Thursday, 23 October 2008

HenHouse meets Cath Kidston

Now I don't mean literally.  Sorry if you got all excited there!  

I've been making bags for a while now and I generally use fabrics I import from America from the big designers over there.  Don't ask me when, as I am not sure of the precise eureka moment, but recently it struck me that I had failed to combine two of my current passions in life: bag making and Cath Kidston's fabrics...

Et voila.  Behold my first couple of bags made to my own design but with Cath K fabric.  I think they're rather pretty, I hope you agree.  I love Cath's stuff generally (but you know that already) but you do tend to see everyone with the same things so I thought, let's make it a bit more individual!

I've made these bags reversible so if you don't fancy having a Cath day, you can have a polka-dotty day instead.  I've used strong webbing for the trim and straps and selected some pretty co-ordinating buttons and ribbons to close the bags.

I love this Classic Roses fabric with the more unusual beige background. And what's not to love about red and white polks dots? Perfect for this time of year...

Its friend features the same lovely Classic Roses fabric but has the stunning sky blue background teamed with a multi-coloured spotty fabric on the other side.

I'm planning to make some more styles incorporating Cath K fabrics so watch this space!  Any suggestions warmly received.

If you fancy giving a HenHouse/Cath K bag a home, pop over to here.  I promise, they're not made in China!

Have a good day (it looks pretty miserable outside here..)

Quite a few people have asked me how much these bags cost in good old British pounds.  Apologies that Etsy only allows you to put the amounts in US$.  I just used an online currency converter and $56 works out to just under £35.


  1. Hey Hen, the Cath K fabrics you have choosen for your bags are great. I love the one with sky blue background and the roses.

  2. I love the red spots, I'm going to do lots of hinting for Christmas - don't think I'll get one, he thinks I have far to many bags! LOL :)

  3. OMG the red spotty one is soooo gorgeous but I dare not ask for another bag at the mo..! You are so very clever,Hen!;-)

  4. they are lovely!!
    Sometimes I feel sad that we don't have these nice fabrics here, and that I can't afford to import 'cause it becomes too expensive, as our money doesn't give me a good conversion... I have to make up a plan to fix this! I've been thinking about opening an Etsy shop... maybe it's a way to win in dollar and be abble to buy in dollar too! :D

    For now I can only say I looove your bags, and I hope soon I'll be abble to give one of them a home here! ;)

    kisses from Brazil!

  5. You have an award......ooohhhh just spotted them bags...back later!x

  6. Ok i'm back!
    In the kitchen on the laptop!
    Ok...really love the classic rose on many pennies n pounds in UK money?

    I'm very tempted!
    When i saw the post title i got all excited......

  7. They wonderful - how much in english money?

  8. Oooh they are lovely! I may have to comission you to make something for me in the near future. If you do that kind of thing?

  9. wonderful bags - the roses are sensational on any background


  10. I'm going to do the revamp tomorrow, i'm prepping for my interview tonight....eekkkkk!
    Actually feel nervous, thats odd for me!

  11. I'm sooo envious of you bag making skills, and I've just noticed - is that an Amy Butler gumdrop (or something like that) bean bag with Charlie-Boy on top of it, I've had that pattern for well over a year and haven't even attempted it yet! I'm so crap at patterns, I think I may have an affliction of some sort!
    Julia xx

  12. Thank you for that Hen.....after i've saved up again.....(my bag fund!) I'll buy one of yours!
    Your very clever at maikng them....!

  13. Ouu amazing bags - I love them all but especially the blue with roses and spotty interior!

  14. You've made those so beautifully. I have the opposite problem. I really had to give myself a firm talking to a while back because I was making every bag from CK fabric, and not looking at all the other lovely fabrics there are.
    I'm so pleased to hear you're going to try crochet - it's so lovely. Email me if you get stuck on anything and I'll help out if I can. What a shame you're not close enough to pop over so I could talk you through it. You'll have made a cushion cover before you know it, then a scarf, a blanket, hat...cuddly toy...;-)

  15. Gorgeous new bags Hen. I'm surprised it took you so long to figure it out!!! (Combining the love of two favourite things I mean!!!)

  16. Those bags are both gorgeous! I love red polka dots and it looks so good with the rose print!

  17. Gorgeous bags - you are v. clever. Kathy

  18. Oh and there was me thinking - ooh lucky Cath got to meet Hen!
    MORE beautiful bags! You are such a busy bee!

  19. Cheers Hen....thank you for popping in and leaving a kind word for me!
    I'm messy, covered in paint...making over the Lloyd Loom laundry basket, feel a bit more with it....i'm painting it vintage white, not so stark.....and i'm deciding between the spotty fabric and a sort of lilac paisley fabric....hhhmmmm....will see tomorrow which looks best...
    Your a star....:>))))xxx

  20. Hello Hen, I need your help with the see & sew book you brought a few weeks ok...I really want to buy it for me but I'm using the excuse that's it's for my 4 year old god daughter! Do you think it's too old for her? I don't have children so I don't really know what they can do at 4. Her mum can't sew so she won't be able to help...maybe they can learn together!! :)

  21. Evening Hen.....all goes in the spends jar....i have a list of things i'm of your bags has gone on the list!
    The blue rose one!
    Which is my fave print ever by CK!!!

  22. hi,
    I am a huge fan and follower of your henhouse blog.
    Recently, May 2009 I came across the most amazing teepee that I believe you made.. I have an abundance of vintage sheets and as my family and I are campers at heart {although we have the very boring store bought tent} I would love to try and make one. Would you consider sharing the specifics of how you sewed it and how it was put up? size etc..
    Thank you in advance
    my email is hopefully included as I don't have a blog

  23. Dear Darla,
    Unfortunately, your email wasn't included so I cannot get back to you personally. I didn't actually make the tipi, it was bought from Cath K. I intended to make one but after months of not getting round to it, I just bought one! I have seen commercial patterns for them though, so have a look through the pattern books at your sewing store.
    Hen x


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