Tuesday, 27 January 2009

All Sorts

Hello everyone. It's a bit of a mixed up post, full of bits 'n' bobs really, today, a brightly coloured jumble, just like a bag of "All Sorts" funnily enough. It's simply things which have caught my eye on this glorious sunny, blue-skied, dare I say it, decidedly SPRING-LIKE day.

Jacky-Ginge noticed he hadn't appeared on (his) blog for ooh, at least a few days.

These hyacinths smell nice...

Have you caught my best side yet?

All the furry occupants of the HenHouse make a beeline for my den. Well, it is rather marvellous and I find it difficult to get out of here myself. Good job the rest of the house is pretty nice otherwise I'd probably move a fridge in and I'd be all set for bedsit-style living! Our house faces West so in the morning in particular, my den which is on the back of the house, gets all the lovely sunshine. As we all know, cats will always find the sun to give themselves a good toasting. My old table, in front of the big sash windows, is their favourite resting spot and they vie for space there throughout the day. Not only is it high up and sunny, from here they can see the entrance to the back door and utility room (or "cat feeding room" as the Munchkin calls it) and hence, their cat flap (woe betide any unwanted visitors).  They can also see the whole of our and next door's (nice) garden complete with bird feeding station and many birdies. Oh my, that makes for happy boys! If one jumps up to find a furry occupant already in situ, much peeved hissing can ensue. As you can see, Jacky-Ginge made it there first today.

Charlie-Boy was not such a willing participant in my spontaneous photo shoot.

Aww, mum...

(Check out that lovely stash in the background, though.)

After much rattling of cat biscuits, he grudgingly allowed us this one...

Vorey, quite frankly, was having none of it.

So, post lunch, the sun has moved round to the front of the house and if I want to photograph anything, I have to decamp to another room, so I'm decamping to one of the spare bedrooms. This room gets great light; the previous owner of the HenHouse was a bloke who used to (try to) paint and this was his painting room (as he was very pretentious, I imagine he referred to it as his studio!) Here I find myself photographing my new fabric with which I shall make cushions for the sitting room sofa. I have to confess, the Christmas ones are still there at the moment (I'm not superstitious) but the fabric took an age to arrive (thanks Royal Mail, especially for your £8 handling fee). Isn't it divine? It's Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party range. Not feeling in a sewing mood today (you're shocked, I know, but it's rare and won't last) so I am just gazing at it lovingly for now.

What else shall we look at in here? Ages ago, I embroidered this little picture. I happily found it fitted into a standard Ikea frame (I know, I know, I should have had it framed properly) but I generally have a few such frames hanging about, and for now, it's sitting on the fireplace.

What about this gorgeousness?

Whilst in Honiton on New Year's Eve, I spotted this in one of my fave shops there. When I met up with Mr HenHouse and the Munchkin, they mentioned  to me, have you: a) seen the grandfather clock in that shop? b) seen the eiderdown in that shop? Have you not bought it, we thought you'd love it? Well, I didn't need any further encouragement. So, Mr HenHouse got the clock and I got the eiderdown. You see, it's not me that spends the money round here! It is brightening up what is a very lovely but very duck-eggy room.

That's all today, folks!


  1. Lovely to see some more snippets of your wonderful home Hen.....also the cat pic's are so cute!x

  2. Love the fabric. Really great, vivid colours. I can see you making lots of gorgeous things.
    Loving the cat photo shoot. Britain's next top feline?

  3. Lovely pics. Theres an award for you on my blog x

  4. lovely eiderdown and i can only gaze lovingly at all your gorgeous fabric........... cute kitties too!
    Lesley x

  5. The eiderdown looks cosy. There is nothing wrong with framing your own pictures, all that work can't wait to see what it looks like on the wall. I frame my own

  6. O Hen! I have lifestyle envy today! I love your beautiful (neat and tidy) house. The 3 cats (especially Jacky-Ginge), the fabrics neatly stacked up for when inspiration takes hold, the beautiful embroidery that you did, the view from the upstairs window etc, etc. Today I feel pitiful. My house is a tip and I have no motivation to get it sorted, my own little hen (Rolo) is sick and my tulips have wilted! There!! I feel better to have got that off my chest. Please continue with these wonderful posts. They give me something to aspire to! x

  7. thanks for the springy peek. It is snowing here today and all your beautiful colors were great to see.

