Tuesday, 11 November 2008

It's Giveaway Day!!!

Apologies that my first giveaway is a bit belated as I had wanted to do it last week when it was my birthday, a bit of  a "presents for me, presents for you" kinda thing, but it was all a bit mad here at the HenHouse.  Anyway here it is, better late than never, a few goodies which I would like to give to one of my lovely readers as a thank you for stopping by my lil'ole blog.  I never thought when I started blogging I'd get to cyber-chat with great people from all over the world, most importantly people who seem to like the (frivolous) things I like, people who would be so nice as to take the time to maybe leave a comment and even to send me things for the Munchkin's birthday.  So, thanks to you all for enriching my life, both through your comments on this blog and through writing your own blogs which I so love reading.  It's essential stuff for a stay-at-home mummy like myself.

Now, down to the good stuff.  First up, I have made this to giveaway...

I hope you like it, hey even if you don't like it, it's a handy bag you can stash lots of stuff in, just the right size for Country Living mag, The English Home (need I go on...) I've chosen a couple of complimentary Cath K prints as you can see and added a bit of yellow ricrac in various sizes for a bit of "pizzaz"! The handles are the right length such that you can either sling your bag over your shoulder or hold it in your mitts and it still won't drag on the floor (grrr, I hate it when bags do that.)

Inside, it's lined with a cheery red gingham...

Now, what else...  I thought I'd also include one of my little Florette brooches. You could put it on the bag, you could wear it to cheer up your Winter coat, well you can do whatever you like with it really. As you can see, I've used the same sort of fabrics and colours so as to compliment the bag and added a bit of hand embroidery and a vintage button on top.

Honestly, that Stanley, he's a menace...

I'll do my best to wrestle it back off him by next week...

I really thought I needed to prove that the bag can carry things usefully.  Hmm, what could I put inside?  Well, after the comments on my Orient Express/Bath post last week, how about this.  Yes, of course I got another one, you don't think I forgot about you all and only got one did you...

Have you got it yet? Yes, no...

Yes, it is the Cath K limited edition brochure produced to celebrate 15 years of the Cath K brand. So, if you haven't already managed to get your hands on one, now's your chance.  It's really rather lovely.

So, that's it, three goodies to cheer up these Winter days. If you'd like to enter the giveaway, please just leave me a comment on this post and tell me...

What is your most favourite thrifty/vintagey find ever?

I'll pull the name of the winner out of the hat at random, I just thought the question would be interesting ('cos I'm nosy, obviously!)  I'll leave the giveaway open for a week.

Look forward to reading your comments...

Hen x


  1. Your give aways are fantastic... I must enter!! I've haven't managed to win everything yet so fingers crossed.
    My fav find (at the moment!!) is my homepride Fred that holds sweetex. He's quite rare, you can't even find him on ebay! I think I got a bargain, you never know he maybe worth a million & I could give up working!!
    Enjoy your day, just on my way to Tesco's to hunt for the Cath bag!:)

  2. What a wonderful giveaway Hen.....so want to win!

    My best thrifty find......well it was given to me...its a durham(think thats the right spelling!)quilt....it has mopped up tears when I've been ill and kept me warm through some cold winters!


  3. Hi Hen

    As this is my first visit to your blog it's only fitting that I should leave the first comment for this post.
    The tote is gorgeous and the corsage would adorn the bright red cardigan of a small girl called Megan. She would wear it to all her parties and be sooo pleased that she was the only girl wearing such beauty.

    Pam x

  4. my favourite thrifty/vintagey thing ever is blogs!!! before i blogged i was completely oblivious to all the lovely things that can be done and all the blogs i love are so inspiring that I want to try it for myself :-)
    Love the bag you are such a clever lady :-)
    lesley x

  5. What a glorious giveaway, you are too kind :)

    Mmmmm my favorite has to be my Ladybird Books, I have many now and not only are they so pretty to look at, my children love them and bring much happiness into our home, I especially love The Conceited Lamb, 1954, a delightful story.

    I have the lovely CK brochure, so If I was lucky enough to win your magnificent delights, please have someone else enjoy the wonderful book

    Mary X

  6. Terrific giveaway. Such talent!
    I was going to say that my fave thrifty thing was my husband (he is cheap and scruffy) but I suppose that is just mean.
    Mine is an original Queen Anne chair that I spotted in my local hospice charity shop for £4! They had no idea of what it was, so I felt so bad paying so little for it. When I pointed out that it was actually worth far more and I'd like to pay more for it, they just laughed and helped me out to the car with it! It is currently at the in laws house waiting for when we have a bigger place to display it.

