Friday, 27 February 2009

Colour Unlimited

Today is simply the most glorious day, here in London.  I haven't doctored this photo in any way, the sun is simply streaming through the living room windows at 3pm... 

Yes, the sun is shining, it is WARM and to mark the event, I have a skirt on.  Trust me, this is newsflash city!  I think I am quite a girly girl and I do love dresses, and skirts, but it's been so cold and so Wintery for sooooo long, my legs haven't seen the light of day for a looooong time. I've been quite a hermit this week.  Other than the obligatory trip to the supermarket for esssentials on Monday (and school runs), I have been holed up in my den all week.  No excuses today, off to the hairdresser I go.

Now, I know some women love going to the hairdresser but I am not one of them.  I find it boring (no offence to the hairdresser who is very pleasant and also, very good) but I just can't bear sitting there for hours, thinking of all the things I could be doing at home, but needs must. Anyway, I thought I'd better make a bit of an effort as another thing I'm really not too chuffed about at the hairdressers, is the fact that you are forced to sit in front of a mirror for ages, not only that but with your hair looking all horrendous plastered to your head!  So, today =  skirt, (spotty, homemade); cardi (turquoisey, Boden fave, shrunk by Mr HenHouse, grrrr); corsage (crocheted, homemade, pink); proper shoes, not Crocs (pink, shiny); jacket, not even a real coat (spotty...again); scarf, not really cold enough (but stripey and bright); homemade bag (bright, v. bright, and flowery); Cath K bag for shopping (flowery, pink, turquoise, bright again); make-up (crikey)!  The Munchkin is always very suspicious when he sees me in make-up and always correctly assesses that I am either "going somewhere nice" or "someone is coming to visit".  So, get your sunglasses at the ready...

(Yes, I have indeed tried to keep myself out of those photos as much as possible.)

How did that Ginger Furball sneak in there? Now Jacky is never one to shy away from a photographic opportunity.

Inside the bag is pretty jolly, too.  Have crochet, will travel.

Clearly, I am feeling in a rather colourful mood!  The main good thing about the hairdressers (because I also cannot deny I look better when I come out of there than I did when I went in) is that it is situated in East Dulwich.  What does East Dulwich mean?  Yes: SHOPS.  Really very lovely yummy shops, too.  A few weeks ago, I went a-mooching there with my parents and drooled over some very lovely candlesticks.  I resisted (well, ok, I bought something else and thought both would be too extravagant.)  However, they have played on my mind ever since. Now that is a sure sign that they are meant to be mine, I mean ours.  Isn't it?  ISN'T IT.

Yes, yes, they are without candles. But at the cottage, I have wonderful Cath K spotty candles, blue ones and pink ones, too, just perfect. I wandered along the street in East Dulwich musing to myself: I shouldn't blog about these yet because I should wait until I can get my candles from the cottage as the finishing touch. But you know me too well. Of course, I couldn't wait! Of course, I'll just be showing you them again once the candles are in place!

Yesterday was a pretty nice day here, too.  An email from Simone about her garden and pond reminded me that I was meant to be out in the garden too. The crochet rolls sort of got in the way, oops.  So, outside I went to attend to the polyanthus and tete-a-tetes which had been patiently awaiting me...

Inside, the sunshine streaming in is creating its own colourful display...

Taking photos of the mantle has reminded me to show you something else. A week or so before Christmas, the Munchkin came home and put something under the tree, something in handmade wrapping paper, with a handmade tag. He solemnly informed me it was not to be touched, not until Christmas day. It was something very special; something he had made himself; for mummy. Each day, I was asked "Are you very excited about your present?" Oh yes, most definitely.

May I present the Family HenHouse, a la Munchkin:

Well, I think I've come off rather well, the same cannot be said of Daddy's tummy, I'm afraid. So sweet. I'm going to love looking at this for years to come.

You can take your sunnies off now...


  1. Oh your house is lovely! So colourful and tidy!!!
    I do love colour (I trained as a designer and colourist) but wear mainly black with the odd splash of colour. I wish I was brave enough to wear something a little more exciting sometimes though!

  2. Wow, so all of the sun must be with you down there in London village. It is black up here and raining!
    Your vivid, colourful post has really cheered me up.
    I hate going to the hairdressers too, I have been putting it off for months now - I must go.

    Do love those candlesticks, they are very unusual, I am so suprise you resisted them the first time around. They would have been straight in my wicker basket.

