Monday, 27 October 2008

A Crafty Few Days

We've just enjoyed a rare weekend at home in London and whilst the Munchkin was occupied with his new Lego ferry virtually all day on Saturday and my other half was revamping the utility room, I indulgently  picked up my crochet hook and all the lovely balls of wool I bought on Friday.  

I've been loving Lucy's blog over at Attic 24 and enjoying her Flickr photos too.  I was inspired to have a go at a project Lucy posted about a while back and became a bit obsessed with producing row upon row of multi-coloured treble crochet!  The Munchkin was most bemused and couldn't guess what I was making. Et voila!  A plain old jam jar transformed...

If you fancy a go at this, can I just clarify that the stitch used is what we Brits refer to as treble crochet but which our American friends refer to as double crochet, so use whatever you are familiar with.

Thanks so much, Mrs Attic 24, for replying to my several, panicky requests for guidance via email.   Lucy, if you fancy a mini break in London in exchange for crochet lessons, we have some nice spare rooms! I'm oh so pleased with my first little attempt at an actual crocheted "thing" as opposed to just practise squares. Next, I fancy granny squares...

I was also lucky enough to have won a giveaway on the lovely Gillian's blog, iheartcrafts.  Look at this package of cute goodies which arrived on Saturday: a set of three "I Heart Crafts" badges, a pretty pink spotted magnet and a blue hanging heart.  The badges are so perfect for me! Thank you, Gillian, you're a very clever crafty lady too.

Do you remember that little jug of roses on my last post?  (Any excuse for a photo of roses...)

I predicted these would be just about the last roses of the year and so I've been working away on this for a while now to keep me going through the Winter...

Should I have waited until it was all beautifully framed before showing it to you?  Oh well, I'm too impatient, so here it is unframed but you can be sure I'll be showing it to you again once it has been framed!

I enjoyed doing this a lot and it was easy to take about on the train with me so I think I'll start another one now...


  1. Hen your so talented!

    I love the jam jar cover and the cute flower picture....

    Have a nice evening!

    I'm about to iron bedding, guests arriving on Thurs!

  2. I love your crafty bits! The crochet is gorgeous and your embroidery is lovely. I've seen something similar before... but not as nicely done as yours!
    It is fab!
    I have that fabric and might well give it a go during the winter!
    Lovely use of bright colours ;-)

  3. I saw the blog about the crochet vases & was planning on making some for Christmas gifts...see my list of things too make!! Lovely colours.
    How clever are you with the flower fabric, that really is good. Glad you had a nice weekend xx

  4. Wow, can I place my order now please?
    Seriously. you've mastered that so quickly; well done you
    Deb x

  5. Lovely crafty bits, you are so, so talented.
    Hope you enjoyed London.

  6. I love your flowers - what a talented lady you are

  7. Evening Hen...thanks for the email.....all done now....watching the TV...and reading mags, got my Yankee candle on the go...smells lovely....!

  8. Hi Hen,
    Love the colours in the first few photos and your embroidery picture is beautiful. It will look wonderful when framed.
    Kathryn. XX

  9. Hmm, Crochet or Lego ferry, Lego ferry or did you choose?! Lovely picture. t.x

  10. Hi Hen:

    Your little jar cosy turned out beautifully. I remember seeing so many crochet projects on the blogs and wishing so badly that I knew how to crochet. My motivation was this blanket:

    It was my first project and I haven't looked back. It was very simple, and now that you have mastered the treble it would not be a problem for you.

    Good luck with that heavenly yarn.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  11. Wow, that embroidery is really gorgeous! You could do so many things with that piece. And I like your crochet project too - great colors! Ah, sigh, it's always so fun and refreshing and inspiring visiting your blog.

  12. I so love coming to visit you!
    You are so very T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D!
    Unfortunatly I added another henhouse blog to my favorites...instead of yours... hence the reason for not stopping by often!
    I`m off to see what else I have missed!
    Debbie Moss

  13. hiya hen my lovely...Awwwwwwwww I am so damn chuffed and impressed with your crochet jar jackets, well done you, they are gorgeous.
    And I can see how even and neat your tension is, you clever thing you, getting it so quickly. Ahh yes you should now most definitely positively start Grannying, you will LOVE it, guaranteed. you will be hooked.

    As for your textile picture, beautiful, truly. I have much admired similar technique over at Kitschen Pinks blog, I just love it.

    Yeah, you are a talented thing aren't ya?!!!
    ps it was a pleasure helping out via email, any time hun xxxx

  14. oh hen!! i'm so jealous of your skills!!! i love the jam jar cover...i must learn to crochet, as soon as i have time that is my next project!!

    i love reading your blogs, now i'm reading them from my desks they are keeping me going.

    keep up the good work sweetie!

    Lucy x

  15. You are getting on well with your crochet. I love the embroidered applique picture it is so pretty.

  16. Love the fabric picture. Just the thing to cheer up a cold grey day.

  17. I love the jar cover, and the picture. I'd love to do a crochet cover like that - was it fairly easy? Where did you find the pattern? x


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