  7. oooh what a wonderful giveaway Hen, I would so like to win, yes fingers and toes already crossed, i so hugely hope it's me-me-me!

    Favourite vintage thrifty find would have to be my Midwinter red domino plates, closely followed by a lovely duck-egg blue old enamel bucket I found on Saturday (now employed to hold coal next to the fire). Don't you find that ones current finds are always ones fave until the next thing comes along??!


  8. My dear Hen,
    What a beautiful giveaway!!! I love love love it!!! You know I love Cath Kidston Style and all her items...Your bag and the broch are sooo fantasic and this brochure, omG I would love it so much :o))

    And my favorite find???
    My husband! He is the best I ever could find...And then I'm grateful to find Cath Kidston...Really... I have search sooo long time to find a style I could love... And if I found her webside I was soooo speechless...All the things makes me soo very happy...

    And it's so fantastic to know blogs how yours and to share this love whit all the CK fans :o))

    Many many lovely greetings,Pati

    P.S.I make a little giveaway too...hihi ;o)

  9. Hi Hen,
    I visit your blog all the time and absolutely love it, but rarely post comments on blogs as I don't have one of my own..although I think I really must get one! My fave find was a load of lovely fabric pieces which were 50p each!
    This is such a gorgeous giveaway and I would love to be entered please XX Gemma XX

  10. It's really beautiful.


  11. What a lovely giveaway Hen. It would be such a thrill to win pretty things from you.
    I have been thinking about my favourite vintage finds while enjoying a cup of tea before bedtime. It would be so hard to say a favourite!
    A lot of my beautiful vintage treasure is truly treasure that I have from my grandparents homes. Some of it was just "junk" in everyone elses eyes - but I brought it home and have loved it.
    My most recent find though is one of my favourites and that would have to be the gorgeous old romantic ballet gown that now is displayed on my wire mannequin. It is just divine!

  12. Ooh I would love to be entered into your gorgeous giveaway. Since I moved out of London getting to a Cath Shop is not so easy(used to work 5 mins away from two!) so I haven't got my hands on that book yet. I have so many favourite vintage finds but one of the best is a lovely old shabby wooden box painted a lovely cheerful red. It's very chipped and battered but that makes it look even better.

  13. Recently we found a horse with a broken off foot at the antique MALL, yes it is called a mall. My daughter who LOVES horses spotted this lonely guy and just had to rescue BROWN BEAUTY. She loves him, and I am loving that bag too!

  14. Ooooooh your giveaways look FAB!!!!!!! How exciting!!!

    My fav vintage buy is a BRIGHT red, oversized 'Wayfarer' (like the sunglasses) bag. I got it in 'Absolute vintage' just off of brick lane! I LOVE it, it looks fab with casual with jeans, but it's such a good size and lovely leather that it can really cheer up a smart work outfit. Love it, love it, love it! :)

    Hope your okay!

    Lucy x

  15. What a nice thing to do, I loe reading your blog. My favouite vintage things are saucers and cups that I inherited from my grandparents and also beautiful jewellery that has also been left to me. Especially an aquamarine and diamond ring (I wore it on my wedding day) but it's too precious to wear out and about!

  16. You are very clever Hen, lovely bag and I like the way you have matched the corsage with it.
    My best thrifty find, was actually free so very thrifty indeed. When clearing out his grandad's shed my OH came across a large heavy preserving pan from the 1930's(ok so i'm cheating it was OH's thrifty find!)...it was green and covered in cobwebs from being in the shed for about 20 years. He scrubbed it up beautifully for me, and I now use it to make my jams, jellies etc....you can see a pic of it on my website with No2 son making crab apple jelly.


  17. OMG, I LOVE that bag and the Cath K brochure! How generous of you to give those away.

    My favorite thrifty/vintage find is a bowl with a bittersweet pattern around the outside. I love this bowl because it was the same dishes my mom and her sisters used when they were growing up. I'm very sentimental about my mom and my aunties!

  18. Her hen, you giveaways are sooo lovely. I couldn´t reasist to enter you list.

    I have found a lot of beautyfull and special vinatge stuffe at the last few years but the best one I refound this month is an old cabinet from ym garndgrand parents. It´s about 120 years old from the Biedermeier. I love it so much because it is a part of our familie historie. This cabinet was sleeping over 50 years at my grandparents loft.
    And now it is placed at my new patchworkstore so verybody can see it.

