Sunday, 22 February 2009

Top Trip

Hello again everyone.  Well, we've battled the A303 (predictable queues at Stonehenge), the M3 and the M25 and we're back in the ole' smoke.  We've had a really lovely few days away and feel quite sad now that our mini "holiday" is over.  It's always equally lovely to get back home though!  After I've put the food away (lot of yummy goodies to "import" back from the West country), put the washing on and put my pjs on(!), I have to wander around and fiddle in my den for a bit before collapsing on the sofa, laptop on knee, Burrow Hill cider in hand.  Ah, I am a lucky girl.

On Thursday, we made our way to Somerset via Hampshire and an almost obligatory stop for the boys at the steam railway in Alresford.  On Friday, we went via our fave charity shop to Shaftesbury in Dorset, intent on also finding Dairy House Antiques in nearby Semley.  I met the owner, Sue, at the Vintage and Handmade Fair in November where she had a stall and we have been meaning to visit ever since.  Of course, no visit to Shaftesbury would be complete without going to Gold Hill.  This is the stunning little cobbled street of "Hovis" bread fame.

Gold Hill is a beautiful sight, I can never quite believe it is real each time I see it, everything from the little sloping lane disapearing down the hill and the pretty cottages lining its edge to the view of the distant landscape are just perfection, so quintessentially, damned gorgeously English!

The Munchkin had a lot of fun running up and down the hill and building up an appetite for lunch at the cafe at the top of the hill. It was a lovely day and we even managed to eat our lunch outside. I think we did so largely  because we were loving the view, rather than thinking it was a glorious day weather-wise!

And of course, "the ripple" came too...

Eek!  I hate that photo.  Mr HenHouse was very naughty and disobeyed instructions to keep me out of the photo.  Ah well.  Disappointingly, we found that Sophie Perks Ward's shop, previously such a treasure trove of Greengate loveliness, was no longer there.  A few pounds saved and Mr HenHouse heaved a sigh of relief!

On to Dairy House Antiques.  Sue was not there but we found what I believe to be her goodies, all beautifully arranged in vintage haberdashery units.

I could not resist a few goodies; more of that later...

Saturday was a stunningly gorgeous day, bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Great weather and a Saturday in Bridport - oh this is truly my idea of heaven! First stop the WI market, where I introduced the Munchkin to the beautiful seasonal display of snowdrops, catkins and pussy willows. I have always adored pussy willows, I just love anything furry(!) and he is following in my footsteps in that regard and couldn't resist a stroke of those tactile buds...

After a fabby mooch round Bridport, I declared that I fancied going to the seaside and eating fish and chips for lunch, and such idea was met with enthusiasm by  my comrades. Where better than West Bay, just down the road, and the wonderful Jurassic coast.

Oh, but it was wonderful. We laid our coats down on the fine, rust coloured shingle and greedily devoured our fish and chips whilst surveying the calm rippling sea.

Did I hear the word "rippling"? Of course, The Ripple came too...

Whilst I rippled away and Mr HenHouse was occupied with the broadsheets, the Munchkin, who customarily has a pretty exemplary diet, worked off all that fried food!

How fabulous to have a day on the beach, sans coats, in February.

I have had an extraodinarily fortuitous few days, treasure wise!  Quite a little haul...

A few stunning brooches from Bridport, here displayed in a lovely little blue glass dish (I never could resist a bit of coloured glass), a "mushroom" darner (very chuffed with this for 50p) and some lovely Victorian glass beads and vintage lace from Sue at Vintage to Victorian which shall soon be put to use in my various crafty projects.

Some lovely vintage trim. I can see this put to use in my "revamped" vintage sewing boxes (I found another of those today, yipee!) and I also have a Lloyd Loom stool to reupholster, courtesy of my nan.

More lovely coloured glass in the form of some pretty blue vases, gorgeous for bedside tables...I even bought the peonies, too!

Lots of fabby coloured knitting needles. I have lots of these now but I have a project in mind for them...

Oh, I do love this! I have wanted one of these jugs for a while. The ribbed glass is lovely and it has a wonderful pastel green pouring spout/lid. Mine for £2.50 in Sherborne; I'll be hanging onto this one!  Sadly, the photo doesn't nearly do it justice...

I also bought this gorgeous embroidered tea cosy from Sue. I have to make an exception to splash out hard cash on embroidered linen from shops and dealers as I can usually pick up a lot at car boot sales for very little but every so often I see something I love (my teacloth with cottages on which I bought in Honiton, for example), and as lupins are up there with my fave flowers, I really loved this tea cosy. If you have read my blog for a bit, you will know I think linen tea cosys are completely impractical (hardly likely to keep your tea warm), so if I can bear it, I might "upcycle" it into something "new".

Mr HenHouse discovered that the car boot sale at Yeovil was on again today, oh deep joy, so I have a whole lot of other goodies on top of this little haul, which I found today! It was simply one of those rare but marvellous thrifty weekends!

I'm shattered now, it's pretty late. For all those returning to work and school tomorrow, keep your chin up!


  1. Lovely pretty things.
    Nothing like the rush of finding a gem! Some people get a buzz from spending thousands, for me its just pennies!!
    I want to go to gold hill thingy now!!


  2. Great finds, love the tea cosy cover! t.x

  3. Fab finds Hen! I adore the blue glass.

  4. What a lovely time you have had Hen! Beautiful finds - I think if I ever get over there I will have to pay you to be a tour guide! What great places you visit!

