Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Last of the Roses

Today, I've woken up to the greyest, grimmest, wintery day awash with rain.  No car booting for us then!

However, sitting on my work table here is a beautiful little display I picked just the other day in radiant sunshine: a (thrifted) jug, resplendant with the last of the roses from the garden.  

What a cheering sight.  Roses never cease to amaze me.  Our garden is a bit of a jungle (in fact, the gardener is finally, hopefully, coming in to start work a week on Monday), and yet in the midst of it all, these little beauties bloom away, ignoring the wilderness around them and not moaning that nobody has been looking after them.  No mulching, deadheading and pruning for these poor roses.  Our garden looked even worse when we moved into this house 3 years ago so they've suffered years of neglect, poor things.

They also smell divine;  shame that I can't cyber-share their perfume with you.   Some of the roses were already here when we moved in and despite initial plans to have a big purge, I grown to love their blowsy tea rose perfection and ability to keep blooming no matter what is thrown at them.

At the very bottom of the garden, we have created a kitchen garden with raised beds. There is a central gravelled path in between the beds over which we have placed a series of arches. Here we have planted some of my favourite David Austin roses, just so beautiful in their multi-petalled perfection.

My favourite is Jubilee Celebration. In bud, the rose is a dusky pink but opens to a reveal cream coloured petals, their edges tinged with a vivid pink. It has a good fragrance.

Then there is the Crocus rose, so named as it supports the Crocus charity for bowel cancer. It has a very large blooms crammed full of deliciously rich creamy petals. Unfortunately, there is little scent.

On Friday, I had a lovely day full of unadulterated shopping!  Not just any shopping but for my favourite things, craft supplies, in the form of Cath Kidston material and knitting yarn.  I set off for John Lewis where there is a good knitting section, lots of lovely Rowan (and other) yarns.  I had a good play about with my wool when I got home, well this is the first stash of wool I've bought!

In Cath K, I was tempted by a fair few lovely bolts of fabric...

Just to titivate you a little, I took some snaps of the display of Cath's new Christmas items...

The new print for this year depicts a chalet scene straight from the Tyrol.  Fancy a yodel anyone?

Ooooh, just look at these Christmas Stanleys!

I confess, I didn't buy these, even though they are so cute, because they look very simple to make yourself (for less than £12 for three).

Other gorgeousness in Cath K...

Enjoy your Sunday...


  1. Lovely photo's for a grey wet day. What's your plan for the wool?
    I love the new CK winter fabric - I did buy a bag about a month ago in the same fabric but I'm saving it til nearer Christmas. The stanley's are great, you're right about making them, £12 for 3 -that's alot of cash x

  2. Yesterday, I purchased something from the CK 'Tyrol' range for a Christmas present for someone!Whether it actually gets to them is another matter!!! ;-)
    Lovely pics as usual,giving us a Sunday morning drool!! ;-)

  3. They are wonderful pictures....i'm so green that you have a ck within skippping distance...lucky you!
    What a lovely stash of goodies!
    The wools are wonderful colours Hen...what plans have you for them?

    I'm so lazy just got up...breakfast now...then corn dolly making at Tatton Farm...yippee!xxx

  4. Your roses are so beautiful and this is a lovely post full of colour and cheer, especially welcoming to read on this rainy grey day. the yarn colours are delicious too - i wonder what will you knit?
    Happy Sunday!
    Ginny x
    ps. lovely blog

  5. Those roses really brighten up a very wet depressing day - I can imagine the smell, they must smell beautiful! Julie x

  6. Just had a brilliant time catching up on your wonderful blog Hen. The photo's of the roses are lovely. The Jubilee Celebration is gorgeous.
    Loving the CK piccies. Have you seen the Crackers in the Alpine ski scene? They surely must put in an appearence on the Christmas table at HenHouse!
    Not a great day here either. We were all swimming at 7am this am, with the clocks going back, Bea was up at 4.30am...Oh, joy!!
    Jane. xx

  7. Hello Hen, I wish you a creativ sunday. I´m doing some Patchwork at the moment.
    The roses are soooo beautyfull. I can imagine that they make you day brighter :)


  8. just popped back to look at the ck shop again...sad i know...but its raining here now so i needed cheering up!

    I love roses, wonderful scent, never managed to grow them here, which is a shame!

  9. What a beautiful blogpost - love everything: the roses, wool, CK shop ... Cannot wait to see what you make with all your goodies.

  10. Have a good week at the cottage. I think I'll just buy the book, I can always keep it for myself!
    Alot of my Cornish ware is seconds, I have some really old pieces but they're worth a fortune! They sell seconds at Trago mills - have you heard of it? You can't see anything wrong with them. I want a mixing bowl to make my cakes. I use the cream jug for my flowers as I afriad of breaking the Cornish x

  11. I sure wish I could have come shopping with you! I love that yarn and those fabrics you chose. I am into that chalet scene on the fabrics - such a cool display for the holidays.

  12. Well that's all just gorgeously scrumptious! Wonderful! I love that you take these illicit Cath K photoes for us!
    I have vintage chalet t-towels that come out every Christmas. Good to see Cath is keeping up with us trend setters. HA!

  13. So much gorgeousness and colour in one post - it is grey here too at the moment and I was struggling to wake up for the day,but your cheery post has given me a boost of sunshine!

    Allison x

  14. I love the roses and yarn - such pretty colours and textures. And of course, the CK prints - so wonderful. I don't know that I've ever seen them here in Canada.


  15. That little Rowan stash is just the beginning. Then you will have bits and bobs leftover but not enough for the next project. Then you will be seduced by yet more yarn. You will see yarn you love and won't even have a project in mind and just by it.

    This creates yarn filled sideboards, baskets and little used drawers. Eventually it will become STASH. Trust me on this one;) It is like the fabric stash only worse.

    Yarns and roses are scrummy looking by the way.

    Have a great week.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  16. Gorgeous - I can smell the roses from here! and my mouth is salivating looking at the Cath K photos!

  17. Lovely Pics. I wish I had a CK near me. I'll have to put up with ordering online :o(.

    Your david Austin roses look gorgeous, thats something thats on my wush list.

  18. Those blooms offer such cheery feelings as we enter the dark months.

    Great CK pictures btw.

  19. ooooooo Hen, what yarn is that you've got??? I thought you got cotton, but that looks like cashmerino???? Those colours you've chosen are utterly delightful, and seem a much better colour range than when i made my ripple blanket.....ahh you can't beat shopping for yarn, I did same on Saturday.
    Enjoy your crochet, can't wait to reveal soon??!

    ps your rosy photos are so gorgeous, I am drooling

  20. Hi Hen,
    Love your roses and yarn all together - such a cheerful photo on this grey day. Happy crafting!
    Have a great week,

  21. Cath never fails does she!!

    Stunning roses! Are they in your London home or Sommerset? :-)

    Lucy x

  22. Your photos are as beautiful as your vivid.
    My name is Julia and I am glad to have found you.

  23. Thanks for sharing such a lovely bright and wonderful post!
    Debbie Moss


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