  19. What a gorgeous giveaway, my best vintage/thrifty find is my hubby too (see shabby rose cottage) I got him for a fiver...lol....literally! Other than that 'bargain', its my rosyln and shelly china,which I adore.
    Have a good day.....Claire xx

  20. What a lovely giveaway I just had to enter.

    My thrifty buy came from Help the Aged charity shop about 10 years ago, 4foot high, and wide chest of draws, well 24 draws to be exact. It was once used in a chemist shop, now I use it as my needlework box. One draw for each item. All sewing needles in one, beads in another, scissors in another I could go on - buttons and beads in two more etc.,and it is on casters so if I want to move it from room to room I can!

  21. Wonderful stuff as usual, Hen!

    My best vintage finds are my old,complete set of Janet and John reading books! ;-)

  22. What a fantastic Giveaway - the bag is especially gorgeous! My fave vintage find is my Grannie's bureau which she used all her life in her business and her home - now I use it everyday as my dressing table!

  23. What a lovely bag and brooch. You're right, they do cheer up a dull day. My favorite find so far is an old, square metal First-Aid box designed to hang on the wall. I found it at a yard sale and had to have it :)

    Thanks so much for giving us the chance to win! :)

  24. oh Hen you big tease! what a gorgeous giveaway..your bags and florettes always look so beautifully made.. right then, best thrifty-vintagey buy..does ebay count as a thrifty place to buy things? My favourite buy is my vintage Stockman mannequin, bought for an absolute song (and I do mean cheap!) when they all were going for hundreds of pounds..(one similar even went for £450 and I know exactly how much these are to buy new as they are mannequin royalty!) I think the reason that nobody wanted her was that she's rather worn and rather curvy..(a bit like myself!) but she's an old fashion curvy..just like Marilyn Monroe. I love her to bits and she's the first and last thing I see before I turn out the light to go to sleep and most of all she reminds me of a job I once loved (but that's a whole other story!)

  25. my favourite thrifty find was the plant stand I got for a pound - I painted it grey and it sits just outside my back door (I blogged about it in one of my first ever posts!) I also got a huge box of Johnson Bros greydawn from auction for £3 - including 2 teapots. I gave a lot of that away.
    I am drooling at the thought I could win the CK guide :)
    A very generous giveaway - whoever the winner may be is very lucky :)

  26. Wow, what a great giveaway. My best find was my turquoise kid leather 50's swing jacket for $20 from the Salvation Army shop.

  27. Hi Hen, just discovered your blog - we must have been separated at birth! Would love to own a piece of Hen 'handmades'. My fav vintage find just has to be a 1960's Chad Valley teddy, just like the one I had back then - parents threw it out when I got married, tut they just don't get it do they!! :)

  28. Great giveaway! I'm with Lucy, my faves are always my latest finds. At the mo it's a tatty old wardrobe from the car boot which is just about to undergo a CK transformation!
    I've got everything crossed that I'll win!
    Julia xx

  29. I love that bag! Gorgeous! You clever thing!

    My fav vintage thing? Hmmm. Probably my great grand mother's singer sewing machine. I love it because I still have the original receipt. I also love those Victorian chemist/apothecary bottles (the ones with the gold inlay) as they appeal to my science geekiness and they look so pretty filled with bath foam.


  30. My favourite piece is always the last, then they just move over to make room for more objects to share the love with!! The last was a gorgeous little china shoe that has been turned into a pin cushion by a clever crafter. Love your blog and I think you are a very generous lady to part with such gorgeous things (or will it be a tug of war for your heart strings...lol).

    Sue xx

  31. Gorgeous things!

    My favorite vintage find is an old school desk and chair which my daughter uses. It is very 1950's, and so cool!

  32. My favourite find is some of my tea cups & saucers, that now have Spring bulbs in them!

    Love your blog, even so I have only recently found it.

    Vanessa x

  33. Happy belated birthday Hen!
    My fave vintage/thrifty find is the print that I use as my blog header. I found it in a charity shop in Australia, was broke at the time and went without food to buy it! Love it:) Rachaelxo

  34. Hi Hen, ooh me please, can I enter, I'm jumping up and down in excitement :o)

    The bag and brooch are fab and I don't have a CK catalogue yet.

