Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces

Last weekend was a pleasurable mix of all the things I enjoy: visiting the marvellous Bridport; a trip to the seaside (you already know about that); and a few hours at Yeovil car boot sale (it is very big so you need that long to get round even half of it).  There was a great turnout at the boot fair, no doubt as a result of the gorgeous weather.  As usual, I found various things that I can't honestly say I really need but then again, I just couldn't leave them behind!

This firescreen I bought from a couple who were letting go of some things as they've just downsized.  Now I do have an embroidered screen already but it's not as pretty as this one (honest!)  

I'll be taking it down to the cottage where it shall be at home as it really doesn't go with the decor of our house here.

From the same couple, I also bought this big platter.  Couldn't leave it behind for £2, could I..?

I also picked up these books which have lovely dust jackets. A mere 20p each.

Just a short post today as I can hear the kitchen calling to me (preparations for the Munchkin's birthday party are under way).  More of that later in the week...


  1. Hello Hen....love the fire screen!
    Those books are wonderful...i can see why you could not leave any of it behind!
    I'm crazy about your fireplace.....how beautiful!

  2. Oh do look at my book on my blog, it shall tickle you how funny that I see yours here :)

    What lovely pretties, I love the firescreen X

  3. I LOVE the platter!!!

  4. I love the firescreen and books, I cant go past a nice book cover! You have a great blog :)

  5. Great finds as always!! Hope your week goes well ;-)

  6. I wish you a lot fun fun with the Bithdayparty of the Munchkin. I´m sure he will enjoy it.

  7. My favourite books ever. I have them all and read them frequently to the girls, myself, anyone really. Still think Jo should have married Laurie though xx

  8. Hi Hen....wonder if I've ever walked past you at Yeovil car boot?! I make it down there sometimes, but its about an hour from here...thankfully not first thing in the morning, like so many car boot sales!
    Love the fire screen that you found - perfect for a little Devon cottage!
    Good luck with the party preparations!

  9. Hi there - I've just chosen you and your blog to receive an award! Grab a copy on my blog!

  10. Hello Hen, I have just been back through your recent posts...I feel as though I have been away for ages. What a beautiful fire screen. I am unable to get out at the moment and it is driving me mad! At least I have some lovely blogs to visit and a good excuse to just sit here and read!
    Carol xx

  11. Lovely finds Hen. Hope the party goes well..I visualize much 'yellow' theming at the party?!!
    New White Company Catalogue came out yesterday..I spotted a brilliant cowboy outfit, wigwam etc that I'm sure Munchkin would love. Funny isn't it when we see things now, we immediately think of our blogging friends!! And their munchkins of course.
    "Happy Birthday Munchkin"

  12. What wonderful finds! It sounds like you had a great weekend, seaside and shopping and treasure, lovely!

  13. I loved the Little Women series as a young girl, I really must read them again (thanks for reminding me).


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