Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Today, bloggers, I passed my driving test!  I can't tell you how massively pleased (and relieved) I am.  I took my test a few times over five years ago but nerves always got the better of me and I just went to pieces in the test.  I gave up in the end...

I started driving again at the end of last year and have felt a lot better about it but I still felt incredibly nervous last night and this morning.  Today, I had a really nice examiner, we chatted non-stop and that really helped put me at ease.  I can almost say I enjoyed the test.  Obviously, I enjoyed it more once it was over and I heard those immortal "I'm pleased to say..." words!

Just think of all those car boot fairs, antiques fairs, charity shops, just shops really, waiting for me out there!  Look forward to lots more blogs on my adventures and thrifty scavenging now I am mobile.  

Most of all, a big thank you to my lovely other half who has been so patient and supportive of me.  

Have a marvellous day!  Toot toot!


  1. That's my pink fig!!!!! Get that one for my whilst you're picking up your blue one! They're so dinky I'm sure you could just pop it into the post!
    Congratulations on automobile freedom. Having grown up in teh country long after they stopped providing branch line railways or country buses - I can still remember the sweet exhilaration of getting behind the wheel and going where I pleased, when I pleased and finally choosing what to listen to on the stereo! t.xx (thinks - must stop beautiful boy monopolising the iPod on car journeys - good things come to those who get told to wait by their parents!) xx

  2. Ah, well done my dear. I'm really chuffed for you. I often wish I'd never learnt...there are so many twits on the roads, I don't find driving a pleasure but where I live I'd be housebound if I couldn't!
    Good luck with that London traffic - eek!
    Deb x

  3. Well done Hen. Congratulations. Now the world is open to you. Discover all the beautyfull shops which has been to far away to got there by foot. ;)

  4. WELL DONE!!! AND CONGRATULATIONS. driving in London is a nightmare, I know i used to live there, but once you've driven there, you can drive ANYWHERE!!!

  5. Congratulations!!!

    I took ages to learn to drive and now I have a car I don't know how I lived without it!

    Victoria x

  6. Well done Hen!

    I failed first time. I remember my first test and it was hell.
    I skidded on my emergency stop; turned out of a junction incorrectly and was far too fast approaching junctions..;-)

    I passed second time and went straight back to school, rejoicing!


  7. Congratulations! Just a shame fuel is soooo expensive and we're made to feel guilty to drive in a car!!!! Although my sister has a fiat 500 and she pays £30 in road tax cos it's so "green"!!! well done!!!

  8. Cngratulations Hen, I hope you enjoy many country drives, car boot sales and much treasure hunting!!

  9. Congratulations on passing your test, I wish you well with the freedom you now have at your finger tips. Being able to drive is a great thing, enjoy every moment.
    Peg x

  10. Ah, well done Hen!! There'll be no stopping you now!! Kathryn.

  11. Congrats! Have fun on the road.

  12. A very hearty congratulations to you.. I am full of admiration for your persistence. You must be so relieved and have a sense of freedom!!!
    I passed my test 14 years ago on my third attempt and alas haven't driven since. I dream about driving but I can never find the right pedals at the right time!
    I hope your world widens now you have wheels and so pleased you can make it to the fair.
    Michele x

    You are going to love your new feedom. I learnt when my youngest daughter was a baby, so a little later in life than some - I realy appreciate the independence it gives me now.

    All roads lead to a charity shop! :-))
    Have fun,

  14. fantastic news well done you! enjoy your freedom :-)
    Lesley x

  15. Congratulations - you will never be in!!! My daughter passed her test - and dumped her fiancee 'cos she loved the freedom and didn't have time for a relationship.

  16. clever clogs! well done hon and enjoy your new found freedom.
    i'm off to bed now, rather shattered, but will be back to catch up your other posts :)
    xo, k.

  17. Congratulations well done! You must be feeling sooo happy! I cried when I failed my first test and cried when I past the second time, same examiner saw me crying both times, I think he wondered what he'd let loose on the roads!

  18. Well done, there'll be no stopping you now!

  19. Well done you, clever girl :)
    Yes you would love Kirkby Lonsdale there is a shop called The Hen House :) X

  20. Ah..I could have sworn I left a message..well anyway..yay! another crazy laydee on the roads! well done's a brilliant feeling isn't it! x

  21. Hello,
    Sorry, but I've tagged you
    see blog for details
    Deb x

  22. Well done you. You will love the freedom that driving yourself gives you. Enjoy :-)

  23. A huge congratulations to you! Those are the cutest cars in that parkinglot!!!

  24. Hen'CONGRATULATIONS'!! I'm so pleased for you, what a sense of freedom you now have. You'll be out and about everywhere.
    You do realise that you HAVE to get the Nissan Figaro now, because we all visualize you driving around in it..Can't wait to see the pictures of you behing the wheel!
    Jane. x

  25. Well done!
    Have you got a car?
    What fun you will have! All those shops to drive to!

  26. I've added you as a fave blog!
    Love your CK fave print!!!!!!!!!!xx

  27. Well done ... Toot! Toot!

    Love the pink car in the corner, how fab would that be to run around in ?


    I keep having a couple of lessons than giving up. I need to get my act in gear and do what you've done!

  29. Well done!
    Or should I say... CONGRATULATIONS!
    I think I will be next... but, I`m too scared!LOL
    Debbie Moss

  30. Very many huuuuuuuuuuge congratulations Hen, so chuffed for you! I passed mine at age 25 and it still remains one of the most nerve wracking things I've ever been through, although undergoing a speedily scary emergency cesarean section just probably pipped it at the post, although only just.
    Well done, can't wait to hear of your tales on the road, toot toot!


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