Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Lot Less Wordy Wednesday

Hen's Den today...

New stash...

New bits 'n' pieces...

New (old) embroidery...

Stash Love...

Catching my eye...

Next new (old) project?


  1. Your stash looks fantastic!!!! Although it must take a while to dust!!

    I love all the beautiful brooches you have: they are so pretty! x

  2. Wow! What a delight everything looks so pretty.
    Re yesterdays blog I left a comment
    there are also 2.25, & 2.75 and lengthwise the needles measure from 25cm to 40 cm everything else is correct.

  3. Hen...this is my favorite kind of post....lots and lots of yummy fabric!! Just BEAUTIFUL!! Love your embroidery too.

  4. Oh wow! What a lot of absolutely lovely stuff. Wish it was mine!

  5. A joy to the eye Hen, what more can I say.
    Take care.

  6. Oh my.. you are so much more tidy than me,Hen!! ;-)

  7. I love your den Hen!!! I should take some before and after shots of mine and should really be getting the house in order before digging the pond! Do you wash and iron your fabrics before stashing or just fold them? I need some organisation tips for my fabric!

  8. Glad to see that I am no the only one with loads of fabric, books, trims, buttons, etc. Love all the bright, beautiful colors. To be surrounded by all the lovely inspiration! :)

  9. oooh how lovely!
    jealous Me?
    (well, maybe just a bit)


  10. Thanks for showing us those beautiful pictures. Just what I needed on this dull afternoon.!

  11. oh how i wish i could just be let loose for an hour in your den ;-) lovely fabric and new bits and pieces !
    Lesley x

  12. Fantastic!!!! Where did you get those little russian doll beauties in the 2nd picture??? :)

  13. Could you please come over to mine and re arrange my stash neat and tidy like yours!

    Jo xx

  14. WOW AND DOUBLE WOW. Your stash and craft room is totally amazing. I'm surprised you ever leave the house with a room like that. xxxx

  15. Lovely fabric stash, lovely brooches, lovely AMH pincushion too, have the pattern just not got round to making it yet. Looking forward to seeing the new(old) sewing box renovated. Dev X

  16. Oh my goodness, it all looks so have such taste!!! xx

  17. oh my goodness it's all so neat and tidy! I have no idea how you do it. My workroom can look like that for a few minutes but then the minute I start a project - wham! - utter chaos! t.x

  18. SO many fabulous colours...I am definitelt going to purchase one of your pin cushions when my sales up a little...they're gorgeous!
    Love your so pleased to have found it!

  19. Please can we swap work rooms......NOW!! Love your stash, so bright and colourful and inspirational. No wonder you make such pretty things.

    Sue xx

  20. i love you're organisation, it's beautiful and inspiring all by itself, without anything else!

  21. Hi Hen!
    You have a very organised stash, if only my stash looked that good!

    Love the new bird dream catchers, so pretty and worth all that blue language!

  22. Lovely pictures. I'd love to know where you got the polka dot fabric as I can't find green or blue anywhere. I'd love it if you could let me know?

    Lisa x

  23. My eyes are trying to see all the beautiful things! Lovely!

  24. Holy cow! All that fabric!

    I so wish I was bold enough to put jazzy, bright colours together but I don't seem to have the eye for it.
    I always favour gingham and florals!


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