Thursday, 9 October 2008


I promised a post about my recent finds, so here it is...

We haven't been able to get to many car boot fairs recently (now I've passed my test, that shall change, just a pity Winter is on its way,) so I have done a spot of mooching on eBay instead.  I was hankering after some Midwinter Red Domino china but was outbid on everything. However, I rather liked a certain rosy patterned toast rack which I managed to get my mitts on. Then I liked a pair of preserve pots and when they arrived, they were both the same Midwinter pattern!

I decided, as one rationally does, that I needed more eiderdowns. I never come across these for a fiver at car boot sales as some lucky people do (not since I was about 13 that is, and that eiderdown is sadly long gone I know not where). This one was reasonably priced and very pretty, so it now can be friends with my other eiderdowns!

I still need a black one and a duck egg one...

I love vintage jigsaws and how could I resist this one to add to the HenHouse?

As I mentioned the other day, I met up with my sister in Stoke at the weekend and on Sunday, we went to the antiques fair at Stafford. I mainly got carried away at the haberdashery type stalls. I'm always looking for interesting buttons, in particular to make Florettes...

I love these ones...

These are pretty and unusual, too...

I liked the pattern on this silk hanky:

Then I found some attractive old cards.  They were in a big box full of cards and photos.  It always makes me sad when I see old photos for sale like this, especially wedding photos; how sad that there is no one in the family who wants them.  I looked for a card with "7" on for the Munchkin's upcoming birthday and typically, there was just about every one except 7!  I'll keep the number "8" one for next year.

I'm always drawn to ones with cottages on and I particularly like this one:

I loved this little basket by Burleigh. I'm ashamed to say that until it finds its true home amongst our cottage's chintz this weekend, it's been abandoned on my worktable where it's come in as a very handy receptacle. I have promised it a lovely plant in the Spring, though.

Adele is petrified of moths so I found this little find quite amusing.  I just liked the fabric, really.

After the antiques fair and on our way back to the station at Crewe, we stopped off at an antiques/crafts centre near Nantwich called Dagfields. There was a lot of junk but we bought a few back copies of Country Living for scrapbooking and I was unable to leave behind yet more embroidered cloths which were all sadly jumbled in a big old wire basket. As usual, I am intending to recycle them into cushions or bags or "something" but for the moment, they've been added to my ever-growing collection!

Quite a modest haul (for now)!


  1. I love everything, but specially the picture of the cottage!

    Oh, I so wish some day I'll have a garden like that!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  2. Hello Hen!
    Lovely collection of finds!
    I adore the little sweet!
    The embroidered cloths are beautiful!

  3. gorgeous buttons... especially the strawberries and the pink 40's ones...a great 'little'? haul. just been a thrifting this morning and there were so many things i wanted to bring home with me but until my new kitties calm down i am unable to put many nic nacs on the mantlepieces! i shall just have to admire your finds.
    warm wishes
    Ginny x

  4. Everytime I read someone's post about carboot sales I just whimper. You all find the cutest things at them!

    Ok, enough whining. I just found your blog from ????? Too much reading of new blogs this morning & now I'm confused from where I started. Wanted to say, I love all your creativity and am in serious love of a couple of your bags on your Esty store!! Trying to think of a way to convince my Farmer I need them. ;o)

    The adorable little basket looks fine with it's display of "stuff." I'd be tempted to keep it on my sewing table to hold button cards and trim.

    And finally-- our little local hometown is having it's first carboot sale and I want to participate. Any suggestions?
    You can email me at this address:
    or comment on my blogsite.

    Looking forward to reading more about your interests.

  5. Lots of lovely things. I especially like the embroidered cloths - so beautifully done.


  6. Terrific finds. Loving the hanky.

  7. oooo i live near nantwich and know Dagfields very well! small world........ love your find - i really need an eiderdown as well - preferably a CK one for about £3.00whats my chances ?! LOL
    Lesley x

  8. Hi Hen

    Just discovered your blog. Love the pics your home is gorgeous. I'm also a fan of vintage stuff and sewing, and also have a thing for eiderdowns! xxx

  9. Hi from Tasmania Australia! I just found your blog via Poppy Lane and love all your doing, vintage,sewing.Take a peek at the eiderdown I found recently on my blog they are quiet rare here so was well pleased!I will be a frequent visitor to your blog from now on. Chris

  10. What a great and varied haul!
    I'm a sucker for embroidered cloths too, I'd like to open a Home Of Rest for Unwanted and Unloved Vintage Linen.

  11. A modest haul? I think not! You scored lady - what a wonderful collection of finds! I especially love the cards.

  12. What a lot of gorgeous vintage things! The Midwinter is a pretty design - and as for the photo of your Carltonware - wow! Charlie Boy is pretty handsome too - what a poser!! Love your blog - will add it to my list of inspirational blogs! Clare x

  13. Lovely things Hen Particularly love the eiderdown and I never find them for a fiver either xx

  14. That's a real stash of treasure!!! Love, love, love the buttons

  15. You did well with your buys - everything is so beautiful wish I could have lucky finds just like that!

  16. Wow!
    You have been very lucky to find so lovely Vintage treasures!
    I love them all... and I`m finding it very difficult to have a favourite!
    Well done!
    Debbie Moss

  17. What wonderful finds, I will have to get onto ebay for eiderdowns..I've never looked for them on there before. The buttons are great...collecting buttons is one of my favorite pass times and ebay is really good for this!...I might meet you in a bidding stand off at some point ;-)

    I was browsing through some junk shops today, I've just blogged my finds and was also thinking to myself how sad it is that people's wedding photo's find themselves there. I hope mine don't...

    Love your blog.

  18. Fab finds seem to have an eye for all the best things!!
    Have a great weekend! ;-)

  19. Hello Hen..
    I must sharpen my eyes as I never seem to find the beautiful treasures that you have collected here.. I must try harder!!
    Particularly love the old jigsaws.. the graphics of that era were so striking.
    I have a lovely vintage Birthday card in excellent condition with the words SEVEN today depicting an illustration childlike characters in red Indian clothes. It hasn't been written in either. If you would like it for your son then please email me and I will send it to you!
    The sun is shining.. I am off out in to the garden.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Michele x

  20. Hi you! Hello! from Anglesey North Wales. Just found your Blog - what a delight! especially loved the hen jigsaw, keep up the good work,I will be back for more!
    x Vicky x

  21. Lovely, scrummy purchases. Stunning eiderdown, you lucky, lucky girl.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  22. Hi Hen, Me again! I have passed on two awards to you. Check out my blog for details. Cheers, Kathryn. XX

  23. Just popped in to wish you a happy weekend!
    Lovely sunny day her...going to John Lewis now!


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