Monday, 6 October 2008

Latest Creations

Hello everyone.  First of all, I wanted to thank you all for your kind congratulations following passing my driving test last week.  I'm touched so many of you took the time to leave a comment.  I've been out and about quite a bit, nowhere really exciting like a car boot sale (because I was away at the weekend) but... Ikea and Waitrose.  I know, that's sounds really very unexciting but trust me, it's quite exciting when you haven't been able to drive yourself there before!

I've had quite a bit of success with selling bags and accessories lately and sometimes, it's obvious the custom has come via this blog, so thank you very much.  Do drop me a note if you buy something and you follow the blog, I like to have a cyber-natter!  I therefore thought I'd better get making some new items (and justify the recent influx of delicious fabric through my letterbox).

Firstly, a couple of Florette brooches.  I was obviously having a "spotty dotty" day when I made these!

The colours of this one remind me of Halloween...

More dottiness...

Secondly, a couple of clutch bags. This has been the most popular design of all the bags I've designed and made. It is a version of a larger shoulder bag I had made and sold and a lady from Scotland contacted me and asked me to make a clutch bag version. So, many thanks to her for the inspiration.

This one is crafted from Anna Maria Horner's latest range of fabric called "Garden Party" and this particular design is called "Mingling". Love that name! The vintage brooch works beautifully to highlight the yellow detail in the fabric.

I loved this fabric when I saw it and thought it would lend itself perfectly to a unique bridal bag or certainly, a bag for a very glamorous occasion.  The perfect thing to brighten up that lbd! This one also has a lovely vintage brooch.

Last weekend, I met up with my sister in Stoke for the annual Carlton Ware World Conference. The less said about that, the better, but we did sneak off on Sunday to visit the antiques fair at Stafford. The odd little thing slipped into my bag and I have to confess to a few eBay purchases recently, so I'll post about those soon to satisfy everyone's vintagey, thrifty thirst! Now I must practise my crochet before tomorrow's course. I have been very slack with my homework this week!


  1. gorgeous gorgeous bags !! your a very talented lady :-)
    You will be on my xmas wish list :-) Lesley x

  2. the Bridal one!
    Your little florettes are sweet!!!

    Hope your having a good day?

  3. I Love the mingling bag! The yellow brooch looks amazing on it! I just found your blog and I love it too.

  4. I can vouch for your beautiful Florettes having bought 2 of them. My daughters LOVE to wear them and even I steal one occasionally to brighten up an outfit! Love the new designs.
    What do yo mean you travelled to Stoke with your sister for the Carlton Ware World Coference? Surely it's held at Adeles Home with her having such a magnificent collection?!
    Happy cruising!
    Jane. x

  5. Hi Hen!

    I'm a new blogger and LOVE your page!! I find your most recent blog with all the things you've made really inspiring, they are great!! Well done you!! Once I've written this I am going to check out your shop! I started my blog in the hope that it will help me to one day fullfll my dream of opening a bright and colourful haberdashery, come tea shop...with classes etc, I thought starting a blog would help me with my research, meet like minded people and learn lots for this project that one day I will have the guts to get off the ground!!

    Love your blog...


  6. Your bags look beautiful, but I really just posted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Oh good grief! I forgot all about my homework for tomorrow! Can you post a bit sooner to remind me next week! LOVE all the dottyness! You are such a talented girl!! And you get to drive to Ikea and Waitrose too! Oooh Bliss! Next you'll be off to Rangeworthy for the Vintage and Handmade fair! t.xx

  8. WOW! Hadn't seen any of your bags before and I love the bridal one! Truly beautiful. Well done for being so creative.

  9. I'm not surprised that the bags are a best seller they are a lovely shape.

  10. I'm fairly new to your blog, but I'm thoroughly enjoying what I read.

    I've left an award for you on my blog.


  11. Hey Hen,
    I love you pink clutch bag. And I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Lovely Greetings

  12. Gorgeous bags.
    And congrats on passing your test, will you give me lessons? ;)

  13. Love the brooches and the bags!

    Kisses from Brazil!


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