

Down at the opposite end of the room, he has a cute little window, home to a cacti collection (v handy as I never remember to water plants), a Lloyd Loom-esque chair to sit on (also painted red and kindly picked up by my parents from somewhere in the North West after I bought it on eBay for about £3). He has some great rugs. Both the ones you can see here are from Laura Ashley which had also had a cowboy themed collection sometime earlier. We were able to buy up remaining odd bits and pieces as we found them in various shops and I bought the blue Laura Ashley cowboy fabric on Ebay. I made him the cowprint fur beanbag. He likes to slouch on here and read.

I made the curtains which swing in and out on rods so as to maximise the light coming in. My other half found the hanging cow bell thingy out in the garden. The munchkin likes to ring it every now and then!

He has some storage boxes for his vast collection of toys. These were very cheap boxes from the bargain bin at Woollies. I obtained some cowboy wallpaper samples, cut out the images, stuck them on then covered the boxes with sticky backed plastic. Et voila!

We recently found him this handy little table at the Bridport flea market. The top is on hinges and can be stored flat against the legs so it is a very handy space saver. We put a piece of Laura Ashley fabric under the glass top. The Munchkin sits at it on the Lloyd Loom toybox (donated by his grandparents and subject to a Hen-style makeover). I also made the pinboard behind where he enjoys displaying his latest creations.

Sheriff Munchkin thanks y'all for visitin'. Hope y'all enjoyed yourselves!


  1. What a dear little boy and what a wonderful room for a dear little boy! Rachaelxo

  2. Wow what a fabulous room. Your little chap will have such wonderful memories thanks to his mum's hard work. It's all fishing boats and lighthouses in my two boys rooms. You've given me some great inspiration, thanks.
    P.s. lucky you going to River Cottage. I'm a big HFW fan and although things have moved in a whole bigger direction since the original River Cottage days I think he deserves a round of applause. He's done such a lot to bring animal welfare concerns to the fore. Oh and he knows some scrummy recipes too!. Thanks for all the lovely pictures, looks like you had a great time.

  3. Your little man's bedroom is just fantastic. You have done a great job decorating it.What little boy wouldn't want to sleep there?? Well done.

  4. Hello Hen
    I've just discovered your blog and have had a treat reading back through your archives. Love your style very much, and your report from the quilt festival in Birmingham was a treat to read (would love to go there one year).

    And then I discovered your Bridport post ahhhhh well then, there's the connection between you and me! I'm from Bridport myself (now in North Yorkshire) and well, yes it is a bit special eh. Lovely to see it through someone elses eyes.
    Will be back to visit soon

  5. Well howdy there..
    What a lot of thought and imagination you have put in to your boy's charming room...
    I do have a bit of a thing about retro cowboys myself!

    Michele x

  6. OH what fun! We've never done a theme - we're all too fickle to settle on anything but what an acheivement! My sis-in-law just bought a whole fire-engine theme for her two year old.... just as he discovered trains! HA! Fickle runs in the family then! t.x

  7. What a lucky boy he is to have such a fantastic room.

  8. oh its all so lovely! My now 16 year old had a cowboy room when he was little..vintage posters and annuals,red gingham curtains, cowhide rug and vintage fabric cushions!Then Cath bought out her cowboy range and it was brilliant..finished it off a treat!.. I was gutted when he grew out of it but have secretly kept everything as I love it so much!
    It's great to see another little chap enjoying cowboys too you've done a fab job there! x

  9. Great to hear of someone else's cowboy room, it's a theme that I think (and hope) shall never go out of fashion. I'm going to keep Harry's gear in the hope he'll one day have children of his own who will appreciate them.

    Hen x

  10. Your son's room is adorable!! how clever you are!!! love the little curtains...i do like her cowboy print...and i'm wearing my CK apron with that design on right now!

    Have you seen PeacockBlue....they do a cowboy print which is quite sweet....They have a little back pack and a foot stool of some sort with little horns on...cute!xxxxx

  11. What a fab room..I wish I could come and play..;-)

  12. I spotted the lovely ck red star lamp shade! Is is easy to cover lamp shades?

  13. What a fantastic cowboy room, I love all the details. You could be an interior designer!

  14. Oh its wonderful!!!!!!!! Henry would go mad for a full cowboy extravaganza but he shares with his little brother who is not such a 'cath cowboy retro worshipper'.You have done a beautiful job and have a wildly happy little guy : )

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room well done!! I will show Jacob tomorrow (my little one) and see the reaction!
    thanks for the post below re River Cottage as we are off to Dorset next week on hols and this was a good reminder to check this place out!


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