Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Crochet Update

Last Wednesday, 5 days at the cottage stretched ahead of me, oh joy.  On the other hand, it did mean I would be separated from my beloved sewing machine and my den.  Faced with such a situation, I start to get separation anxiety...  Time to think laterally!  I've been going to my crochet course since the 23 September, a couple of hours each Tuesday morning.  I've also been chugging along with the big crochet book I bought from the charity shop, trying to get ahead by teaching myself.  The big advantage of crochet is that it is so portable.  So, off I set armed with my wool and my hook, determined to get on with a new project, having hitherto just made practise squares and the little jam jar cover.  I was a woman on a mission...a granny squares mission...

Amongst all the days out, Punkie Night and thrifting, I didn't get down to some serious crochet until Sunday morning.  Sunday mornings are always a rather leisurely affair at the cottage, especially given that the car boot doesn't start until the very civilised time of 1pm.  I can't think of a nicer spot...

Fast forward to Sunday morning...

I can highly recommend a spot of crochet whilst snuggled under the eiderdown.

And then there were three...

It's fair to say, I think that I've got the granny bug.  Back home, I decided to transfer my wool into a basket (well actually, it's a trug which has yet to see any veg) so that I could see all the colours properly but it just didn't look aesthetically pleasing enough against the prettiness of all that wool and all those squares.  So, out came the Cath K fabric I've been zealously hoarding and the newly acquired spotty ribbon and a basket liner was duly concocted.  On with the squares!

The pretty colours I have been using for my granny squares remind me of these little china floral ornaments I have been collecting. They are invariably a bit chipped when I find them but I can never resist buying them and they've never yet cost me more than a pound.

I think the collection shall grow...


  1. Your crochet is coming on a treat. I tend to keep going with my granny squares so I make a giant granny square especially in the winter when while crocheting it I can snuggle underneath it at the same time!

  2. I've got one of those pretty little china posy ornaments that used to be my Grandma's and I love it. I too keep thinking I should add to the collection. Love your basket of Granny Squares and wool. If that doesn't inspire you to carry on I don't know what will. All the colours look so pretty together. I really MUST learn to crochet!

  3. The yarn and basket are so pretty. I really like the embroidered pillow on the bed - the one about the English Garden.

    Happy Granny Square-Making!


  4. Love your slippers, you're doing well with your crocheting. Your photo's are always so good, looks very cozy :) x

  5. Love the basket Helen, what a brilliant idea to line it, and the colours look brilliant. I keep saying I would like to learn to crochet, and seeing so many blogs showing lovely crochet I really am going to have to get started - perhaps a resolution for next year ;0)


  6. I've so enjoyed the pictures....i adore your cottage, just how they should look, wonderful Hen....the bedroom is a treat and well it all is really!!!!

    I love the trug as a crochet basket, cute, very lovely lined in the Ck fabric!

    I'm thrilled to have working machine again! yippee!
    Can now raid the sale at CK this year and get some fabric stock in!

    Bed now for me....half day tomorrow...hurrah!zxxxx

  7. That's looking fantastic - crochet is so relaxing, isn't it. And granny squares are addictive! My blanket's finally beginning to look like a blanket, and it's lovely to snuggle under as I'm crocheting another square.
    My mum had lots of those china flowers, but many got broken. I think they're so pretty. x

  8. ooo, I like the granny squares you are creating! I especially love those slipper you are wearing. I agree about crochet being so portable... and relaxing too. Great for all sorts of projects like washcloths too.

  9. You're doing well with your crochet! Lovely colours in the pretty basket. ;-)

  10. Your little cottage always looks so sweet and cosy. Love the squares too xx

  11. Hey Hen, your grani squares are so sweet. I think, I´m going to start such a projekt as well. But I thnik I will try it in red, black and white, or so??
    And your fotos are always so beautifull.


  12. Hi Hen,
    Those granny squares look great...really yummy colours. I keep all my cross-stitch bits in a basket but it doesn't look as pretty as yours; maybe I'll pinch your idea!
    I also have a large collection of china posies and it amazes me that you can pick up names like Coalport or Adderley for pennies...mad! Not fun to dust though...
    Deb xx

  13. Oh my, such goodness all in one post :: scrumptious yarn and granny squares and eiderdowns and firesides and wooly slippers and pretty lined baskets! Its the stuff of my dreams!
    I adore the colours you're using Hen, and agree they are very similar to those adorable little china flowers. I love that colour range which teeters on the brink between bright and pastel. In fact i think I HAVE to go and buy that very yarn for my next blanket when my hex's are finished.
    Thanks for such beauitful eye candy...

  14. Your house is so nice and your things too.
    I, also, have the granny bug but I have to wait some time because I'm doing something else - in crochet - but I hardly can wait to begin.


  15. Ooh I wish I could get under and eiderdown and do some crochet right now, sounds utterly divine.

  16. Ooh love the bed it looks really snuggly! Did you buy the eiderdown in Lyme Regis as it definately rings a bell in my mind! The crochet is really good, I really want to learn how to do it and make a lovely blanket. Are you coming to the Country Living Fair next week and if so, would you like a free ticket? I have a stand there and would LOVE to meet you - unfortunately the ticket is not valid for a Saturday though (don't know why?!) Let me know, via my blog and I will send you one! Kathy

  17. So jealous of people who can crochet and knit.

  18. I've awarded you the hot bloggers awardxxx

  19. Lovely pics. The wool and granny squares look great and I love your cath K trug.

  20. well done you!! they look wonderful!! i also LOVE your fireplace!!

  21. Hi Hen, Thanks for your comments on my blog - could you email me at kathyjobson@fsmail.net with your address and I will send you a ticket - my stand is D31 which is before the Mezzinine Level as you come in, second aisle on the right. Look forward to meeting you! Kathyx


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