Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Flower Power

Hello again everyone.  Well, the Munchkin finally returned to school today and so I've enjoyed the bliss of peace, of silence (save for Radio 2) for a few hours.  I enjoyed the holidays and lots of time with everyone together but just as I was ready to put away all the Christmas decorations, I was ready to clear out the house (of people) and my head too, and recover a bit of time for me and more importantly, for some unadulterated crafting!

The Christmas/New Year break saw me making headway with my crochet.  One of the things that has been great for me is that my crochet is so portable so I can pick up my yarn bag and off I go with it to the cottage, bit easier than picking up a sewing machine, threads, fabrics, patterns etc.  This does, of course, overlook the fact that just as my fabric stash has grown steadily over the last year, I now have a new yarn obsession and hence, the makings of a yarn stash, too.  Oh be quiet, all those of you out there saying, "I told you so..."!

It started with one (made by me) knitting/crochet bag...

Then there was one basket, too, for my Rowan DK wool collection...

...which in due course was to be joined by its friend, basket no. 2...

...but somehow, there are now three.

How did that happen? Probably something to do with the sales in Liberty and John Lewis (the women were going nuts over the yarn in John Lewis, it was very amusing!) and the great wool shop I've found near the cottage. Oooh, dangerous territory...

I'm afraid my granny blanket has been sidelined a bit whilst I've discovered the world of crochet flowers.  It started with this innocent little cardi...

It is a fairly yummy cardi, much nicer in the flesh (or the yarn), which I have bought for my mum for her birthday this week. But lovely and soft and greeny and cashmerey and warm as it is, I thought it would be much nicer with a little something to jazz it up. In particular, something PINK.

I have a thing for pink and green together; this is me today...

I had a lot of fun trying to take that photo, I can tell you.

Of course, if you knew me well and knew my somewhat obsessive personality, you'd have guessed that that is just the tip of the flowery iceberg...

I'm liking that photo, it's a bit like a furry, flowery, girly hairy chest!  Well, it made me chuckle, anyway.  Now before I forget, I must mention that the pattern for the big three-layer flower came from a fabulous blog, I've no idea how I came across it but I'm so glad I did: Rosehip.

It's now time for Jacky-Ginge to make what is becoming an almost obligatory appearance.  Whose blog is this, anyway?

It's looking very colourful in Hen's Den at the moment.  Want to see my (other) current project? Go on then, just a peek as I haven't finished it yet (and cannot as my sewing machine has gone to the Sewing Machine Casualty Dept.  Oh weep, weep.)

And just because I like faffing about with fabrics and wool and stuff (and it helps put off doing sensible stuff like housework)...

I'm going to digress a bit here from "The Cardigan Story" if you don't mind indulging me (oh silly me, I've digressed already anyway, haven't I?) because I want to show you this divine fabric that somehow fell into my shopping basket when I was in Liberty the other day.  Now how did that happen?

All of these are by Kaffe Fassett. How can a man have designed something this outrageously flowery, downright girly, just damned gorgeous??? I don't suppose he'd be much good at mending a leaking tap, mind (but I may of course be doing him a disservice, he might be very handy with a spanner, in which case, apologies Kaffe).

I may aswell show you my new sale bargain slippers while I'm at it (definitely not enough time to do any ironing now. Shame.)

You know, showing you that fabric did in fact, serve a very good purpose because at that point I decided to make something pretty out of it to go with my mum's birthday gifts. Et voila...

Quite by coincidence, that pretty stuff in the background is the wrapping paper I had already bought. I clearly have a pinky/purpley-greeny/turquoisey thang going on.

So, I hope my mum will like these things. I have to say, if it would fit me, it might not make it's way out of the house and to the Post Office!

Happy evening.


  1. I bet she'll be thrilled to bits, I know I would be, it's all gorgeous!
    Lisa x

  2. Wonderful cardi....
    I'm so excited about learning to crochet.......think i need one of those bags.....:>)
    Do you buy the handles from a craft shop Hen?

    A very colurful and pleasing post!

  3. I'm sure she will love it.. who wouldn't. You've done well with the flowers, I haven't done one yet & I still haven't used my sewing machine :( I've been given the day off tomorrow at short notice, I'm not going to do any housework .. it will be a me day!! I'm thinking of crocheting the baby blanket from vintage crochet for my sisters baby that's due in feb. Have you got the knitted flower book?? Think I may get it, too many books & not enough time in the day... I want to be a housewife but minus the children!!! x

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous gift for your Mum. I bet she loves it.

    Lovely post too, so colourful, just what we need to read in this post Christmas bleak time of the year. Thank you.

