Sunday, 18 January 2009

Round Up

This weekend, we went to the DMG Antiques and Collectors Fair at Shepton Mallett in Somerset.  I have to say, I was a little disappointed, it was just not "moochy" enough for me. Lots of to-die-for diamonds but sadly, I was not looking for those.  I think I am better off at car boot sales!  I did pick up some lovely and unusual vintage buttons, many to adorn my crochet corsages.  My best find was this flowery print:

It is too big to go on my "flowery wall" but has brightened up this little corner nicely. I haven't added to the flowery wall for a while because I have quite a few embroideries now and would like some more paintings/prints to even it up. I'm sure some shall come my way eventually. This is how it's looking for now...

Thank you for all the crafting love that has been coming my way with all your lovely comments on my handiwork this last week or so. I fancied doing a little round-up of my "produce" so here goes.

Peg Bag Love...

Hanger Love...

Crochet Corsage Love...

Notebook Love...

Florette Love...

And just nosing ahead as my current favourite, Union Jack Love...

I've had a few enquiries about purchases, thank you kindly. I shall be putting some items in my shop soon; I'm waiting for the cushion pads for the Union Jack cushions and some spare time and decent weather to take better photos. Problem is, I'd much rather be sewing than photographing...

In response to other enquiries following on from my last post, the large wooden set square was from Habitat, quite a few years ago now. The threads were from the online Bernina sewing shop (sorry, online link gadget is not working, Google search will do the trick); I've only used a couple of reels so far but it seems good quality and sews well.

Finally, Jacky-Ginge says "Hello" and that he finds watching the bobbin winding just riveting!


  1. I feel so inspired by all the lovely things you make. Your blog is a visual joy! I am so glad to see that Jacky-Ginge has put in an appearance. I even told my auntie about Jacky-Ginge so she takes a peep at your blog now just to see him!

  2. Thank you so much for letting us know where the threads and the set square came from. i will go in search now...

    I am having a little giveaway on my blog at the moment (my first ever!), where you can win some yummy handmade and shabby chic goodies. Pop over if you get a minute. :)

    Gemma x x

  3. It all looks so lovely, so colourful and oo, what's the homely. I want one of everything.

  4. Such a cute cottage!

    Also cute kitty!!

  5. Hen, you are always brilliant. Brilliant blog, brilliant pictures, brilliant work, and brilliant cat. Lovely, inspirational post. x

  6. Gorgeous stuff Hen. I love the Union Jack cushions! I have a fascination with them too at the moment like everyone else! They will sell like hot cakes - if you can bare to part with them!!

  7. I love your union jack cushions!

    Victoria xx

  8. Oh my goodness, I love the photo shoot with Jacky-Ginge - he looks like such a cool cat! Love the crafty love you are sharing with us too. Quite a productive week you've had! I will have to check out your shop.

  9. Gosh, you really have been so industrious! I love all the things you've made. Jackie ginge looks like a cheeky chappy! :-)

  10. Ok Hen..... now just stop this.... showing us your lovely things all the time... I'm saving my pennys for the fair but I'm to scared to come now because I want everything!!!!!!
    I can confirm that the set sqaure from habitat is now discountinued & has been for years. I remember them well 'cos I stab myself with one!!
    Loving cool is he?? :) x

  11. Your new picture looks just right in it's new home.
    Lots of lovely goodies you've been making.
    Lisa x

  12. Lovely things Hen. Make sure you charge properly for all your beautiful work (bossy, bossy)! xx

  13. MORE LOVELY THINGS! The problem is I remember the Union Jack Cushions the first time round when the slogan was "I'm Backing Britain"! In the Sixties (I'm only 52 shhhhh!) but they were not as pretty as those - they are beautiful! I just love the flowers they are very pretty. You must pop over and look at mine sometime and let me know what you think - I would be quite happy for any opinions - Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hi Hen,
    I was at the DMG fair at the w/e too! And I also bought buttons! It was rather thin on the ground with sellers though, wasn't it?...but then would you have wanted to be stood around in those draughty conditions in January...I've been there, done that and its not much fun! I agree with you that there is often more fun to be had at boot sales...won't be long before they start-up again for the spring...
    Well done with being so productive with your crafting...have a great week,

  15. Hi Hen, what a pretty cottage. I used to live quite near Shepton Mallet.
    Like your flowery picture and as always looking at your makes really cheers me up.
    Take care

  16. We have a regular vintage flea and collectors fair right on our doorstep, it's such torture not being able to visit at the moment! Roll on the spring for the boot sales.
    I love the flowery find can't beat a flowery find.
    Beautiful makes too, Hen x

  17. I was quite disappointed with the Shepton Mallett fair last time I went too.

    All your goodies are looking fab - it puts me to shame as I've hardly made a thing lately!

  18. Oh gosh Hen, so many pretty things.
    Love that new picture, very pretty and looks great in that corner.

    I can't seem to find an email address for you, so can you drop me your address to ?



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