Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Christmas Decorating Marathon

It's feeling very Christmassy indeed here at the HenHouse now.  The Munchkin had his school play this morning and looked quite cute as Joseph, with the obligatory teatowel-type garment on his head!  

Meanwhile, I have been keeping myself busy with a spot of sewing. A few weeks back, I ordered a pack of Christmassy fat quarters via Etsy and they duly arrived all the way from America. I like these fabrics because they are so much fresher and funkier than the fairly boring and rather traditional Christmas fabrics you generally find in your average sewing shop (I reserve those for jam jar covers). They're not overtly Christmas fabrics but the colours and jolly patterns when combined do look pretty festive indeed.

Have a peek to see what you think...

A bit closer now...

Err, excuse me!

They look so much better than the boring ones that are usually there, most of which came with the sofa so are fairly nondescript.  I think I need to order another stash of fabrics so I can make a replacement, non-Christmassy set for the New Year when I have to put this little lot sadly away.

This morning before we went off to the school play, I finally got round to finishing the decorations, something I've been psyching myself up to do for the last week. I don't tend to go too mad with decorations around the rest of the house, other than the tree, but I do manage the odd garland and fairy lights. So, the fireplace in our sitting room has had a bit of a sparkly revamp...

I've also put up a small tree in the dining room; I'll show you that when that room is all ready for our guests coming for lunch at the weekend.

It's been a lovely bright day here, today, but the Christmas decorations do tend to look even better once the sun starts to go down (although it makes photographing them a bit of a challenge).  Mr HenHouse is out on a jolly tonight so I'm looking forward to hunkering down in front of the fire and enjoying my surroundings (with the tin of Quality Street to keep me company!)

Happy Evening to you all.


  1. Those custions are fabulous they are really lovely what a fab idea :-) you have a very pretty house :-)

    kel x

  2. the cushions are fantastic hen - i love the fabrics on the "joy" one best - amy butler website is my new favourite eye candy and I love those type of fabrics that these remind me of :-) the rest of the decorations look gorgeous as well :-)
    Lesley x

  3. a lovely header... beautiful shot.
    Happy eveining to you too!

  4. Must check that website out, the fabrics are wonderful...i love the "joy" one!

    The staircase looks fab!

  5. Hen your house is beautiful and your totally unique decorations are, what beautiful fabrics you've chosen.
    Munchkin was v.lucky that you didn't send him off to the nativity play with a patchwork tablecloth on his head!! He does look adorable.
    Hope Mr HH enjoys his jolly and you enjoy the chocs.
    Jane. x

  6. LOVE the red and green snowflakes. I think you absolutely must buy more fabric. Not as a luxury but as a household essential. The sofa will go into mourning without those lovely cushions! Re. joseph - 'quite cute'? hmmm....hope Mary was suitably gorgeous too!)t.x

  7. Wow, I love your cushions! I am sure that you will make some wondeful none-christmas ones as well....

  8. More More, your house is so beautiful Hen, all cosy and glowing. Your cushions are gorgeous, very cheerful looking, I'm sure you could keep a few of the cushions on your sofa, except the christmas tree looks adorable as Joseph, I so love the christmas concerts, Mason had his today too, he was in a band and had a pretend trombone to play! Thanks for the peek into your gorgeous home......Claire xx

  9. Your staircase really gets me!
    And all the rest...

  10. GORGEOUS Hen, absolutely lovely.
    I particularly like the logcabin cushion. In fact I like them all.
    I'm working on a cushion revamp too, although never thought to make christmas ones, thats a fabulous idea...will store that idea away in my whirly-gig brain for next year.
    Happy Evening to you too my sweet

  11. Fabulous cushions, I prefer the fabrics to the usual xmas style.
    Your house looks wondeful, very classy!

  12. Loving your festive hyacinths - I came home with some on Monday - plonked them in a stripy bowl - would you forgive me if I blatantly copy your idea?? x
    Love your new cushions - in fact I am in even more in love with your whole house the more pics you show us - thank you so much for sharing.X

  13. Your cushions are really super - plus your house is stunning - lucky girl

  14. Your Christmas decorating is lovely. It looks quite cozy. I really like your wallpaper. And your pillows are so bright and cheerful....but, what I really love is your sweet kitty!

  15. Your cushions look wonderful and I love the sitting room - it looks so inviting and warm!

  16. More beautiful sewing projects!
    My fave is the dotty pink with the parcels on.
    You have a very festive and cosy looking home.
    Hope you had a good evening.
    Lisa x

  17. Doesn't your munchkin look cute!

    Wonderful cushions and have to agree that the patterns you choose are a far more enjoyable.

    Your home is look wonderfully festive too.

    Victoria x

  18. Hi hen, gorgeous chushions, they are fab you are v. clever. Your house looks beautiful. And your son looks soooo cute, I adore Nativities, they get me in tears everytime! Kathyx PS. Don't eat all of the tin!

  19. Very festive. I am not a little bit jealous about your house, but rather massively jealous!

  20. Your house looks lovely & cozy Hen... think I'd like to come to yours for Christmas as my house looks at mess at the moment because I don't have any free time!!! I could just cuddle up on the sofa with Charlie-Boy!! :)

  21. Love your cushions.What a beautiful home you have too,very cozy!
    Rachel x

  22. Your festive cushions are stunning - really gorgeous. Love your Christmas decorating!

  23. Hi, I love your festive cushions!
    your house looks gorgeous.

    Lou xxx

  24. Wonderful cushions Hen!
    It's all looking welcoming and festive at the HenHouse - hope you are having a relaxing weekend,

  25. Hi Hen,

    Totally gorgeous cushions, you are very talented! The house looks beautiful - is that Jacky-Ginge? What a handsome boy!

    Merry Christmas to you!

    Clare x


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