Saturday, 14 February 2009

Love is in the Air

Hello everyone, sorry for the blogging break this week, it's just been a lot busier than I thought but I'm back with a mega lurrrrve-fest of a post today!  I have my parents staying with me at the moment so we've had a few trips out and about and I have been doing my "hostess with the mostest" thing!  To my eternal surprise, I know some of my parents' friends read my blog, so if you are missing the oldies, here's what they have been up to...

As you can see, they won't be returning to Chester any slimmer!  Better get that round of golf booked in.   After that decidedly non-Weight Watchers-approved lunch, where better to head than to the world's best sweetie shop, Hope & Greenwood, just across the road.  You can always rely on them for a stunning, seasonal window display.

Amongst other things, these fabby heart-shaped pink doilies found their way into my basket.

Of course, how could one not mention that today is, the day of lurrrrrvvve. Yesterday, was very exciting as the doorbell rang and there was the postie with my Valentine's swap parcel from A Thrifty Mrs. Whey hey!

Luckily, the postie is by now used to my exuberant outbursts at his arrival. It does, I think, make him feel very appreciated. I had that jiffy bag open in, well, a jiffy...

Oooh, look at all that pinky reddy loveliness. A shame to rip it all open but someone had to do it!

Wow!  Hen finds herself the very lucky recipient of a beautiful heart-shaped plate, a very cute heart shaped candle (one for the "far too nice to burn" collection), a set of pink heart-shaped cookie cutters, some sweeties (Munchkin's eyeing up those eagerly, along with that pretty box of heart-shaped mallows) and some home-made goodies too.  Thrifty had also written a lovely rose-printed card to me.  She's been a busy girl!  There's a lovely and very ingenious heart garland (like bunting) crafted from pages of lurrrrve script, all cleverly sewn together with red thread with a dinky fabric heart at one end.  Isn't that a great idea?

There's also a lovely fabric flower magnet which is keeping Mr and Mrs HenHouse on the fridge...

I can't say thank you enough to Thrifty Mrs for all the thought and effort she's put into her (my) parcel. It's fab to receive such an unashamedly cute and girly gift just for me. And to show you that you were spot on with your choices, the Munchkin and I set straight to work...

The power of concentration.  Decisions, decisions...

So many cutters, so little time...

Just like our collection of cookery books and utensils, we plumped for the "non-subtle" approach to cake decoration...

Well, I've been a very lucky girl today, some of my fave roses have graced my doorstep which shall bloom long after today is over...

We're all set for tea...

And although this sentiment is really for my beloved Mr HenHouse, it pretty much sums up how I feel about all my bloggy friends too...

Have a wonderful weekend. xxx


  1. Hi Hen, enjoyed reading your post, those cakes look yummy. Your mum and dad look like they're enjoying themselves, nothing like a good plate of fish and chips, I can't remember the last time I had them.
    Lucky you some lovely swap pressies.
    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi Hen,
    Such lovely swap gifts!
    Have a super day....the tea looks wonderful...

    We are going to Pemberley(Lyme Hall NT house) for a walk and lunch, I'm hoping Olly will do something Darcy like and swim in the lake!LOL
    I have the white shirt all ready!


  3. So much love and sweetness!!

    Happy Valentines day to you all!
    (Valentines Day here in Brazil is only in June)

  4. Thanks for the great Val Day post - I really admire your fantastic baking skills! Such wonderful goodies! Have a great day. G

  5. Happy Valentines day Hen...
    xxx I am glad I found you too xxx

  6. Happy Valentines Day to you. I love the garland made by Mrs Thrifty, what a great idea. Have a lovely weekend. Dev X

  7. lovely goodies, and those cakes look delish too. We are (attempting) heart shaped cookies here, fingers crossed they turn out half as good as your cakes and we'll be on a winner! x

  8. Such a lovely valentine post. I can't believe the size of your Dad's FISH!!!!!!! I really fancy fish 'n' chips now! The Munchkin looks so contented decorating the cakes. I love the glossy red icing. The package you received looked wonderfully packed with treats. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. ooohhhh you have me feeing all warm and cosy inside :-) i love the "So glad i found you" what a gorgeous sentiment and we are happy we found you in blogland but i suspect nowhere near as happy as mr hen is that he found you :-)excellent baking from the munchkin he will make someone a good husband one day :-)
    happy valentines...... Lesley x

  10. "Happy Valentine's Day Hen!
    Any of those fab cakes left?...

  11. I recognise those cakey cook books in that shot - I aspire to decorate like Peggy, but it ain't never gonna happen!

  12. They cakes looks lovely - those heart cutters are woverful.
    Glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

  13. Lots of LOVEliness! The cakes look great.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  14. Those cakes look lovely, could do with one just now to go with my cup of tea!!

  15. How nice to have spent time with your parents. Lunch looks pretty good to me. :) What a wonderful surprise to have such nice packages arriving at your door.

    Happy Valentines Day! :)

  16. Hi, Hope you had a good Valentine's Day. Lovely idea of real rose bushes, something to look forward to in the summer. By the way, take a peep at my blog, I have included one of your Fabulous Freshcut Bags in an etsy treasury.

  17. Your mum & dad look so happy with their fish & chips... mind you who wouldn't!!! David Austen roses I think... how lovely, I had a pear tree last year.... I like presents that last. The cakes look good...could just do with one now!!! :) x

  18. Wow fab cupcakes! Lovely, lovely post as usual Hen.

  19. What a fab post Hen....I loved the birthday and my new camera cant come soon enough....looks like you had a fab day...I think you have a look of a much lovlier Nigella...remember our emails re her a few months wonder Mr Hen house thought she looked a bit rough when he has you....hope you are being cherished this weeked....H

  20. Lovely post :)
    Great Valentines goodies. And I love your cake decorating - I wonder if its a boy thing as mine go for the more is more approach to decorating too!! Not that I would have it any other way!! X

  21. Those cakes look even nicer than the ones I saw in a posh shop in Clifton yesterday! ;-)

  22. Love the cakes they look very yummy, children just love to cook it's a shame they seem to grow out of it when they become teeagers!!

  23. It seems you had a great time on V-day. Enjoy all your goodies!

  24. Gorgeous presents Hen!
    Everything always looks so pretty on your blog!
    Your mum and dad look lovely!
    Love Lou xxx

  25. Hen, you have a blog just packed full of prettiness! Your post today is filled with the happiness of LOVE!!! Happy weekend!!

  26. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend, those sweet treats look tasty!

    Great swap goodies too,

    Victoria xx

  27. I hope you had a lovely time with your family. I am glad you like your swap items.
    Thanks for mine, I'm smitten.


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