Monday, 1 December 2008

Take Note!

Last week, I was obsessed with making slippers.  Slippers with crocheted flowers safely out of my system (for now), at the weekend I moved on to something new...

A while ago, I came across a tutorial on the wonder that is the world wide web to make covers for notebooks and it's been on my to-do list for a long time.  You can find it here if you fancy it. I keep a little folder full of print-outs of things I will (one day) get round to making.

First up, I used a patchworked fabric I made a while back for a project from Amy Butler's book "In Stitches".  My patchworked fabric is made from some stunning Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I remember it took me an age to make at the time.  It was probably one of the first things I made when I got back into sewing.  Now the patchworked fabric is made, it is fab because it's just ready for me to cut to the right size and off I go with whatever project I fancy.  In this case, the notebook, obviously.  I used some of the fancy stitches on my machine to jazz it up a bit.

That one is A5 sized and I then made it an A6 sized friend. For that one, I used a pretty spotty button (a recent fortuitous find at my local sewing shop) and some pink elastic to fashion a closure.

Obviously, some Cath K fabrics had to get a look-in and a bit of gingham ribbon for good measure...

The interior pockets of each one are in a complimentary fabric; some plain, some gingham, some spotty.

In the mood for new things, I then remembered the tutorial Kitschen Pink did recently for crazy patchwork and so off I set patchworking, well, rather crazily...

I love how this one has turned out. I also loved patchworking crazily, it's quite liberating, none of that precision and measuring that "non-crazy" (sensible? normal?) patchworking requires. Obviously, it is in my trademark fave pinky duck eggy colours so I decided, what the heck, to throw all caution to the wind and make this little number too...

If you just wanted to make plain ones, they'd be very quick to whip up but I enjoy all the faffy patchworky stuff, not to mention choosing ribbons and buttons, oh yes! I think they look very cute and I don't think I've yet made enough to cure this current obsession. I've got some spotty ones (inspired by the pillowcase project in Cath K's book "Make") in the pipeline...

Depending on what other obsessions I have in the meantime, these may well make it to my stall. Yes, stall, I say, for I have taken the plunge and am having a stall of my very own (well, the Munchkin thinks it's also his?) at the next Vintage & Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury in May.  I'm extremely over excited - and only 6 months to go!

On another note (ha ha haaaaa), thank you to Pixiedust for this award she recently gave me, or rather to my blog...

I'm passing this on to:

Attic 24

Vintage, Pretty & Shabby

Kitschen Pink

This Vintage Life

Petticoat Lane

Links to all these fabby blogs in my sidebar on the right.

I was recently tagged by Josie-Mary to reveal all sorts of things, but always in lots of 7, so here goes...

7 Things to do before I die (there's a cheery thought)

-Go to the Maldives
-Make a big patchwork quilt
-Learn to Knit
-Lose weight and be thin again (forever) (whilst simultaneously being able to eat anything I choose, obviously)
-Get married
-Go up in a hot air balloon
-Have a litter of kittens (my cat, I mean!)

7 Things I do now

-Sew, lots
-Read loads of magazines
-Eat lots of chocolate
-Drive (just about)
-Blog (too much)

7 Things I can't do (feeling inadequate now...)

-Ride a bike
-Sleep without ear plugs in
-Say no to chocolate
-Straighten my left elbow
-Put my cat on a diet (it's just fur!)
-Be patient

7 Things I find attractive in the opposite sex (I find it easier to say what I don't...)

-DIY skills
-Good hands
-The ability to make decisions (can any men do this???)
-Sleeping quietly on their own side of the bed
-A healthy bank balance (it is bottom of the list!)

7 Things I say most often

-That's divine
-It has to be mine
-I'm not being funny but...
-You're a beast
-Switch the light off
-Take your shoes off
-Is there any more chocolate?

7 Celebs I most Admire

Not really into celeb admiration but I do like:

-Cath Kidston
-Audrey Hepburn
-Catherine Zeta Jones

7 Favourite Foods (Only 7?)

-Scallops...I've lost count...

Crikey, how time flies!  I must be off to pick up the small person.  Have a go at the "7 quiz" if you fancy, it's quite fun...


  1. Lovely books Hen....super, again your very clever, i would not have the patience!

    I love the use of the CK fabrics, very colourful...

