Saturday, 22 November 2008

Guess Where We've Been...?

Have you guessed correctly yet?

Yes, the one and only, very first Vintage and Handmade Fair in Rangeworthy, South Gloucestershire.  I have to say, we nearly didn't make it as our car is having a seriously bad day and we had to come off the motorway as it would not get into gear and drive fast enough (ie. more than 40mph)!  Not lightly put off and lured by the promise of vintage and handmade goodies (and cakes!) we finally made it.  We're holed up in our hotel now which luckily has wi-fi so that I can share the day with you.  Whether we get home tomorrow is another matter!

The village hall in which the fair took place was just a nice size to accommodate an interesting array of stalls with lovely goodies.  There was a very nice atmosphere at the fair and it was easy to chat to the stall holders and, I am thrilled to say, they were happy for me to take photos for you (so long as they were not in the photos themselves, it seemed!)

Lavender House had a lovely eye-catching display right near the front doors.  Luckily, the lady who runs Lavender House lives near the sea in Sussex so was undaunted by the cold air from outside blowing in through the front door!  The Munchkin was an eager customer once he spotted the Enid Blyton hardbacked books on sale.

My apologies that I have inadvertantly lost the card for Lavender House so cannot put a link in here.  I'll add it if I find one/if anyone can let me know the link.

The next stall we visited had a yummy display of vintage goods. This stall belonged to A Little Bit Vintage.    I love those lampshades...and the pansy box...and...

Now I think you might recognise this next lady?

Of course, it is one of the main organisers of the fair, Jayne of Country Cottage Chic.  This stall looked lovely.  I picked up some very nice items from Jayne, I can't say what exactly as one is going to be a Christmas pressie and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  I'm still feeling wistful about Paddington Bear...  The handmade cupcakes were also really cute.

Onto the stall of Dairy House Antiques, hmm such gorgeous things on here.  I'll let you see for yourself and we had a lovely chat with the owner, too.  We shall go and visit her antiques centre near Shaftesbury in Dorset, soon.

Next there was a stall which I believe belonged to one of the ladies who has written the recently published book Sew Fabulous Fabrics.  Lots of pretty applique on here.

This stall was very popular with our Wild West loving member of the HenHouse.  

This was, of course, the stall of Michele of Cowboys and Custard who along with Jayne, was responsible for organising the fair.  The Munchkin couldn't wait to open his little package of cowboy goodies!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Time to take a breather?  Oh go on then...

There was a selection of gorgeous cakes.  I can highly recommend Jayne's tiffin, we bought four pieces to take away with us!

Back to the stall belonging to The Little Wren House Factory.  The lady and creator behind this stall was lovely to chat to and obviously very talented.  I just loved her felted pieces.

Look at the adorable felted cat on the middle doll's knee...

A pretty cushion...

A gorgeous little blue tit, one of many birds Annie had made.

Well, what can I say?  I wasn't the only Hen there!

Can you tell who was responsible for this lovely array of clever papercrafts?

Sal from Devon of course.  We enjoyed a good old natter with Sal and her other half.  The Munchkin declared Sal's stall to be one of his favourites; praise indeed!

Sal was kind enough to give the Munchkin this lovely pot.  Thank you, Sal, that was so kind and he is treasuring it and feeling very special to have his own goodies from the fair.

Onto the stall of a very talented lady.  We were so pleased to discover Joanna Twinn's work, it is so fresh and she is very talented.  She was happy to chat with us and show us the painting she was working on.  We bought lots of her cards.

I also loved this stall which from memory, belonged to/was called "Lucy Bloom". It was a divine mix of vintage pieces and handcrafted items. I bought a lovely tablecloth. I was quite restrained!

Last but not least, the gorgeous bunnies crafted by Nicky of The Vintage Magpie. These are truly beautiful, crafted from vintage fabrics with handknitted and crocheted clothes and accessories. A very talented lady makes these lovely furry friends.

All in all, we had a marvellous time.  Well done to Michele and Jayne for organising the fair, a tremendous idea and effort on your part, I hope you feel really proud (and I hope you now have a good rest)!  To all the very talented crafts people, thank you, we really enjoyed admiring your work, buying your work and having a chat with such friendly people.  Once I'm back home (fingers crossed!) I'll take some snaps to show you all the lovely goodies we bought.  Sadly, I'll have to eat the tiffin before then, it's a chore but someone has to do it!  

Here's to the next fair...

P.S. Don't forget you can click on the photos to see them a bit bigger and in more detail.


  1. What a fun day you had. I wished I lived nearer I would have joined you.

  2. oh I was hoping someone would do a post about the fair :-) looks like you had a good time !
    Lesley x

  3. Oh lucky you!
    So many pretties, how did you hold back?
    Glad you had a wonderful time!xxx

  4. I was hoping too that somebody was posting about the fair and so you did, and how! I love your tons of photo's and I have to say that your son is too cute, he looks so bright, his smile is so vibrant!
    I would have loved to come too, but living in the Netherlands and having kids that was no option alas, but thanks to you I think I have a good impression of that day. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Crikey Hen,that was quick star for being the first person to blog this wonderful affair!
    It was great to meet you and your lovely family. (Hope the car gets you home ok!) ;-)

  6. Wow. So much to see and everything looked so put together and polished. Good luck with your car!

  7. Hi Hen,
    would have loved to have met you... i was probably off chatting somewhere... or eating cake!
    You have some lovely shots of all the stalls. It was such a great day wasn't it?!... i am back home now and putting my feet up... glass of wine time i think.
    love Ginny x
    the flour loft/sew fabulous fabric

  8. Thankk you so much for posting all these wonderful photographs I now feel as if I had actually been able to attend. Alas the lack of purchases to drool over proves that I am sadly deluded.

