Saturday, 29 November 2008

Didn't we have a lovely time...

...the day we went to Dulwich.

Today was a good day.  A day that whizzed by having not achieved masses but without having done anything arduous (cleaning, housework, chores etc!)  It also started with two hours sewing before anyone else got up because I couldn't sleep.  I get like this when I have ideas in my head.  More of that tomorrow...

East Dulwich is a few miles away from us, a place which one might term an "up and coming" area (overspill from the much more expensive and posher Dulwich Village).  The last few years have seen the welcome influx of some decent but individual shops; lovely housey shops, organic/free range butcher, health/specialist food shops and a street market in North Cross Road.  There was a distinctly festive feeling in the air today. There were several people selling christmas trees on the street and the florist had gorgeous branches of red berries and those little plants I always think of as "mini orange trees". Quite a few shops had christmassy displays in their windows. I snapped a couple but it was hard because there were so many reflections, so apologies about that. 

The window of the yummy Hope and Greenwood sweetie shop was looking lovely...


It was absolutely packed inside, all the little children spending their bit of pocket money.  The deli also had an attractive painted window. There are always gorgeous christmas choccies, gingerbread houses and lots of special Italian goods, panettone and so on, in here. We ordered the turkey so I'm feeling a little bit more organised (emphasis on the little bit!)

However, the highlight of the trip and which I think you might like to share, was a visit to the vintage and collectables shop just off North Cross Road.  The owners have for years had a stall on North Cross Road and have now opened up a little shop in a side street too.  The lady was happy for me to take photos and gave the Munchkin some christmas decorations which was really sweet of her.

Myself, I was hankering after the vintage christmas decorations, in particular those baubles...

There were some lovely vintage French magazines which had christmassy covers, entitled "The Two of Us"!

More festive goodies...

Onto a jaw dropping array of Cornishware.  Lots of these pots still had the original labels on.

A stunning selection of vintage tins was next (I was having palpitations by this point!)

Onto a gorgeous red-themed display with a few Freds too...

I can't decide if the red display was my favourite or this one, with the scrumptious '50's kitchen cabinet and its display of blue Cornishware and that fab Saxby's original advertising card.

I'm still searching for the elusive blue Cornishware jug; the lady said they're quite hard to find now. Lucky I'm a girl who likes a challenge!

Finally, a collection of vintage kitchenalia...  We spotted my marmalade (peel) slicer which was £35!  I also recognised the blue flowered tins as my mum used to have these.  Oh when I think of the things that have been thrown away...

I leave you to enjoy your Saturday night with this image which cracks me up each time I look at it! Never was a book description more apt, much to the Munchkin's disgust..!

(Also, please excuse the "murderer's gloves" (my driving gloves) because the Munchkin had forgotten his own and was freezing!)


  1. Hi again...beginning to feel like i'm moving into your blog!LOL!!

    I love cornish ware, i think i like the blue display...because the cupboard is adorable!

    The vintage tins are wonderful...i only have a little OXO one and about 5 bits of cornish ware, i've seen some fantastic collctions in blogland.....i do enjoy looking at other ppl's collections!

    Ok, i'm buzzing off now!

    Very funny about the gloves.....hahahahaha!!!

    Take care

  2. I love everything that was in that store! Did you buy anything for yourself, or was it all too expensive (which is usually the case here in 'beautiful vintage/antiques stores). That book is too funny!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hmmm this Dulwich place looks fabulous,Hen..d'you reckon as good as Totnes ?... as I am going there on Thursday ;-)

    BTW..I think the book was meant for you,wasn't it?!! LOL

    Sal x

  4. Gee, I wish we had shops like that so close by. Love the tins especially! The little red letter boxes are my favourite!

  5. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it very much. I think the blue and white tin looks familiar too from somewhere in my childhood. My grandmother had what I think must have been a 1950's dresser. I don't know what happened to it though, it was probably thrown out.

  6. I LOVE the 50s cabinet!!

    My Friend has just moved to Herne Hill, not far from Dulwich, really lovely area!