    Sue xx

  5. Oh, your cardigan and hanger and flower are all so pretty - your mom will love them! What a beautiful gift.


  6. I am loving the patch work bag you clever lady also think i am in need of the bag for the wool hehe!!!

    The present for your mum is lovely im sure she will appreciate it


  7. right where do i start!!! gorgeous pics as usual - love the slippers pray tell where they are from please??? the cardigan with the flower looks fab what a good idea !!! i must must learn how to crochet!!! that mirrored dressing table looks very polished im impressed :-D mine does collect dust quite easily like you said !!! but the novelty of polishing hasnt worn off just yet :-)
    my lovely friend Kelly (comment above i think) consulted with me earlier about which bag of yours to purchase I am going to be so jealous when it arrives!!!
    bye for now
    Lesley x

  8. oh and forgot to say (or ramble about) that the KF fabric is very nice indeed - they do it in the millie moon shop i got my amy butler from so may have to invest in some for my collection!
    Lesley x

  9. I love all the things you have made/bought: it is all so pretty and colourful. I am sure the 'pretty-fied' cardi will make your mum's day! x

  10. OH MY GOD...you are just soooo clever it makes me sick (only joking!) I am sooo jealous!! I have just posted about the wonderful Xmas swop that we did, you are soooo clever and talented!! xx

  11. What a lovely post as USUAL!!! Loving the fabrics, and the flowers...esp the flowerey chest comment hehe!!!!

    Lucy xx

  12. I’m not too sure where to start I love it all! So much to look at and take in, I might have to come back and have another look.
    I’m sure your mum will love her present it’s beautiful!
    Thank you for brightening up my day, you are so clever!!!
    Love Lou xxx

  13. I do have to laugh at your yarn obesession. That is just the reason I stopped knitting and crochet at uni, I just couldn't afford it on my student pennies. Don't tempt me with your beauties, don't tempt me! Mr Thrifty would NOT be happy with you.

  14. A wonderful blog post! I have some serious wool/fabric envy going on here! You make the most beautiful things and I like the flowery, girly, hairy chest combo that you put on top of the cardi! I am very glad that the handsome Jacky-Ginge put in an appearance too.

  15. Smashing post Hen (you had me chuckling about the floral chest wig!). I adore the cardi and the crochet flower makes it even more delightful. If I was your mum I'd be thrilled!

    One of my new year ambitions (resolutions sounds much too painful for me!) is to learn to crochet. There's a book on the way to me as we speak. I'm harbouring dreams of a blanket like the one your golly is sitting on, what beautiful colours - wish me luck!

    All best wishes for 2009,
    love Stephx

  16. I think you should call it the Mrs Jones Cardi in honour of Tom and his fuzz! Perfect and perfectly funny! Lovely to think of you in your workroom chuckling to yourself surrounded by breeding balls of yarn! t.xx

  17. Tee hehe! that is a funny story. But honestly, that is also how thing s work for me. you start on one projuect and digress to many other thoughts. I'm sure your Mum will love her present . Cherrie

  18. As always a lovely funny post! Rachaelxo

  19. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful day. You are cracking me up with that image of a girly hairy chest of crochet flowers, which are adorable, by the way.

    And I do love that tote bag you squeezed in there - looks like garden party fabrics and the hexagon patchwork. Love it!

  20. Wow! What loveliness -- I love how your pretty, hairy flowers turned out -- in fact, I love how everything looks in your photos... So inspiring! I know exactly what you mean about the multiplying bags/baskets of yarn -- it's so hard to resist all those pretty yarns!!

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog this year to see what you make of all that pretty yarn and fabric...

    Beata xxx

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet words and blog-linking..

  21. Hello Hen, beautiful colors I'm a big fan of pink and green, just the ticket for a cold January day. I'm admiring your mirrored dressing table, very glam!
    Bertie x.

  22. All looks lovely Hen and good to see you back from your cottage. xx

  23. WoW,bet your mum will love the cardi,what a gorgeous gift.I love your crochet flowers too.I MUST learn to crochet this year,I'm so used to knitting I just don't seem to be able to get the tension right!
    Rachel x

  24. Great fabric buys! I love that hanger too - gorgeous.

  25. I absolutely love those crochet flowers, your crocheting is coming on a treat - do you still go to classes? The cardigan is WOW! Julie xxxxxx you are welcome to email me anytime on

  26. Hi Hen, Happy New Year to you. What a gorgeous cardi and love the corsage; the hanger is to die for! You are very clever! Absolutely adore the knitting bag and I chuckled at the collection of baskets. Sooo, where is this wool shop near your cottage? I have just signed on for a four week knitting course so need some yarn quick! Kathyx

  27. I should think your mum will be chuffed to bits with her pressie. It's just scrummy. Enjoyed looking at all your colourful photos on this post, really cheered me up today. Your've inspired me to try my hand at crochet and I've been out and bought a ball of pretty wool to practice.
    Take care.

  28. It's everything so beautiful, as always.


  29. Oooh, lucky your mum - I bet she'll be thrilled.

    Love your yarn stash - such gorgeous colours - and the fabric finds too - all very gorgeous.

  30. What a lovely gift ... the corsage is just the right touch. I know that your mom will be pleased.

    Wishing you a very happy 2009, and looking forward to seeing what other projects you will be working on.

    Also, thanks for the link to Rosehip. I love what she wrote about the difficulty of writing down instructions about something you sort of just know how to do by heart.

  31. Thanks Hen, will take a look at those. I just thought it would be lovely to make my own.


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