  3. oh Munchkins picture is so sweet, think i would have been a bit choked over that :-)
    loving loving all the yummy colour in your post - your clothes, bags, mantle etc - and i know what you mean when you dont buy something but its in the back of your mind - i have one at the moment and think i may be giving in tomorrow :-) i wanted to see your new haircut!!!
    Lesley x

  4. Your munchkin is so adorable, what a gorgeous picture, he has put you first which I imagine must be very special for you.
    Yes it must be London getting all the sun as there has been nout here today, freezing in fact, like you Hen at the beginnig of the week out came the lighter clothes but today my scarf went back on!
    I love the candle sticks and yes if you still wanted them a week later they were definatly meant to be.
    Have a great weekend
    Claire x

  5. Love the picture by the young artist. It is wonderful.
    I wish I could be brave to do colours like that!

  6. How fab is your front door, both inside and out. I am currently on the lookout for a new one and so am obsessed with everyone elses. Am very jealous of the sunny afternoon. Scotland has been dull and perishing, it may be quite a while before Im venturing into skirts. Enjoy your weekend - jacqui x

  7. Lovely to see bright colours! I was at the shops a week or so ago & noticed everyone on the escalators was wearing black or dark colours....I was the only bright one in my pillar box red Boden coat!

    I love the Munchkin's picture - you look very pretty in it! I'm also one who doesn't enjoy sitting at the hairdresser's for hours.

  8. Lovely colourful post as always Hen, loved all the clothes you've shown, I wasn't brave enough to go out in a skirt today but it was the first time I went out without a coat! Springs here! (I hope it stays!)

    P.S you forgot to take the silica sachet out of your yummy CK bag!!

  9. oh I thought we were going to see your hair cut! I would love to see the position you were in on the picture of your cardi! the candle sticks...have a lovely H

  10. Wow it feels like spring is here!!! Lovely sunny photo's, I never wear a skirt... think the last time was about 10 years ago, I'm not very lady like if you know what I mean!!!
    I love playing spot Jacky... he always get in on the act... such a beauty :)
    The picture is very special.. maybe it could be brought out when the 1st girlfriend comes around! x

  11. Lovely colourful pics yet again Hen, really cheered me up. Love the outfit by the way. I have to admit to loving going to the hairdressers, just because I always look so much better when I leave.
    You have a lovely house.
    Take care.

  12. What a lovely colourful post Hen. I love the picture that the munchkin made, how sweet. xxxxx

  13. Cute outfit, gorgeous bag and love your house!!
    I agree with you, i don't like the hairdressers, thats why i have such a low maintenance haircut so i don't have to go often and i'm normally only there 30 mins max. x

  14. Thank you for your lovely happy blog.

    Dorset was sunny too!!

    Any tips on ripple, I am trying to do a sample before I tackle one a bit bigger.

  15. How cute you look today! Isn't awesome to break out of the winter norm and look forward to spring.

  16. What a wonderful tour! I even showed my hubby your front door and the stained glass around it! LOVE IT! And the bright colorful bags are my favs! I love pretty bags!

  17. My skirts are coming out of the closet too :)
    though methinks the legs need a little colour and probably a little de fluff too :)

    Gorgeous candle sticks so pretty and very spring like


  18. I want the spotty-dotty hyacinth pot on the mantlepiece. Lovely colourful blog! :O)

  19. I love the stain glass front door!
    It feels like there should be some lovely tiles on the floor. That would be my dream entrance.


  20. Your home looks dreamy! Do you have a pattern for sale for your lovely flower pins? I'd love to make one. They're just beautiful:)

  21. This is such a full post it is hard to know what parts to comment on! I hope your time at the hairdressers wasn't too traumatic! I love all the colour in this post. I am more confident about wearing colour when the day is sunny and bright. The spring plants look a treat all planted up and add to all the glorious colour. Little Munchkin did a lovely picture of his family not leaving out the cats of course!

  22. I love the way your outfit matches your Cath Kidston bag, your wool in the bag and the contents of your mantelpiece. How very colour co-ordinated you are.

  23. Hen you are a vision of loveliness in your pretty, springy clothes. The sun peeped out here for about 10 minutes yesterday so I've been doing the primula/tete-a-tete thing too. Goodness don't they cheer things up!

    The Munchkin's picture and frame is just adorable, what a treasure.

    Love the cushions on the next post too, I've said it before and I'll say it agin - what a talent!
    Ejnoy the rest of the weekend.

  24. How funny, I had my hair cut on saturday too. Although I like the hairdressers, it's nice to have someone else washing my hair for a change! Love your crochet rolls, beautufully made, I hope you sell them all. And i love your den! How fantastic! Have a good week. Thanks for the tip on the chocolate cookies, i think I'll be making them!

  25. scrummy shoes.

    Psst you have been tagged

  26. I love your skirt and shoes! What a lovely post - just trying to catch up on some blogs, and I'm so glad I popped over to yours. That post has left me feeling very happy.... also, reminded me I need to approach the dreaded hairdresser rather urgently! x

  27. Love the colors. So envious of your talents. I couldn't take my eyes of the stripe rug...where did you get that?


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    Truly yours
    Alice Tudes


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