Thursday, 11 December 2008


Yes, the Christmas spirit has finally descended on the HenHouse. Come on in and visit...

Don't be shy, we don't bite... (unless you've got a Terry's Chocolate Orange in your hand...)

The cats are tame...

The Munchkin and his train set are in there somewhere...

That's better, it's nice and cosy in here, make yourself warm by the fire. The tree is finally up and decorated, waiting for lots of parcels underneath (or so the Munchkin hopes).

I baked a cake especially too, it's got homemade cherry jam in the middle...

Thanks for calling in, looking forward to visiting and seeing your Christmas tree...


  1. Hen... to die for! What a lovely visit. Oh golly. It is a true joy. The cake looks scrumptious. I love the porcelain cup (a weakness). Am just sitting by our fire so imagining I were sitting in front of your open one (hmpf) is easier.
    Thank you! It was a pleasure to visit!!

  2. WOW...fabtastic house......I'm in Love with the fireplace....drool!

    lovely cake!

  3. Hi there, i did mention the swap on one of my posts...Wed i think.....i've asked ppl if they would like to share what they did on their cosy night in.....

    I think i'll pop round to yours for mine!:>)

  4. Wow, your tree is just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Not sure which I like the look of most, the cake or the glass stand it's on!
    Lisa x

  5. LOVE those leaded lights around the front door! Just beautiful. But LOVE that cherry cake too! Milk no sugar and a huge slice of cake please! Great nutcracker on the mantelpiece. Christmas isn't Christmas without a nutcracker! I'm having a giveaway. Do pop in! (sorry no cake) t.x
    PS. if I had a chocolate orange I'd send it to you! Hate them! Eeugh!

  6. What an entrance! Gorgeous!
    Yes a slice of cake for me too please!

  7. Love your house, thanks for the visit. So cosy.

    Sue xx

  8. Oh, Hen, I wish i could visit for real. But the cyber visit was lovely and I am licking my fingers to get the last little bit of your delicious cherry jam...!

  9. Thank you for our cyber visist around your gorgeous house, absolutely beautiful :) Love your christmas tree, it looks like something out of a magazine :)

  10. How very festive! I told Adam last night that our next house has to be down a driveway (or at least inside a front garden) so I can have a wreath on my front door. If I hung one up now it'd be gone (or destroyed) within minutes thanks to the asbo kids!

    Yours is the front door I dream of! Red and full of stained glass :)

  11. Delightful house (and cake).


  12. I love your house! A slice of cake and a cup of tea in a china cup will be very acceptable, thank you.


  13. oh i love a terrys chocolate orange i do.............
    they did them in mint as well , whats that about?!!!!

    tree looks fab , muchkin looks happy and there is cake what more could you need :-)
    oh can I live in your doorway please? i have a thing for doors (sad I know) but am liking yours a lot :-D
    Lesley x

  14. Hi Hen, love your front door and the christmas tree looks beautiful. I am v.v. behind here in Devon, no decs or tree up yet but have done the shopping (the wonders of the internet and a day out to Bath!). I was in your local the Lord P on Wednesday evening, if you are down there this weekend try the beef casserole, it was v.v. delicious! Kathyx

  15. Ooh lovely, will be round in just a mo xx

  16. Your home looks just beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your front door!

  17. Great pics! I'm really getting in the mood for Christmas.

    BTW Love your front door.

  18. Hi Hen

    So glad I popped by today to catch up - you've made more notebooks - and they're lovely!! I expect they're selling well. Thanks for the recipes; hopefully I'll get the chance to try them out over Christmas.

    Your tree is simply beautiful! We will be putting ours up tomorrow and also decorate with traditional red, gold and green. Just the one 'very large' slice of cake for me please!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Clare x

    PS. Beautiful door too!

  19. Hi what an absolutely gorgeous front door..with those little birds in the stained glass's so beautiful!
    I'll be round for my cake later when my lurgy has gone.. and could I have my tea in one of those lovely new mugs of yours please, they are just fab (they do teatowels too I've noticed!)

  20. Hen,
    What a gorgeous house you have! YOU do have the knack for color and home decor! LOVELY! Can I come visit?! :)
    Here are the directions for sewing together the hexagons: see Anna Maria's blog on her post about the hexagon purse! She tells it better than I can. GOOD LUCK!

  21. Hi Hen...You lucky thing...I dont have any stained glass left in our door...your house looks lovely...have you knocked through? have a lovely weekend Love H ps did I tell you I used to collect carlton ware too?.(just fox glove)

  22. Hi Hen,
    Your home is so welcoming - and your tree is a masterpiece! I've really enjoyed my visit!
    Thank you for the glimpses of your beautiful home.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Niki x

  23. ...truly a delightful place to visit..mmm a cake AND decorated tree in one day..I need to get to a time management seminar!!!


  24. Hen what a wondeful post, your home is beautiful, I could imagine your door on a Ideal Home Magazine cover, infact the whole house, stunning, so is your tree. You certainly have two very beautiful homes....Claire xx

  25. That fire looks so cosy and inviting even though it is summer here! Rachaelxo

  26. What a beautiful cosy house and your tree is magnificent have a wonderful Christmas

  27. your home is GORGEOUS!!!!


  28. your home is beautiful the front door is so welcoming and the tree is just as a Christmas tree should be.
    A brilliant blog always a pleasure to visit.

  29. I love your tree almost as much as I love your green glass cake stand x :)
    Gorgeous home, thanks for sharing x

  30. Hi Hen....good weekend?:>))x

  31. What a lovely Christmas you've got going on in your home! The tree is magnificent, and the entire warmth that the photos convey just makes me feel very much in the Christmas spirit.

    No room for a tree where I live, but I will soon be getting in a big bunch of branches of fragrant greenery ... and will hang some baubles on those branches. Also got the paperwhites advancing toward a massive bloom next week.

    If I could just get some free time, I will next turn my attention to baking those sugary, buttery cookies, and will put green and red sugar sprinkles on the top of the star shaped cookies.


  32. I don't think I've seen a more fabulous front door ever ever in my entire life. It's beautiful!
    hohoho, thanks for the dose of Christmas spirit Hen


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