Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Fabric Frenzy

Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday!  Still lots of snow here.  School has miraculously managed to open, Mr HenHouse is back at his desk in the city and I'm back at the sewing machine and the laptop (v difficult juggling my time between the two).  All is well with the (HenHouse) world and I hope all is well with you.

So, what have I to show you?  It struck me in the depths of the night a few days ago that I haven't made any bags for ages and yet bags are what really got me going on all this marvellous sewing/crafting/blogging milarkey.  So, down to some bags.

First up, an eye-catching little number for a lady out there who's still lucky enough to have a life and gets to go to swanky places - and needs a bag to accompany her, obviously.  The fabric is Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room range and there is a gorgeous vintage "Hollywood" brooch on the front.  

Now, even more excitingly, I decided to do something with the vintage wooden bag handles I've had for a while. I found these in wonderful Dorset. I made myself a knitting/crochet bag a while back incorporating one of the three sets of handles and thought it was time to share the "handle love"with the remaining two sets. To go with such vintage beauties, where else could I turn for the fabric but to Cath K? (No, I have not yet forgiven you, Cath, for making me seemingly bottom of the pile in sending out the new catalogue. Perhaps I need to buy more things from Cath K???)

Round wooden handles have been paired with Cath's Classic Rose print in white. A crochet rose and leaf adorns the handle.

Lined with hot pink gingham.

I confess I do not know the name of this next Cath K print but it's one of my faves, a gorgeous aqua blue with cherry blossoms. Here it is paired with some lovely shaped wooden handles and more pink gingham inside (but a different pink gingham because everyone has lots of different pink ginghams in their stash, don't they?) Another pretty crochet rose and leaf (again in gorgeous alapaca/silk/mohair yarns) is the finishing touch.

I'll keep searching for more handles but these two are the only bags like this I'll probably have for a while.  All three bags are residing in my little Etsy shop looking for lovely new owners.

Perhaps it's because Valentine's Day is approaching but love is in the air here at the HenHouse.  Specifically, Cath K, crochet flowers, vintage lace and lavender-scented love...

Golly, that's quite a sparse looking photo for me! On that note, I've been giving some gentle thought to how I might display things at the Vintage and Handmade Fair in May. The white "thingy" above on which the hearts are hanging is one possibility. I have also laid my hands on this little wire basket stand so I've had a play with stashing a few bits in that, too.

The background is still very bare! At this point, I'll let you know that this baskety-thingy has been residing on the mantel in my den (not in the guest room, that was purely for photographic purposes). Well, there's nothing sparse about my den, of course!

Eek! But I do love it so...


  1. Hen, I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are a very talented woman.

  2. Love your den - can I come and play??

    Love the bags as well - I havent got my new CK catalogue yet either - my surname starts with a T and I'm always towards the end of things

    Boo Hoo

    Need to revert back to using maiden name that was an F so I probably would have my lovely catalogue by now


  3. them!
    Thsnk you for the help Hen...:>))

    Also-Still no CK book here, very miffed!
    If we buy anymore stuff from her....we ought to start having a staff discount....
    I'm sad tho, had a lovely half day planned with it on my knee, plus the mag that found its way into my bag today.....norty Mel!

    Oh well, I'll have to let myself into my Sisters House and "loan" her's...teehee!!

  4. OOOOHHHH I really love all those bags Hen, what a clever lady you are. I'm also drooling over those CK hearts. I've a confession, that I was one of the first to receive my CK catalogue and I've ordered the spray bucket bag, naughty Pixie I am. xxxxx

  5. How do you find the time for doing everything?

  6. Oh how lovely Hen, I love the not let Polly see them, I will send you a link to a brilliant place that may have some handles for you...I cant remember the name off hand..the crochet is coming on I have to say knitting is less painful...I have a carved hook that rubs a little....have a happy evening...H

  7. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous :-)) those hearts a just lovely with the flowers they are really lovely :-))

    you talented lady i really must learn how to do them hehe!!! xxx

  8. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Not only do you have a talent for making things but you take fab photo's too!
    Maria x
    Bye the way my verification word is scone! yum,yum.

  9. They are all lovely!!!!!!! You are very talented! x

  10. The bags are lovely Hen. I bet your house is a treasure trove of loveliness. I always feel so happy to come and visit you.