  9. Thank you so much for a great post. It looks like everyone had a lovely day. I hope you can get your car fixed for the trip home.

  10. Thank you for posting those photos. It all looks fab - I wish I lived closer. Great post, Hen. x

  11. Looks like you had a lovely day. Thanks for sharing the pics! I hope you manage to get back OK. That sounds like gear box trouble to me! Best of luck!

    Sian x

  12. Oh, btw, this is Lucy Bloom's link. She has a beautiful blog that I think you'll like!

  13. Thanks for sharing it with everyone, it was a lovely day but lots of hard work!

  14. Thanks for sharing this Hen, looks like a good day was had by all. I've met Sal & her hubbie, they're lovely. Hope you get back ago. :)

  15. Thanks for posting I have been thinking about you all all well as living far too far away I was a home with a poorley little girl and there were no blogs to read because you were all there......I think you have been very restrained I would have spent a fortune. I love your little boys jumper...its fab...

  16. did you make it back home?? :) :) :)

    the fair looks great, and i'm so envious you got to meet so many bloggers!!!! the stools look great, what a top job by everyone involved especially michelle and jayne!

    hope you DID get home safely and enjoyed the rest of your weekend away..


  17. Such nice time you had...
    Once again, here I am, sorry because I couldn't go.
    Never mind, I always can see your pictures.
    Thank you.


  18. You were quick off the mark Hen - the photos are fab - hope Munchkin enjoys his books & you-know-who likes you- know-what! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it & hope you get back home safely today!
    It was a pleasure to meet you & your family - thanks so much for coming (glad you liked the tiffin....)

  19. Hello Hen.. I think you win the gold star for being the first to blog about the fair!!
    It was so lovely to meet you and the Henhouse family.. especially little Munchkin... a dedicated wild west fan!!
    Your photos have come out much better than mine.. I think my hands were shaking all day!
    Thank you for such a lovely write up about our event.. we all had such a fun day!
    Glad you could be part of it!
    Michele x

  20. Thank you for showing us a glimpse of the fair. Now that is what a craft fair should be like! I really wish I could have gone but I think I would have spent far too much money. Looking at the pictures has really given me the feel good factor!

  21. Hen, Thanks so much for posting. I was gutted taht we disn't make it, with going away this week we just totally ran out of time yesterday. I'd have so loved to have met up with you and all the other lovely blogging ladies, looks like such a marvellous day.
    I really hope that you manage to get home OK.
    Jane. x

  22. You lucky thing.
    I wanted to go so, so much.

  23. Hi Hen

    What wonderful photos. It was lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing the Henhouse family at Dairy House when you can manage it.

    I think we all had a great day and there were so many charming customers to chat to that the time flew by far too quickly.

    Sorry to hear about your car. Hope you've had a good journey home.


  24. Hi Hen,
    It was lovely to have a chat with you yesterday and Thank you for the lovely comments on your blog,it was funny seeing so many bloggers in the flesh,all seemed like old friends.Hope you had a safe journey back home....Best Wishes from Annie x

  25. looking at those pics makes me so sad that I couldnt be there. So many gorgeous goodies! Your son is a lovely little chap, loved seeing his smiling face!

  26. I really enjoyed that post, thanks for sharing!

    I hope you got home safely! xxx

  27. Oh wonderful that you went, I knew you would come up trumps with a great post about the fair! it all looks so lovely.I hope your car got you home in one piece,Its a bit scary when they start to go a bit swiffy when you are miles away from home!

    Anyway, I also wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for my perfectly gorgeous pink parcel that arrived this morning..I've been stroking and cooing and inspecting it all over and over again..all utterly divine and handmade by fairies me thinks...such perfect stitching! Thankyou, I'm chuffed to bits xx

  28. Lovely to meet you at the fair and look through all your lovely photos, sorry I have not visited your blog before, I will be back now. I do hope your car is feeling better soon.

  29. Hi there! I was directed to your lovely blog by Lucy over at Attic24, and I'm so glad that she brought your talents to my attention. You have a wonderful sense of color and style. I will be keeping up with you for sure, oh yes!

    It looks like you had a wonderful time at the fair. I wish that we had something like that near where I live.

    Hope your car feels better soon. :~)

  30. Wow such a fabulous post, it was almost like being there.

    Victoria x

  31. Hiya again,

    Great to meet you at the fair, & loads of thanks for the lovely mention in your V & H blog. What a great day it was, stallholders & customers alike were such a friendly bunch, & those coconut & chocolate marshmallows at the tea counter(free to sellers) were my downfall of the day.
    Bye for now Frances


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