  8. You have a beautiful home Hen and that eiderdown is beautiful. I had been watching a similar one on e-bay this week and it went for £112, thats the most I've seen one go for on ebay. Take Care xxxx Pixie xxx

  9. Lovely kitties, lovely fabric, lovely room! Rachaelxo

  10. Hi Hen, I saw that eiderdown in Honiton and loved it. How lovely it has gone to such a lovely home. Gorgeous fabrics. I really enjoyed your trip to London the other day, especially THAT shop (knitting) gorgeous stuff! I think I may have to take a trip there next time I am there. Kathy

  11. Hi Hen

    Your kitties and flowers and home look so beautiful in this late winter sunshine! :) Although can I PLEASE request a lovely long post taking us through your fabric stash? I think we would all like to see that! :)

    Gemma x x

  12. Oh what a cheery post Hen - thank you! Your feline's are gorgeous. My old furry friend isn't feeling to well at the mo, another visit to the v-e-t tomorrow but don't tell her!

    I adore your spring flowers on the desk, my most favourite combination. What a gifted eye for colour you've got.

    Have a smashing week.
    p.s oh I nearly forgot - beautiful, beautiful eiderdown! Lucky you.

  13. Hi Hen
    I'd love to get my hands on that lovely stash of fabric,so neat and tidy too!Love the lovely photos of your home.Bet you'll be back on that sewing machine tomorrow!
    Rachel x

  14. Oh, Jacky Ginge is such a beautiful cat! What a wonderful selection of fabrics and that eiderdown is beautiful!

  15. Lovely post Hen - it's made me feel that Spring isn't very far away at all!! Love your puss-cats - my three are the same, they'll do anything to find a patch of sunshine to have a snooze in .... maybe we should take a leaf out of their book and do the same?!
    Willow xx

  16. Hello Hen,
    you cats are beautifull. I love cats. When I was a child a had one too but when he died we nver got a new one. :(
    Your stash is great. I want to have such too. But I´m working on my privat stash ;)

  17. What a lovely post, I have serious stash envy.

  18. How did you get the cats to pose for the photos? Mine even wriggle when they're sleeping ...
    Love the eiderdown but where's the clock?

  19. Its great to see more corners of your beautiful home! I want a cat so badly!!!!

  20. Another colourful glimpse into your world Hen, the flowers are gorgeous.

  21. what a lovely post. Those flowers are gorgeous. Love that eiderdown too - it's a beautiful room you have there.

  22. Beautiful flowers(all my favourites!)..really beautiful kitties Charlie and Jacky are a bit like mirror images in negative aren't they!) and SUCH a beautiful eiderdown! I'm gobsmaked at your fabric stash..how I'd love a rummage through that! x

  23. Gorgeous cats, they definatly look at home in your craft room. Gorgeous Eiderdown and the colour in your pictures are so.....colourful, lol! Just whats needed this month! Claire xx

  24. Lovely photos Hen! I must admit that I was admiring the fabric stash behind the cat? Can I come over & play??

  25. Aren't cats wonderfull photo models??

    I wish one day I will live in a house, and I wish it will be as pretty and cozy and filled with sunshine as yours! ^^

    Kisses from Brazil!

  26. Love the kitties and the beautiful flowers. So cute! Who wouldn't love to be sitting near the flowers. Your fabric stash is awesome too! Lovely colors!

  27. Hi, wow your stash of fabric looks fantastic. It's nice to know that other people collect fabric as avidly as I do. I have the bendy shelves too, although my darling husband has just reclaimed what used to be my fabric room to create a dressing room for us. It's a nice room, but I preferred my fabric collection to be hidden away in there.
    Best wishes, Liz

  28. Hi Hen
    second attempt at leaving comment. Love the flowers, all your hard work in creating things, and I have always loved the picture of your step son in the side bar. He is sooooo lovely.

    Love Emma xxxxx

  29. Hi Hen, haven't visited you for a long time, so glad to take a tour around. Looks like your place would be better named Cathouse, they are all so lovely though, we too have a cat feeding room complete with flap, i must say i love you shelves and shelves of supplies, and the eiderdown is fab. hugs margie.

  30. Love that poseur of a cat! He,and the flowers are beautiful!
    Can I make an appointment to see that ginormous stash of fabric??!! MY MOUTH IS WATERING!!!
    Hope to see you over at Clover Cottage sometime, will put the kettle on.

    Happy days : )

    Sharon xx

  31. What a wonderful blog! I visited your homemade store and I'm in love. Such beautiful you make. Have a great weekend!

  32. How lovely is your home?
    And as for your pussy cats...



  33. Hi Hen!

    More wonderful pics of your lovely home!! And your very handsome pussy cats! And what a lovely stash of material you have....

    Hope your okay,
    Lucy xx

  34. Your cats are sweet. We have always had cats but at the moment have none and I miss them! I enlarged the phot to see your stash :) Anna Maria Horner's fabric is wonderful isn't it?


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