    Enjoy your Sunday, speak to you when I'm back from nyc xx xx

  7. I'm a post late here, but just had to say I love it when you review craft books, it's sooo helpful. I hate not knowing whats inside, what I'm spending my money on. Might have to ask you for a little tutorial on how to make little flowers on the middle of granny squares. love Fi

  8. Ooooh what a lovely vintage goodies shop!One of those places where your eyes dart all over the place as soon as you walk in, I'm not brave enough to take photos in shops..but I am sooooo glad you are!
    Funny how so many everyday things become popular collectables again, things our mums had or our grandparents everyday items..I cant imagine my sons saying..keep that potato peeler, it may be valuable one day!
    I have one of those 50s kitchen cupboards in the's on my never ending list of things I have to do up!..I'm loving those cute slippers you made Hen..have those fairies been helping you again?

  9. It's not often I go window shopping on someone's blog and feel a desperation to actualy really go in to that shop in real life............................ there is soooooo much I want to get my mits on....................... life is so unfair sometimes...................... : )

  10. oh, oh, oh! Those lovely displays at the shop. That Cornishware! The vintage Cmas things...

    I need to go antique shopping in the very near future! (no Cornishware here in middle USA. :oc )

    Thanks for the eye-candy.

  11. I think I need gas and air I have got so excited..everything I just love love love is in that shop!!! Now re the cornishware...know the feeling we collect and our measuring jug has died..there is a really god website that find odd lids or jars with no lids etc if you send your email I will link you. re things we got rid of...I could cry when I think of the vintage we have got rid of in my mad clear outs over the not cry..sob and bang my knuckles on the grandmother had one of those lovely units...she would do her baking on it every got thrown away... anyway less of that I have a car boot to go to and I am feeling lucky..wonderful pictures thank you and I will hunt out the website for H

  12. I love that vintage tin shop. I have that hexangonal Robin tin, I bought it on ebay for about £4. Was it expensive in there? I wonder how much that tin was in there?

    Sorry about rant yesterday, I think I have a slight case of cabin fever after being off work for a week. I get like that and take things out on the nearest source of irritation. Poor old Cath got it yesterday! :-)

  13. Goodness I used to live on North Cross road when I did a placement semester at a uni in London. It was starting to become an 'up and coming' place back then (about 5years ago now) but it looks like it has finally finished it's journey as it sounds great now.
    Wow at the cornishware and tinware. Simply delish.

  14. Thankyou, can't imagine how I missed it. I practically live over on her blog!

  15. Hi Hen, What a great littke vintage shop. I had a trip to my local vintage shop yesterday and got a great vintage sheep. Mel thinks he could be a merrythought. Love the tin display.

    I've left you an award on my blog. xxx Pixie xxx

  16. Fab pics and fab goodies in the pics!! I did with toy with the idea about stocking Hope and Greenwood sweties but I think I might have ate them could imagine a Friday night and hubby asking if we had any sweets or chocs and that would be it, profit gone!! The shop looks great though. My dad owns a newsagents and still sells sweets from the jar, customers love it!! The vintage shop looks amazing and I love little ones pic with your gloves on!!
    Looking forward to seeing your tree pics....Claire xx

  17. am hyperventilating at the price of those baubles - seriously suggest you look in Dulwich but buy in the provinces - I still pick up a few each year for never more than 20p - and I thought that was expensive!! Head for the hills! t.x

  18. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous vintage treasure trove!
    I homed in on those beautiful old tins.. I had one of the money box tins myself but persuaded myself to part with it at the fair....
    It is lovely to see that there are more out there!
    How did you manage to resist all those temptations!?

    P.s My brother inherited an entire collection of blue Cornish ware from our cottage in Cornwall. I shall see if he still has it and that elusive jug.. maybe he will part with it??

  19. I'm having palpitations too at all that 'kleenware'. With labels!! I've been collecting it for years but only have about five pieces because it's got sooo expensive. I saw a green and cream kitchen cabinet yesterday but it was sold. Just as well as I don't really have room for it...but then again...
    Lovely pics
    Deb x

  20. You are a lucky girl. Such nice things to see.


  21. What a fantastic shop, I will have to hunt that out, their displays look wonderful.

    I completely understand about feeling wistful things that have been thrown in the past which I would love to have now!

    Victoria xx


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