Monday, 13 October 2008

Three Go Down To The Sea

Hello everyone.  Hope you all enjoyed the marvellous weather this weekend.  This newly qualified driver made it all the way to Somerset on Friday night, just a mere 5 hours drive thanks to mammoth traffic jams on the motorways.  Still, Saturday's adventures more than made up for this.  First, it was Farmers' Market day at Bridport which was bathed in glorious sunshine.  We then decided to head for the sea... 

...and ended up at Seatown just a few miles along the coast.   The beach is made of small pebbles and the golden Jurassic cliffs make a fabulous backdrop.

The Munchkin was beside himself with joy.  It was so lovely to remind ourselves of the simple (and free) pleasures in life.  Mr HenHouse decided to pass on his superior knowledge of skimming stones...

Before long, the Munchkin couldn't resist...

The Hen very much wanted to resist but the sea had other ideas!

The Munchkin soon found his trousers got in the way of his "dam building". I'm sure I'm going to be in a lot of trouble in future years when he realises he used to wear lime green "Surf's Up" boxer shorts!!!!

In the end, as the sun retreated behind the few clouds and our tummies rumbled, we dragged the Munchkin away to the handy hostelry nearby. What a view!

Who would have thought we'd have been enjoying sunshine on the beach halfway through October. How lucky!


  1. Oh it doesnt seem like 5 minutes ago since I was enjoying the beaches and scenery of Dorset I so wish I was back there ! Looks like you had a lovely time and the weather has been gorgeous so good to make the most of it :-)
    Lesley x

  2. Good afternoon!
    Love the pictures.....very E.Blyton!
    I love the seaside, think thats why we love Angelsey do much...Moelfre is a lovley fishing village.

    I was pleased to be aable to sell the cabinet on, as it didn't go with my room, was sweet tho!xxxx

  3. Looks a lovely day out, like the pics. Well done on driving for 5 hours after only just passing. xxx

  4. If you are ever this way let me know. I like reading Enid Blyton stories given a chance! We always had the taped stories in the car for the boys to listen to, they never fought in the back of the car when they were listening to good ol' Famous Five or Secret Seven!

  5. It was such a lovely weekend to be at the sea.

  6. Wasn't it a fantastic weekend? I had that exact same copy of Five go Down to the Sea. I wish I still had my collection of Enid Blyton books - I'd probably still read them!

  7. Lovely pictures, the weekend weather was brilliant wasn't it.

  8. Hi was a great weekend! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time and are getting some driving practice too..well done!

  9. Looks like a wonderful getaway! Spending time at the sea is always good for the soul. What another accomplishment - to come out sane after a five-hour drive in nasty traffic.

  10. Hi Hen!

    The beach looks lovely!! I just settled for my garden this weekend, but how lovely was the sunshine!!

    The surf's up boxers made me chuckle.

    Well done of the driving!!

    Lucy x

  11. Well done with that drive.
    We too spend the day on the beach, just a little further along in the South Hams. We had an amazing day. Took alot of preparation but it's always worth it when I look in the back seat driving home in the dark with 2 exhausted girliewigs in P.J's fast asleep after a fabulous family day out.
    Jane. x

  12. I have that exact same book.
    Looks like a nice day out.

  13. What a wonderful weekend Hen! The beach looks beautiful (besides the pebbles) - at least you don't get sand everywhere! And yes, what a view from the hotel!

  14. Beaches just look so much lovelier at this time of year..something about the emptiness, all that sand and endless sea!

    Great treasures BTW in the last post especially the eiderdown..I have some lavender hearts to finish sewing in that fabric! I received the latest CK offering in the post today..had it on order..but wish I had seen your review first..not at all what I was expecting, I think it should have been called "embelishing...for kids" !!

  15. Fabulous, oh how I love Seatown. Have spent many a happy hour in The Anchor, the crab sarnies are to die for.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, thanks for sharing

  16. I would just love to live in Styal...we went to view a property owned by the National Trust, the kitchen was amazing...all shaker style and wonderful orginal cupboard like a little larder.....oh my heart was singing!
    We are on the waiting list thingy..
    Its my dream to live in a more rural locaton...Olly comes from Suffolk, a lovely little village, the city is pants! I know he would much prefer to go somewhere like that!x


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