Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sweet Dreams...

Despite the nasty dull 'n' drizzly weather here, I've tried to take some photos to show you my dreamcatchers.

I mentioned dreamcatchers and the history behind them in my post a few days ago.

They have been enjoyable to make but Mr HenHouse and I lost count of the number of dinky beads we dropped on the floor last night whilst making the little dangly bead chains. I'm considering paying the Munchkin a bit of pocket money to retrieve all the stray ones! The dreamcatchers are residing here and here for the time being (but well away from Jacky-Ginge).


Hope that got your attention!  On a completely different note, please could I request some assistance from all you knitters out there.  How many pairs of knitting needles do you tend to use/have in your possession?  What I am getting at is, if you were to have a little roll (a bit like my crochet roll) to keep them in, how many sets would you want to keep in there - so how many spaces/pockets must I make??  Clear as mud?  Many thanks if you can help me out.


  1. Hi Hen....what lovely dreamcatchers.....you always think of such lovely things to make!xx

  2. Pretty dreamcatchers.
    I have about 8-10 pairs (that I actually use - the rest proove to be useless) of knitting needles ranging from very long to teeny tiny. I keep mine in a big pot as it is often hard to get knitting needle cases long enough.

  3. The dreamcatchers are really pretty and feminine. They would look really out of place in my crabby old bedroom!!! I can't help you with the knitting needle question because a knitter I am not!

  4. I think I tend to agree with Thriftymrs. 8 to 10 sounds about right, although storage is not required around my house. All my needles seem to be stuck in projects I will never complete!!!
    Beautiful dreamcatchers...how is the ripple going?


  5. I have too many pairs of needles - many inherited from my mum! I would go for a round dozen as an average sort of number. Off on a slight tangent ... I also have shorter needles for knitting socks and they fit in a roll the size of a crochet hook - I have about 5 sets of 5 in varying sizes
    Chris x

  6. Your dreamcatchers are beautiful Hen, and very "you".
    I love seeing all this pretty dreaminess in blogland, must be something in the air...do you follow Lulu Carters blog (a recent discovery for me), you and she are in the same place with pretty birdy dreamy things.

  7. You have a lovely blog, i found you through Attic24. i cant wait to read more and look at all your photos!

    Aqeela xx

  8. Lovely dreamcatchers Hen. xxxx

  9. I keep my needles in vases as there are too many and I never get any knitting done! HA! How's that for useless input?!
    I'm sure Jacky-ginge thinks the dreamcatchers would make wonderful deluxe cat toys, only for the very most spoilt cats of course!! t.x

  10. The dreamcatchers are great... I don't normally like them 'cos they have horrible feathers on!!!
    A traditional needle case will have 16 spaces... ranging from 00 to size 14. Most people would only use 3 to 14 as 00 to 2 are really big chunky sizes... don't forget to make those spaces bigger. Hope this makes sense, email me if not x

  11. Hi Hen!!

    LOVE the dream catchers!!

    I have loads of needles from my nan, but i've only actually used 8 pairs...but I think I'd like to have a pouch for ten! :)


  12. Hi Hen, Knitting needle are about 30cm to 40cm in length and go 2, 2.5, 3, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 20 (the last two sizes are very chunky!) Hope this is of some use. I think there may be half sizes between the 8s to 10s but I cannot remember off hand I'll check tomorrow when I go to work.

    Do you have email address and then I can email the all the sizes?

    Love the Dreamcatchers they are very pretty.

  13. Hi! Love the dream catchers. Super cute! I made myself a needle roll last week, it's got 14 pockets, I am using two for my gian needles and a couple for crochet hooks and weaving sticks! Could probably get a couple of pairs in each pocket though. Hope that helps! :)


  14. I have at least one size of each knitting needles from 1 to 19 in straight needles. Linda Gerig

    I also have circulars and double pointed ones too.

  15. Just found your blog and I love your stuff - amazing colours!! Gets you in such a happy mood! Your etsy shop looks great, too - have to take a closer look later! Thanks for a feast of colour and pattern on a grey morning!!

  16. Lovely dreamcatchers Hen, they'd look really pretty hanging in a bedroom.
    Can't help on the knitting front I'm afraid.
    Take care.

  17. I have between 8-12 pairs and they are different lenths, some stuck in projects and the rest already in a knitting roll, that I bought from Cath K! Don't know how many you'd sell to knitters? A few maybe?

  18. Your dream catchers are lovely.

    I'm not a knitter myself but am investigating learning and i know that Cath Kidston does a knitting needle roll that might be worth investigating for sizing etc! If CK does it must be good!!

    Victoria xx

  19. So nice! I put you on my blog list, too! I would love to come back again!



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