Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Importance of Random Numbers...

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the first HenHouse giveaway and also to leave comments about your thrifty finds.  I've loved reading them and I hope you all have too.  I apologise that I haven't got round to getting back to everyone individually on their comments but not having people's emails makes it so difficult.  I have, though, visited the blogs of those of you who left comments (and have blogs) and I've made some great new additions to my "followed blogs" list.  It's getting out of control!  There aren't enough hours in the day...

Anyway, you're not really interested in all that waffle, are you?  So, I found a random number thingy by typing (oddly enough) "random number generator" into Google and that came out with the number 


So, if I am correct, the maker of comment 24 was Vintage, Pretty and Shabby , so I am delighted to pass my little goodies onto you.  Please get in touch with your proper name (unless you want "Vintage, Pretty and Shabby" on the parcel but the postie might look at you a tad strangely) and postal address and I'll get the things off to you as soon as I can.  I hope you like them and/or find them useful.  I do love your blog, in fact I'm a bit shocked that my humble offerings are going to someone with such marvellous taste and style (gulp) and for any of you out there who haven't read the VPS blog yet, what are you waiting for...!  

I quite like this giveaway malarkey so I'll have another one nearer Christmas.  In the meantime, I have my swap to work on, the theme being "a cosy night in" so I'll "see" you all soon...

Hen x


  1. Well done that women! fab....she so deserves it!
    Happy day!

    Hi there Hen!

  2. Well done VPS. I love her blog.

  3. What a fabolous give away!!!

    COngrats to VPS!

  4. Couldnt of gone to a lovley, wamrer and funny lady!! A great giveaway.
    Yes my boys are hard work especially yesterday!!! but still love them to bits! Yuor words have definatly got me motivated to start sewing...thankyou...Claire xxx

  5. congrats to VPS - anyone would be lucky to get something from the talented Hen :-)
    Xmas swap has me stressed out with thinking of what to put in it!
    Am already dropping hints to hubby to upgrade my sad little sewing machine after seeing yours LOL

  6. Your giveaway was fantastic and I'm sure anyone would be thrilled. Just been reading about your trip to Liberty - I love that shop, and it felt like I'd been there! xx

  7. oooohhh poo!!! I so wanted to win & rushed home from work to check.... well done to VPS (I say through gritted teeth!!) I've just look her blog & it looks really good... damn!!! One day I will win a give away :)

  8. I hope that the Christmas swop is just as fab!! I am sure it will be...I feel a tad nervous with you being my partner..I have a lot to live up to as you do such wonderful gifts!!! xx

  9. Great idea to use the random number thingy Hen, I might just copy that idea for my giveaway on Friday if I may? Full credit for the idea to you of course ;-)

    Congrats to VSP she will be thrilled with her winnings I am sure x

  10. Hello Hen

    Lucky Sairer, sure she'll adore her winnings, she loves a Stanley!

    I've fallen in love with the badges you bought at the CL fair. I wnder if you'd mind letting on where you got them from, I'd love to track them down online.

    Hope your cold has gone, I had mine for 2 weeks. Not pleasant!

    Have a good week.

  11. oh Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh booooooohoooooo!!!!!!
    It wasn't me???????

    Ah poop, never mind, I agree the vps bloggeteer is very deserving indeed.
    Roll on the preChristmas giveaway!

  12. Oh poo...oops, that's hardly a good loser is it?!!! Well done for hosting the giveaway xx

  13. well done vps!!!!


  14. Hen I'm absolutely over the moon..thankyou thankyou thankyou!!..I never thought in a million years I would win your gorgeous giveaway that has absolutely made my week...no, make that my month as you will see from my ridiculous emails that you'll find in your inbox! polka dots..stanley and Cath K...mix it up with your wonderful talents and I'm in heaven! you lovely lady you...MWAH!...x

    ps what lovely comments your readers left..even if they were through gritted teeth!!

  15. Well done VPS! Yes, we are all jealous. Looking forward to the next give away though.

    To answer your question Hen, Yes I do make the crocheted bunnies. Infact I've just sent some to the Fatsheep gift shop in Swaledale.

  16. Congrats on your first great giveaway. Sew Mama Sew is going to put out a list of bloggers who will be doing giveaways on Dec 3rd keep an eye out for it;)


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