Friday, 17 October 2008

The Party

Phew!  The Munchkin's birthday party is now but a distant memory (save for the balloons and decorations everywhere, and lots of leftover birthday cake,) so I have heaved a big sigh of relief and am looking forward to reclaiming my life!

Actually, it all went off really well and on the way to school this morning the Munchkin said "Thank you mummy, for a fantastic party" and that's all you need to make it worthwhile really, isn't it?  This is the fourth party I've arranged for him and each year, it has got bigger and certainly a lot rowdier.  How I envy those of you out there with daughters because the girls were lovely and well behaved; as for the boys, well....

I spent all of yesterday before school pick-up time icing, icing and icing.  I do quite enjoy it but there was an awful lot of it!  Harry wanted a WallE theme, yes that hideous Disney creation, and despite my misgivings I relented, it was his birthday after all, and bought WallE paper plates and things but then went for a more general space/alien theme.  

We gave everyone a WallE or Eve face mask to start with.  I thought they were meant to be for the children, Ness!

We then launched into the traditional party games.  Fortunately, the 6-7 year olds are still happy to prove they are "the best dancer" or play "musical aliens" and of course, pass the parcel.

The big fave was "musical hats" which was rather hilarious!  

The resident DJ got into the groove of things.  Better than an afternoon in the office!

The games whizzed by and it was time to fill hungry tummies.  Blimey, but they munched their way through just about all the savoury stuff not leaving much for us poor adults for dinner! These growing children can certainly put it away.  I've never seen sausages disappear so fast.  I have learned from experience to let them eat the savoury things first before bringing the cakes out.  Just look at them putting their hands up for more crisps, how funny!

We all have a sweet tooth here at the HenHouse and whenever faced with a party or dinner, my first thought is always "what can I do for pudding?" So, there were lots of sweet things (the children were predictably thrilled, probably not so their parents when they were still high as kites at bedtime!)  I do most of the baking for the school fairs so my cake reputation goes before me...  I snapped these whilst they were still in the kitchen, before they were destroyed by the rabble!

The birthday boy seemed to be enjoying himself...

Before we knew it, it was nearly home time and so to the best bit...

No sooner had it begun than it seemed it was all over. Off they all trooped with their goodies...

The Munchkin's proper birthday is tomorrow so the festivities roll on down in the West country...

I wanted to say a big thank you to Michele at Cowboys and Custard and to Teena at Kitschen Pink who both sent me birthday delights for the Munchkin.  Teena, the wallpaper in particular looked fab, I couldn't bring myself to cut it up or anything! Michele, I'll be giving him his card(s) tomorrow, they are really gorgeous.  Aren't bloggers just the loveliest people.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. It's nice and sunny here at the moment so fingers crossed it lasts...


  1. Happy birthday for your Munchkin! :)

    Looks like a perfect party!

    Kisses from Brazil

  2. wow what a fab party!! you are a very talented lady!! those biscuits and cakes look fantastic you deserve your reputation :-) happy birthday to a big 7 year old!!! well done mummy x
    Lesley x

  3. Wow you talented lady!
    How fabtastic that all looks!
    Beautifully put together, i love at home parties....i think they are so sweet!

  4. Looking at your wonderful Cake and amazing robot bicuits I see a new career calling for you!
    Glad the party went ok.


  5. The whole party looked amazing! Those robot cookies (biscuits) must have taken HOURS. What a great job you did.

    And best of all, you created a wonderful memory for your son.


  6. Aww, what a happy little boy and a wonderful birthday party. Kathy

  7. A happy WALL E birthday to your little munchkin, what alovely time you all had :) Yes indeedy you are a fantastic baker, Ohooo to have a cooker :) those robot biscuits look delicious, Please may my new Kitchen be in for Miss. Poppins' 7th, X

  8. I'm not surprised that your cake reputaion goes before you, they look wonderful. Love those robot cookies.
    Happy Bithday Munchkin.

  9. ah bless him he's such a sweet little chap I could just squeeze him!! Happy birthday's a cool age to be!

  10. A belated happy birthday to him!

    Your baking is really something to aspire to - the robot and rocket biscuits are fantastic (there's a little boy and some not so little boys here who would love them!)

  11. Dont necessarily agree about girls party's. I had 6 for my daugter's 9th birthday and they ran around screaming like lunatics. We had a chocolate fountain and I can't tell the mess they made! It was all good fun though and they are all looking forward to her Halloween party the week after next. I am turning myself into a pumpkin and leaving them to it!! Dev X

  12. Lucky Munchkin! Hope you're having a fabby weekend! I just LOVE those alien buns with the funny wibbly mouths! Wonderful! t.xx

  13. found you through Pipany hope its ok to comment....
    what a fabulous party and those cakes are something else. I remember my girls birthday parties with joy not so sure they were any easier than boys though!!

  14. Looks like a great party and that baking looks delicious. xxx

  15. Fab party. Somebody looks as if he is enjoying himself! Super cakes and cookies. Could post the cookie recipe as we have a cake sale coming up at school? They look as if they would go like hot cakes!

  16. What a fab party !! Those biscuits and cakes look very scrumptious and has got me wondering.. maybe I could commission you to make a birthday feast for my boys next year???
    Don't worry Hen.. I wouldn't subject you to more work.. but well done on a fabulous feast!

    Michele x

  17. Hello, the party looks like it was brilliant, can i come next time?
    Also, please please let me know where you got your rocket/spaceman biscuit cutters from as i know a little boy who would burst if i made some biscuits with those.

  18. Hi,

    The rocket/space cutters were from

    as recommended to me by Kitschen Pink. Be warned, it's very dangerous, I bought two loads of stuff!

    Hen x

  19. Thanks for that, i think I'm going to have some fun in that shop.


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