  11. oh you are to clever and talented for words :-) i put a crocheted flower on one of my hearts but it looks like a 5 year old has done it and then i am green with envy looking at yours!!! its like when i tried to follow Tony Hart on Take Hart I think it was? and mine never came out anything like his creations LOL
    wish i could get to the next fair

  12. wow You are one tallented lady those bags are fab and I'm going through a very jealous stage at the moment because your all making the most yummy crochet items and I just can't do it ( stamp stamp stamp) lol.

  13. Love the beautiful fabrics! They surely cheer you up just by looking at them. I love how you have placed all that lovely yarn in them. A great pairing! :) The hearts are too cute! Such nice work! :)

  14. How talented are you?

    Just sitting here drooling over your pictures ;0)

    Sam xx

    PS love the knitting bags

  15. I did enjoy reading your post. So interesting, colourful and inspiring. And hey, us 'Hen' girls need to stick together!

  16. Oooo, I think I'm in love with Hen's Den, too! ;-))
    I did enjoy studying your photo - love the felt fishy!
    Happy sewing,
    Niki x

  17. So odd to see my pillowcases made into your bag!!!
    And lovely to see those little crochet flowers popping up still, they look great on the fabric hearts.
    Hen, please can you tell me where to find the pattern for the crochet rose, which book? Is it the nicky Epstein flowers one? Thanks hun
    ps Hens-Den is utterly gorgeous xx

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Some lovely things, aren't you clever?!? I have that basket thing (it's actually a cake stand) in the kitchen for fruit. I love what your using it for!! x

  20. Oh Hen I adore you bags! I need to get further on with learning to crochet and then I could treat myself to one with the vintage handles - just lovley.

    Clever girl!
    Stephx - who too has been snubbed by CK despite spending a wodge on Christmas presents and usin gift vouchers recently. Is because I'm up Northish? Fingers crossed for tomorrow's post.

  21. Nice bags Hen, I can see the crochet flowers have become your 'signature'! Rachaelxo

  22. Your new bags look great - love the little hearts hanging on the white stand and the cake stand is perfect for your pincushions!

  23. Hi Hen:

    Serious bag envy over here! Truly gorgeous bags.

    Lisa xo

    PS Have you seen Julia McKenzie as the newest Miss Marple? I don't think I like her. I miss Joan.

  24. Luuurrrrrving the bags! I have a serious weakness for bags and now have to sit on my hands lest I should buy even more and attract the notice of Mr Deravelled, who would then surely fall out with me!!

    Enjoyed looking through your snowy photos, too. Why is everyone elses house so much better than mine?!?! :)

    Gemma x x

  25. The bags are just beautiful Helen, especially with the crochet flowers - I so wish I could make them!!
    I wonder how the CK catalogue systems works because I received mine here in Australia early this week. I hope yours isn't too far away because it is just beautiful!!!

  26. Blame the snow for you not getting your catalogue ****** (snowflakes)
    You are so very talented, its my best friends birthday next month so I will be paying your little shop a visit as I know she would love something from your gorgeous selection!!
    Claire xx

  27. LOVE THOSE BAGS!!! Do you know , I have just started crochet again, and have no bag to pot my wool, hooks etc in.
    As I am snowed in today, and cant get to work, I will get my sewing machine out! You have given me inspiration!!!!

    Thanks hun!

    Sharon xx

  28. Love, love, love those hearts. I've got the 'baskety thing' too and it's useful for all sorts of things. I like to fill mine with chocs at Christmas and Easter. I've got my CK catalogue - and don't buy much from her. I'm upset because I still don't have a Bridgewater one! Never happy are we?


  29. How absolutely fantastic! I love the knitting bags you made!!! They are beautiful! :)

  30. HI there - ive just edited my last blogpost and added the pic of the heart i made that i mentioned in my earlier comment to you :-)
    - ive linked to your blog in my blogpost as well to send people over here if they want to spend any pennies hope thats ok!!!

  31. You are so unbelievably talented. I LOVE your bags and crocheted flowers. One can tell you really love your work.

  32. oh, you do cheer me up. What a lovely den. Don't forget to check charity shops for bag handles to recycle.

  33. Oh dear, I just found your shop at Etsy, and I must say your creations are absolutely fabulous! I like them all, the fabriques, colours, everything! Great inspiration!!

  34. Love the fabric in the clutch and of course the knitting bags too!!!

  35. So much lovely inspiration here today! I love it!


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