    My best vintage find is a load of bone china cups, saucers and sugar bowl with a gorgeous pink rose print. There is a pic on my blog somewhere. I think I only paid about £2 for the lot. xxx

  35. Oh, My, Goodness Hen. this giveaway is to die for - I want it all. Gosh, count me in. I'm having heart palpitaions just looking at all of that glorious stuff!

    Now, my best find was a hand embroidered "picture" with little bulllion roses, ribbon roses, pearl beads in an oval shape, framed for just $2! I love it and to think someone spent so much time doing it then in ended up in an op shop for such a little amount.

    Good luck to everyone....But, I want to win!! Pick me, Pick me!!!
    Kathryn. XX

  36. What a fab-u-lous giveaway. Couldn't resist entering.
    My best find is a vintage linen table cloth that fits our dining room table perfectly. Just right for afternoon tea.

  37. Oooh count me in sweetpea, what a bundle of delicious goodies and handmade too, clever you! I have one of your lovely brooches stashed away for a Christmas present but this one would be one I would have to keep, just my colours! Make sure you pop over to my blog later this week as I am having a giveaway too x

  38. Oh and I forgot, my favourite thrify find, it was a Sylko cotton dispenser filled with wooden reels of cotton. I adore it!

  39. My favourte finds are alwyas textiles! Last Spring I bought a couple of Belgian antique tea towels in white and red... yum!

  40. OOH! Pretties!
    It would have to be our English Rose kitschen! It took over 5 years to collect all the bits we needed to do the whole room! In the family it is known as 'the folly' - at least I think they're only referring to the kitschen! t.x

  41. Hi Helen, Your giveaway is just GORGEOUS!! I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment all the way from Australia!! I just couldn't resist!! As you know I have just discovered your amazing Etsy Shop!! WOW!! I know I will be back again for sure! OK! ~ My favourite vintage find would have to be an old rhinestone necklace I found ~ it's just sooooo pretty and sparkly!! I adore it!! Good luck to everyone who enters!! All the best, Kristen xx

  42. hi - an award on my blog for you :-)
    Lesley x

  43. hi What a fabulously kind lady you are! Like you, i adore ck and would love to win your fantastic give away. My all time favourite vintage item would be my beloved welsh dresser which was left to me by my dear mum inlaw who i had fond memories of. July x

  44. Oh I'd love to win that giveaway! Your bags are always devine and I don't know how you manage to make them so beautifully.

    My favourite vintage/thrifty find? I have hundreds but I'll give you two examples as I can't choose!
    One is my rosali ck ikea quilt for £4 at a boot sale and the other was found at a Charity Shop for 30p ("its not much cop love," said the lady in the shop when I asked her how much). It is a Stevenograph, a woven picture made in 1860 of the ultra modern (of the time)steam engine and one sold for £150 recently.

  45. What a great giveaway Hen? I'd be SO happy to win that gorgeous bag, what beautiful prints you've put together. I'd also love not to feel left out when my girls are wearing lovely florettes you made! Must confess I do steal one ever now and again to adorn my clothes but always get told to "Put it back, that's mine"!
    Jane. x

  46. Oh, I forgot! My favourite vintage find, a huge pile of beautifully illustrated 1940's/50's books that I was sold for £1 each at the flea market in Bath, such a bargain and the girls love to look at the gorgeous pictures.
    Jane. x
    P.S As I left 2 comments, do I get entered twice!!! LOL

  47. That's such a lovely giveaway. Well, my best thrifty find bargain was my fabric cabinets. I bought one on ebay for £1, then discovered there was a matching pair. So 50 pence each. They were handmade in China and had been shipped over here, and they are exactly what I'd wanted. Glass fronted with lots of space for my fabric stash! xxx

  48. ooooh what a lovely giveaway.
    my fav find has got to be a rather large pair of rupert the bear story book curtains. They only cost me £2 at a local car boot in the summer and there's loads of fabric to them waiting to be repurposed.

  49. First, thank you! Those are great gifts. I haven't been to visit thrift stores much since my daughter was born...But I think my favorite thrift is a table cloth found at a flea market.

  50. Gosh! That's soooo generous of you.
    My favourite thrifty find is an old larder unit left outside a cottage in the rain. I left a note on it asking if they would like to sell it, and the next day I got a phone call saying it was mine for £20. Whayhay!!

