Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Roll up! Roll up!

All the fun of the fair!  

The Munchkin has pestered me for several days, ever since I mistakenly mentioned the funfair at Crystal Palace, to take him there.   Faced with a full day at home and lovely sunshine outside, having ironed and sewed non-stop all morning, I emerged hermit-like from my den at about 1pm and off we went.  I even managed to change out of my pyjamas (it is very cold outside, after all)!

After a shockingly massive and cheap Italian lunch, (oh the joys of weekday lunchtime offers), we set off for what is definitely a pretty tacky funfair if ever I saw one!  Now, we have been pretty spoiled in recent years because the infinitely posher Dulwich Village hosts the glorious Carter's Steam Fair each June which is a lovely old-fashioned event. Here are some snaps from our visit this year, pre-blogging days. Admire if you will, the beautiful hand-painted and gilded rides, the gallopers hand-carved from wood, the nineteenth century steam engine, the tasteful white lights, the flags of England and St. George blowing in the breeze. If only you could hear the sounds of the traditional fairground organ in the background...

Today it was all garish spray-paint, diesel fumes, flashing neon lights, "Barbie" jeeps and blasting rap "music"!  Still, we had fun, the Munchkin definitely had a lot of fun, and we found our favourite ride, the gallopers, just a bit of a tackier fibreglass, spray-painted in China version!

Violet was to be my trusty steed.  I love the name Violet.  She was the only black horse (and non- garish yellowish horse) on the whole ride.  

Giddy-up, Lillian!

Do we think the Munchkin had a good time?  What more reward can a parent ask for than to see such unbridled (excuse the pun) pleasure on their child's face?

And now, I sign off for a bit of a blogging break.  We're off to the West Country tomorrow for the rest of half-term so hopefully, I'll have lots of adventures to tell you about and thrifty finds to show you next week.  And then there's also Punkie Night...

Enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. Lovely fair....fun!
    Have a lovely break.....all cosy in your cottage.....
    I'll be having my friend and her daughter to visit, so we will both be having fun!

    I can't wait to have afew days off!

  2. Enjoy your break!!!

    Lucy x

  3. Have a lovely break, the funfair looked like fun.

    Sue xx

  4. I live here.........in Minehead!
    I live around the corner from where photograph was taken! The railway is at the bottom of the high street near the sea and I work in the only craft shop in Minehead 9 til 12 Monday to Friday
    Julie xxxx

  5. Waht´s a lovley fair. And the old horses are so beautyfull. I love this old fashend ones.
    I wish you a nice trip with a lot of adventures you can tell us after your holidays.


  6. Such a lovely child! You must be very proud of him.

  7. Have a lovely break Hen, say a little Hello to bridport for me, I miss it and prob won't be there again until Easter now boohoo.
    Wishing you sunshine and happiness

  8. Have a lovely time - I'll miss your blogposts!

  9. I think he had a great time.
    I like the horse you chose.
    Hope you had a nice time.

  10. The carousel is my fav fairground ride well probably the only one I can be persauded to go on. Enjoy your half term break.

  11. I want that Carousel in my garden, there is something so special and nostalgic about them. You can almost imagine them coming to life when all are asleep and galloping around the garden.

  12. You have such a Beautiful blog, with posts about all my favourite things - so glad I found it!
    Janelle :)
    Threads of Friendship

  13. Hi, Just found your blog and I sure like it! I'm of to check out some more...

  14. Have a great break Hen. Can't understand for the life of me why you weren't keen on the Barbie Jeeps and blasting rap music?!! Gosh you do surprise me, thought that would be just dowm your street!! LOL
    I too love the name Violet and if I ever have another girl that will be her name, Mr PL disagrees however, not with the name, but with another child!!!
    Jane. x

  15. He looks as if he had brilliant fun at the fair! I hope you have a good time away - we've been west, but I suspect not as far west as you're going. x

  16. I think children have fun wherever they go & whether the horses are beautiful traditional ones or tacky plastic doesn't seem to matter!
    Enjoy your break (hope the weather perks up for you as it's a bit miserable over here at the moment).

  17. Hi Hen,

    Looks like you had a lovely time! I'm sure you have probably visited but I highly recommend the Bluebell railway. Every so often on a clear day you can hear the 'choo choo' from our house, it's a wonderful sound. You can't beat a good steam train! :-) My great grand father used to drive the famous Fenchurch.


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