  5. Fish & chips on the beach... prefect!!! I love the jug (sure theres a joke there??!!) & the Hovis hill is beautiful... you're right it doesn't look real. Looks like a lovely few days were had :) x

  6. What a great time you had, thanks for sharing. x

  7. what wonderful finds...I have been looking for one of those little jugs too..I am still on the look out for the china flowers for you...but of course none to be seen now! the weather looked lovely...I havent been to the Hovis Hill since I was 'with child'...I WAS NOT RUNNING UP THE HILL!!!! in the words of Julie Walters in Mama Mia...where is the iron lung....dont remind me that some of us are back at work....

  8. What a great weekend you all had, the weather certainly helps getting out and about.
    So many lovely finds and I'm not surprised you couldn't resist the tea cosy, it's gorgeous.
    Lisa x

  9. Great finds!!! Sounds to me like you needed to come home for a rest!!!! x

  10. Thanks for sharing your long weekend with us Hen. Wasn't Saturday a glorious day weatherwise? The little Munchkin looks like he was having a wonderful time. Glad to see that the ripple went along with you!

  11. Sounds like you had a great holiday. I don't know you girls, I've just been looking of photos of Salisbury on Mel's blog and now you with all these familiar places. I think there is a conspiracy to make me miss England. How many times have I been to Shaftesbury - I can't remember, I used to work in Sherborne many moons ago.....West Bay - many Sunday afternoons spent.....
    Anyway enough reminiscing.
    Looks like you found some lovely bits and pieces, all very pretty.
    Take care.

  12. Lovely post. I feel like I've been on holiday now. BTW I love the tea cosy.


  13. I loved this post and have mentally filed it away for a future trip 'down south' and golly what a haul - you certainly have an eye for a goody or few !!!
    Nice to see the ripple out and about - I have to admit that for trips away I pack my current crochet project before anything else! I think it's probably just me but I'm not comfortable about crocheting in the open as I get sooo many odd glances - in fact I was more relaxed breast-feeding in public - so silly really but then I guess I did that for longer than I've been crocheting!

  14. What a lovely time away you had, I like going too Alresford and having a walk around.
    That hill and the views look amazing, I think I’m going to have to read your post again, it was so LOVELY!
    Love Lou xxx

  15. Hi Hen...glad you had a great time!
    Nice to be reminded of the Hovis ad (two Ronnies! LOL).
    Love your tea cosy too..I bought a lovely one, on ebay, a while ago.I was going to sell it at the last fair...but now I can't bring myself to get rid of it!
    Lovely to see Harry enjoying himself so much!;-)

  16. Crikey... I thought I'd shopped till I dropped this weekend (vintage-wise of course) but you take the biscuit!
    Deb x
    PS:I couldn't bring myself to cut up that tea cosy; you're braver than me!

  17. did you need extra transport laid on to bring everything back with you ? :-D and i bow down to your dedication to the ripple but its looking very nice indeedy!!
    what a lovely look at your holiday thank you for sharing :-)
    lesley x

  18. Gorgeous goodies Hen...Absolutely adore the pink/rose bud glasses. Please tell me you didn't find them in I was in Bridport this morning! Your crochet rippling is lovely...I take my crochet with me everywhere now too! It's addictive isn't it. Kathyx

  19. Looks like you had a great break. Can I come in your suitcase next time puuuurlease?

  20. Oh no!!!!!!!!
    I am so terribly, completely homesick at the moment and seeing MY West Bay there in all that sun makes me want to bawl!!

    Its now almost 7 months since our last visit to Bridport, and I am missing it. Lots.
    How long till Easter?? How long till i can sit on that shingle?


  21. Looks like a lovely break was had by all :) Some lovely thrifty finds x
    I find the thrifting goes like that - you find tons of treasure or absolutely nothing!!! Can't wait to see what else you found :)

  22. How lovely to See Bidport so much enjoyed. I sometimes forget, living here, how lucky I am.

    Plucking up the courage to start my own ripple........

  23. Sounds like a fantastic few days, my idea of heaven. Looking forward to seeing how you transform all that vintage lace. xxxx

  24. Hi Helen. Sounds like a fantastic holiday and the weather was gorgeous too wasn't it? Great finds, though I know what you mean about tea cosies made of linen! xx

  25. Some lovely finds there......and your mini break looked to be very the seaside!


  26. Oh this blog is lovely, really nice. I love the shop with all those shelve sand drawers! And I love the ripples!

  27. Lovely days out & great finds too!
    Now, the tea do know that they used to have a plain padded cosy that the embroidered linen one would fit over? That was so they could be removed for washing. So, if you want to keep it to use, just made a padded "inner" that fits inside!

  28. Hi Hen,
    Lovely to read this post...almost like 'coming home', as you have mentioned so many of my (fairly!) local haunts...
    Shame you missed Sue at DH, but you managed to have a rummage in her drawers anyway! And the linen cover was definitely worth the outlay. (I believe they were a washable cover for a plain inner quilted cosy)
    Love the colourful brooches that you found - I collect this type myself - with the hand painted details with a few colourful glass stones.

    Glad to hear that Yeovil car boot is back takes about an hour from here, and yes we've turned-up there only to find it closed - VERY sad! At least that one isn't an early start...

    Did you know that Sophie has a blog? (She's on my blog roll)

    Glad you enjoyed your break,

  29. Hi Hen

    I'm so sorry to have missed your visit to Dairy House, but thanks indeed for your purchases. Glad you have fun rummaging through the drawers - did you look in all 86?!!!

    What a lovely weekend weather-wise for your visit to Gold Hill, Bridport, West Bay and all my favourite haunts.

    If you decide to visit DH again my usual days are Wed, Thur, Sat and Sun.

    Thanks again.
    Sue x


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