  51. The bag is gorgeous! But I love the brooch.................. wonderful colours!
    My favourite thrifty find......................... now that is a very, very difficult one to answer! A while ago I found a small jug in the shape of a parrot....................... and then recently, I found anotherone, but the bird was different............ that was a great moment! Sorry, that's two things................. and probably cheating!

  52. I'd really love to win - just like everyone else.

    My favourite find is a set of brass letter scales with brass weights that I found in a charity shop for about eight pounds. They were so dirty I wasn't even sure if they were brass but I took them home and spent ages polishing them until they gleamed. I've seen them in antiques shops for around seventy pounds since then.

  53. what a brill giveaway...

    I have a leatherette footstool which I got for a £1 which I love.


  54. I was so surprised to get them....Jenny is a sweetie!
    I'd put them on my Xmas list....norty girl she is!

    I do love them....but hey tis CK and i'm a sucker for her stuff!

    Your giveaway is so popular.....everyone really wants to own one of your fab makes and brooches!
    Have a super Weekend yourself Hen.....xxxxx

  55. Hello! What a wonderful giveaway! Judging by the number of comments, everyone else thinks so too!!!! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend judging from your post below and wish you a great one for this weekend too

  56. hey,
    im new to your blog.
    great giveaway id love to win my best thrifty find was a full foley bone china "summertime" tea set for £2.


  57. How lovely! Can I still enter if I'm in the USA?

    My favorite thrift finds are antique aqua canning jars, made by Ball, in all different sizes. They are just the prettiest color of blue!

  58. Hello there,

    A relatively new reader here. Enjoying and longing for the UK!

    Take care

  59. Fantastic Giveaway...............My best find ever was a 'Emma Bridgewater Toast & Marmalade Tea Pot, Sugar Bowl and Cream Jug PLUS Two, yes Two, Large Mugs all in a charity shop for.......wait for it.........£3.50..........ahhhhhhhhhh


  60. Hi Hen!!! Can't believe I almost missed your giveaway - what a great one too, really gorgeous goodies - am crossing legs, arms, fingers and toes in the hope I'll get lucky!

    My favourite thrifty find has to be my little oil painting of 'Alice Scatterbrook' - a blonde, curly-haired little girl, dressed in a pink dress, which was painted in 1933. She was the bargain of a lifetime and will remain with me always.

    Coincidentally, I am having a giveaway on my blog in celebration of my 100th post - please pop along!

    Clare x

  61. What a lovely giveaway, I only discovered your blog recently and it's one of my favourites. Favourite vintage find...hard to choose, but I think my old mannequin bought at a boot sale for £10 has to be up there, I adore her and she stands by my fireplace. I'd been yearning for one for months and they were selling on Ebay for hundreds of pounds in some cases. My daughter spotted her acroos the field, draped with scarves and we made a bee-line. The seller told me it had been her Grandmothers' and stored in the attic for years so I feel she has a bit of history.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog!

  62. Ooooh lovely giveaway things !! My fave vintage find has to be a little orange plastic deer that cost me 10p and a very close second is a vintage toadstool button that was 20p ... last of the big spenders me !!!

    Sara x

  63. I love your blog and look forward to reading it. Like you I love Cath Kidston and pretty old vintage items. I love sewing and crafting. My most favourite thrifty/vintagey find ever is a Lloyd Loom chair and clothes basket, both items were given to me. I intend to bring them both up to date with some new fabric.

  64. I also have a beautiful vintage Lloyd Lindsay nursing chair that needs covering! My most recent vintage find were some 1960s plastic Christmas decorations which will be decorating my tree this year.

  65. Well what a give away - you clever girl - I am like another of your commenters the favourite is the always the last thing I found. My best value is a moorcroft MAcintyre teapot - I paid £7.50 (most ever spent in a charity shop) its truly beautiful - have had it valued at £250 by a Bonhams expert - but how can I sell something so beautiful? Perhaps the fact that the shower had to be removed totally tiles becuase it was leaking - it might have go on good old ebay!!!

  66. Mmmm, what a fantastic giveaway!
    Well, thats a tough question. As I am always seeking bargains I can say that they are all my best ones!
    But if I had to say one then it would be my Wedding dress.
    Pure vintage bargain heaven, a dream to look at and a dream to wear and at £150 I would say that was a jolly good bargain!
    Take a look!
    Hope you enjoy your new love!


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