Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Weekend - Part 1

With the birthday party over, I slumped into my seat on the train down to Somerset on Friday evening but was able to look forward to the Munchkin's actual birthday on Saturday and watching him open his presents first thing in the morning.

Birthdays just aren't the same once you're "older" but nothing beats watching a little one's face as they rip into their presents with unabashed glee.  I think he was a happy boy...

We also managed another birthday cake, not quite as full-on as Thursday's rocket cake (I even confess to buying it from the village shop and I very very rarely buy cakes but I'd had enough baking for one week!)

On Saturday, I had my reward for weeks dedicated to birthday preparation with a day of unashamed mooching, intent on discovering more vintagey, thrify treasures.

We set off on a trip to Wells but were delayed en route by several detours to local villages to the backdrop of cries of "There's a charity shop!" and my ever-obliging Dad brought his car to a grinding halt outside and in I went...

I was so chuffed with this divine vintage cushion. Mr HenHouse is holding on to it whilst I was in (yet another) charity shop.  He and the cushion are so colour co-ordinated!

It now has a new home at the cottage.

I also couldn't resist this lovely old book.

There are some gorgeous colour plates inside.

In one of my fave local charity shops (which to my surprise has expanded into the shop next door too), I couldn't leave behind this lovely crinoline lady teaset. It is like new, I don't think it had been used until we used it this weekend.

Also, I snapped up these pretty bowls.  Aren't they lovely?

In another charity shop, in another village, my favourite find of the day was this glass bowl set. Such gorgeous delicate glass, little green feet and dainty etched detail.

My collection of hard-backed Enid Blyton books has grown considerably over the last few weeks. I just adored Enid Blyton books as a child and still have many of the books I read back then (including the Storytime Book below) which the Munchkin is now starting to enjoy too. Much more wholesome than Horrid Henry!

Finally, how do you like my new little "Home Sweet Home" sign? I nipped into a lovely local shop in Dulwich one day last week when I was going to Hope & Greenwood to buy flying saucers for the party bags and I couldn't leave this sign behind. Red and white polka dots and cottage garden flowers? It was a done deal!


  1. Munchkin does look happy!
    Wonderful finds, I'm green with jealousy over the tea set.

  2. Let me just be clear here - who had a birthday weekend!?!?!?! Such treasures! The charity shops of Somerset must be delighted when you arrive with all your good taste and acquisitive habits! LOVE the glass set - perfect for trifle! t.x

  3. I'm envious of all those wonderful shopping purchases over your weekend! I especially love your new Home Sweet Home sign.

  4. Such pretty finds! Love them all!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  5. Hi must be wonderful to have a country escape!

    I bought the very same crinoline ladies china bowl and jug, when we were in Shropshire!

    Glad the Munchkin had such a fab time ;-)

  6. What a priceless smile on young munchkins face.. !
    So glad he had a wonderful Birthday and the cards arrived safely!

    Michele x

  7. Oh! where are these charity shops in Somerset, I've not seen them and I live here! I hope we can meet some day and you show me them! The meeting part I am serious about.........

  8. A post like this gladens my heart!
    Lovely Hen.....your cotage is super, so cosy and the "finds" are wonderful!
    So begins another week......its half term here, so i have a 5 yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old....busy!
    Still soon be 5.30pm!
    have agood day!xx

  9. Such lovely things. I wish I could go to charity shops too. My husband just said to me that will be no England for us this Christmas.
    Well, here is good too but I miss charity shops.
    About birthdays, this week is full of them: my nephew, one of my girls and myself. A lot of work.

  10. Wonderful finds again. You mentioned Wells....isn't it a pretty little place? I love the cathedral and almshouses... and that little shop near the cathedral that sells Emma Bridgewater and other gorgeous necessities. Sounds like a great Birthday weekend.

  11. wow lots of new things for you!! love that Mr Henhouse matched your new cushion :-D
    Lesley x

  12. What great finds - I really love those Enid Blyton books by the bedside and I lovelovelove the glass bowl set - so pretty.

  13. Love the teaset. I really need a vintage teapot so I'm envious.
    The little sign is ace as well.

  14. What lovely finds. That glass bowl set is crying out for jelly and ice cream. I have lots of the old hb enid blyton books in my loft from my childhood, I feel all inspired now to get them out and read them all over again. The Munchkin looked like he enjoyed his birthday. xxx Pixie xxx

  15. Hi Hen, I am so inspired by your charity shops buys, and like some of the other visitors to your blog, so envious of your crinoline lady tea set. My grandmother had one when I was a child and it brings back so many memories. Also the tablecloth is really lovely, it reminds me of two squares I have in the airing cupboard that need to see some daylight. Margie

  16. Oh he is such a sweetie, bless him. Glad he had a happy birthday. Your cottage always looks so cosy xx

  17. Wow, if that wasn't the happiest boy ever! Such a joy to see! You sure have an eye for finding beutiful things!!!

  18. HI HEN!




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