Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A little birdie told me...

We really are pretending it's Spring here at the HenHouse, there's been a lot of hatching and perhaps even a migration!

I've had it in the back of my mind to make these little birdies for ages.  They look deceptively simple; that is, I am not trying to say they are rocket science to make, they're easy to cut out and you can use up your scraps, but boy, are they fiddly when it comes to sewing the seams. The air was blue, bloggers...

The reason for this bizarre method of self-torture, I hear you questioning?  All in good time... Today, I have turfed out just about every drawer, tin and jar in my den.  This is a project that required buttons, beads, ribbons, trims, lace, crochet bits 'n' pieces,  and goodness knows what else. It is, therefore, the sort of project I'd usually relish and I did enjoy it, oh yes indeedy I cannot deny it, but at the end of it, my head hurt and I looked in horror at the (late) time on the clock!  Decisions, decisions.

This photo is taken at a relatively tidy stage in the proceedings! There was, of course, the frequent interruption of my half-term friend to contend with. His latest game is "let's fiddle with the granny squares" and play "which is my favourite"?

Today, it is this one. Obviously.

So, what do you get when you combine a copper ring courtesy of Mr HenHouse (thank you, mon amour), and all the aforesaid ribbony buttony paraphernalia, and the birdies, of course?

This little number is called a "dreamcatcher". It has its origins amongst the Indian tribes. The idea is to hang it, ideally above the bed of a sleeping child, to ensure they have good dreams. The good dreams will pass through the dream catcher and fall upon the sleeping soul, the bad dreams shall be trapped in the centre of the ring. I think that is a very nice idea. Of course, they didn't look quite like this one, they looked more "Indiany": a willow ring, strings made from who knows what (yeuch) stretched across the middle, and feathers hanging down. The idea was to tie on little bits and bobs which meant something to the individual.  The original idea for this girly frou-frou take on the dreamcatcher is not mine, this is just my take on it. I have seen various ones on Flickr and wanted to have a go... and ensure some good dreams, of course.  For me, they'd be dreams of eiderdowns, embroidered tablecloths and pretty china!

 I would have liked to take my customary glut of pretty photos from all angles but by the time I had finished the dreamcatcher, it was pretty damned dark! Never mind, there are more on the production line!  Guess who else wants to ensure he has good dreams? Dreams of fishies, birdies and Whiskas treats, perchance?


Finally, here's how the ripple is going. Again, it was dark by the chance I got round to this photo, sorry about that! I'm sure you get the rippley idea...

We're heading West to the sanctuary of our little cottage, cider and thrifting, tomorrow. See you all next week, enjoy the rest of half term and the weekend.


  1. I love the birdies! They do look fiddly though.

    I will defo check out the patterns you told me about. Thanks for the advice! I do love a bit of crochet and you're right, it is a necessity in a cottage! :-)

  2. Your birdies are wonderful! I totally know what you mean about the fiddly always is surprising when such a small simple project (so you think), takes so long to finish, with lots of cursing to go along the way!

  3. Your a talented one! You must spend every waking hour at work on all these beauties!!

    Enjoy the cottage xx

  4. Oh my goodness! I hope you're not going away and leaving the cat in charge of the dreamcatcher! The bird looks nervous and the cat is definitely licking his lips!
    Ripples looking great - perfect colours to go with the AMH sofa cushions! t.x

  5. I am lovin' the colours you have going on there a pattern somewhere to copy???



  6. Birdies are very pretty. Enjoy your weekend in the west country. xxx

  7. Hope you all have a lovely break away.
    The birds are very sweet, bet the cats love them!
    And the ripple blanket is coming on a treat, great colours.

  8. Love the little birdies, and the crocheting is coming on a treat.
    Have a good break

  9. 'Lets fiddle with the granny squares' sounds like a good game to me! The munchkin picked out a very nice square. The birdie dreamcatcher is a very good idea. I bet you had loads of fun embellishing it if not so much fun sewing up the bird! Enjoy your time at the cottage. How lovely to get away! Oh yes, the ripple is coming along nicely too!

  10. I love your dreamcatcher! The colour scheme for the ripple looks perfect too! x

  11. you have my fav things there, a pussy cat and granny squares!
    sam x

  12. love the fabrics you use :-)
    my birdies still look a bit quirky but im getting there slowly but i can take about a week to do one of anything LOL
    the ripple blanket is lovely :-)
    Lesley x

  13. ...eveything looks lovely I dont know where to start...your granny squares look fab...mine are a bit out of shape and stretchy..I have used eco cotton which has a tendancy to be a bit unruly...have you a pattern for the ripple.....

  14. ooh...your ripple blanket is the same colour palate as your lupin picture is that intentional? have a lovely time at the H

  15. Have you noticed all the colours in your ripple are the same as the colours in the lupin photo on your side bar!

  16. Love the birdies. Enjoy the weekend.

  17. Those birds are so cute. My Mum goes to America regularly and has brought one or two dreamcatchers back over the years, but they are nowhere as pretty as your creations. Where do you get all these ideas from!? Dev X

  18. Love the colours in that ripple blanket, makes my heart sing!!! Gorgeous dreamcatcher, mind you we would have to hang ours very high, out of the reach of our cats who would both be hanging from it with one of those very pretty birdies in their paws!!! Enjoy half term

  19. Aaahhh love the little birdies.

  20. Very, very pretty! That's the trouble with little things - the smaller they are the longer they take to make!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  21. Your little birds are very cute and cheerful. I enjoy looking at all the beautiful colors and fabrics you use for your creations. Love your blog! Madeline

  22. Nice crochet.What an interesting idea you had.They are alot of work aren't they.

  23. Those birdies are super super cute! Looks like the ripple is coming along nicely too!

  24. I was just scrolling down your blog...this caught my eye. Look how your ripple afghan goes with the color flowers in your side bar. Lovely!!! Laurie


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