Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Cottagey Christmas

Our poor little cottage in the West Country is all alone and uninhabited at the moment but we have been there two of the first three weekends of December and we're looking forward to an extended break there after Christmas until New Year's Day.  We bought a few decorations last year which I really enjoyed getting down from the loft again this year; don't you love that, rediscovering all those decorations you'd forgotten you had.  We don't put up a tree at the cottage because for a start, there isn't a lot of room in the sitting room and also because for me, trees are really synonymous with finding your pressies under them on Christmas morning and hopefully, Father Christmas will be coming down the chimney here in town this year!

Anyway, welcome to Christmas at the cottage...

Go on, have a peek through the windows first, then. We're always very receptive to spot of carol singing, too...

Would you rather come in and warm up by the log fire in the inglenook?

The garland over that centuries old beam came from the craft sale in the village hall last year and is adorned with the obligatory fairy lights and a few rustic tin and wooden decorations from "Cilla and Camilla" in nearby Beaminster. How do you like our original bread oven embedded in the side of the inglenook?

Through in our country kitchen, the dresser has had a little seasonal uplift...

The dining room has its Christmas holly cloth and a new (new to us that is, via a charity shop in Wells) embroidered cloth on the table with a few bits and pieces on top and the Munchkin happily provided some paper chains for the pictures.

I was thrilled to discover a jolly Father Christmas when I unwrapped all the decorations.  I had completely forgotten him (sorry!); we found him in a charity shop in Bridport last year.  My nan (now 86) has for as long as I can remember, always had an old Father Christmas figure under her tree.  I have always loved him and here at the HenHouse, we have a modern version (bought on my working travels in Singapore a good few years back), so it was great to discover one for the cottage, too.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, cottage-style!


  1. Your cottage is so cosy!

    I have brought so many christmas decorations for my "bottom draw" over the past couple of years it'll be so much fun when I finally get to go through all the boxes and remember what I have brought

    Victoria xx

  2. Merry Christmas Hen.....

    couple of things caught my eye...the hearts with roses on....where did you find them?...they are delightful!

    Also are your chairs painted with CK paints? they don't seem to have it on the website anymore, any ideas where to buy it?

    The cottage looks festive and cute n cosy!

    Have a good break!xx

  3. The cottage looks lovely and cosy! I agree with MelMel those decorations with roses are fab! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx Gem

  4. Everything is so cute Hen. I agree with MelMel - the hearts with the roses are gorgeous! Happy Christmas to you and your family, Kathryn.

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time, Hen ;-)

  6. Your cottage looks just delicious - it must be a lovely place to escape to! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a lovely time at the cottage.

  7. oooo, you are so lucky your cottage looks perfect decked out for Christmas. Enjoy your time there and have a Merry Christmas

  8. Wow Hen..... the cottage looks fantastic.... Hope you & your have a great Christmas :) xxxxx

  9. What wonderful pictures are that. I love to see them. So nice. I wish you and your family a very merry christmas too.
    Gisela from germany

  10. Oh, Hen, it is delicious! So cosy and so just as one would imagine a cottage to be!

    Merry Merry Christmas!


  11. Your cottage is lovely Hen...I love the fireplace...there was one like that in our Gite in france last year....how can you be seperated from your carlton ware...what a wonderful collecion...you make me think about starting to collect again myself...(I stopped when the prices got silly) have a lovely lovely christmas..love H

  12. What a lovely cosy cottage - can I come to tea? If you are ever find yourselves this way in Minehead let me know and I will let you know how to find me....... for now MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

  13. Wishing you a Happy Christmas Hen and a Wonderful New Year in your lovely cottage.

  14. Gorgeous Christmassy cottage Hen:-)
    wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
    Lesley x

  15. Dear Hen
    Wishing you and your family a very cosy Christmas.. cottage style and a wonderful festive escape from it all..
    With love
    Michele xx

  16. Happy Christmas to you :) x
    Love your cottage christmas decorating - its all just fabulous...but love love loving the ribbon on your dresser with candy canes hanging (and the hearts with roses too) - simple but perfect. xx

  17. Hi, I have just found your blog and what a amazing post! I adore your cottage!! What a lovely way to spend christmas, and the fire...what can i say! I wish you a very happy christmas

    Priscilla x

  18. Enjoy your day Hen......:>))
    Hope F.Christmas brings all you wish for!
    I've asked for a cottage!LOL!

    I up my water intake by an extra 1 litre, i don't drink booze....so i guess chocolate is my one weakness......
    P.S I follow the Slimming world plan......but its not the day to talk eating plans.....enjoy the goodies!

  19. Your cozy cottage is looking great! Enjoyed Looking at your photos.

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