    How exciting that you are going to do your own ppl will flock over!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!x

  2. Lovely again Hen!
    I covered a load of books recently using some old embroidered tray cloths!
    I might progress to patchwork when there's time!! ;-)

  3. These are gorgeous! Wish I had a sewing machine and enough hours of the day to learn how to make one :)

    Are any of them making their way onto Etsy? I'd love to buy one from you. As much as I'd love to come to the next Vintage & Handmade fair, I fear it may be just a little too far away for me to make it.

  4. I love your notebooks...I have so many projects that I mean to do, one of them is covering note books...and with a proper pattern rather than fiddling around and making them too tight or too big...thanks for the inspiration
    love H

  5. I used to cover all of my note books, but then I decided to become a journalist and it became a wee bit time consuming to cover each of them. Pah!

    I can't ride a bike either - feels crap! Lol.

  6. These are fab!! They're all so pretty. I would have a hard time getting rid of them, lol :) I have a craft fair coming up this weekend that I'm getting ready for.

  7. How true!
    It was meant to be!

    It such a cute chair!

    I'm going to make a new pad for it, at Dunelm Mill they have a red star fabric, Lesley, notes from my days got some, will make it from that now that CK has stopped doing it!


  8. It's all fabulous, love the colours you use and great photos.
    Maria x

  9. Your notebook covers are gorgeous. I love all the bright colours and patterns you've used.


  10. Hello!
    It's a really amazing blog. Good ideas, beautiful pictures, lovely crafts. Have a nice week.

  11. Wow!
    The books are beautiful!
    Good luck with the stall when the time comes, I'm sure you'll sell loads, your makes are always so good.

  12. Hello Hen,

    had a good laugh at your list (you are full of dry humour!). We must have filed the same tutorial a while back. You're my motivation to get going! How nice that you will have a stall!
    Jo x

  13. What a great idea.. the books look lovely. I'd love to come to the next fair... me & sal were talking about it last week. So glad you have a stall, now I really want to go!! My parents brought my new sewing machine today, can't wait for Christmas... it's not red but it comes with loads of extras & can do most things. May need your help with this!!! :)

  14. Love your notebooks! I wish I was better at making multiples of things to have a stock of goodies.

    Love your quiz answers too! What a fun way to learn more about you!

  15. Hi Hen, I am having a stall at that fair too so it will be really nice to see you again! I love the notebooks, you are really clever. Kathyx

  16. Love love love these, especially the crazy patchwork ones :)

  17. Gorgeous covered books, anything that can be made beautiful definatly getsmy vote!! Good on you having a stall! Loved finding out more about you! Claire xx

  18. Oh my goodness, I love what you did here, Hen. That fabric is fabulous. I have a weakness for, not only fabric, but for journals, too, and some of the ones I bought years ago could use a pretty new cover. Thank you for the inspiration and the directions.

  19. Loooooove the notebooks!

    Hm, thinking about having a go in this 7 quiz.... :)

    Kisses from Brazil!

  20. Those are absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :~)

  21. Such beautiful things. Lovely.


  22. The note books are fab, I'm off to check that tutorial out now. xxx

  23. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Hen, I love the books. you have such a talent for combining fabrics and colours to make things looks pretty yet not fussy. Beautiful.

  24. Thank you Hen.....I'm so pleased its over!


  25. Hello Hen. Lovely blg full of pretty things. Great patchwork too xx

  26. I must say, if I may, your pile of 'projects to do' looks terribly organised! Mine resembles a 3 year old's scrap book of torn bits from magazines and I'm often missing essential instructions on starting or finishing so things never quite turn out right! Great crazy patchworks! You've sussed my lazy nature - I really can't be doing with rulers and measuring! Your books are fantastic!
    Thanks for the award and tag - will get to it - after the market this weekend - arrgggh! Wish I had 6 months left to go! t.x

  27. Love your book covers Hen! Very cheerful.
    Teena's tutorial was pretty fab too, wasn't it?
    Can't work out how you manage to be quite so productive though! I suspect you have invented the 36 hour day but are keeping it secret! ;-))

  28. Hi, Just catching up!
    I knew you'd have to be different with the notebooks...Mine aren't bad (what am I saying, I made ONE!) but I think it'll be a while before I get to the patchwork version.
    Thanks for the award btw...does it include the tag?
    Deb x

  29. You are so talented - I've wanted to do this for a long time as well, and you've really inspired me. Thank you! The patchwork ones look so gorgeous. xx

  30. Love your notebook covers, particularly the ones with the more spider web looking patchwork!


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