Monday, 16 February 2009


I'll share something with you, it took me forever to find out what WIPs meant.  For anyone similarly unenlightened, this post is going to show you some of my works in progress.  First up, on Wednesday, I caught the train to Bicester, a little pilgrimage to the shopping outlet village where I headed straight to Cath K, of course (more of that later).  On the train, I set to what I had been attempting in my previous crochet class.  I had chained a nice fairly long row but by the second row, I didn't have enough stitches left at the end, grr, so I decided to follow my tutor's advice and work a smaller sample square first.  The hour long trip to Bicester proved perfect to do just that and I recorded the successful moment on my 'phone to share with you.

I love, LOVE, LOOOVE this rippley thing. I have become ripple-addicted. I really don't think I'm up to starting a massive blanket sized version (yet, still got the granny squares one to finish,) but I have decided to go for a bright cushion cover to go with my Garden Party cushions. I started last night and spent the evening happily rippling away...

I am now stuck on what colours to use next. I really think it needs to be the mustardy yellow but I am really not a yellow lover so I am struggling... I'll have a glass of wine to give me the dutch courage to carry on later!

This morning's project has been more Cath K stripey patchworking to craft some more covers for notebooks. I was able to include a lovely floral patterned fabric I picked up last week. I like to look at the patchwork at this stage, it looks equally pleasing, but in a completely different way, from when it is made up into something else.

I want to show you something else, please.  I bought a few of those little china posies a fair few months ago and have since had my mum scouring the North West for them too, to augment my collection.  She came up trumps with a few beauties for my collection, don't you think?

I now have about 6 posies and 9 brooches.  Still need more...obviously.  I love the colours you find in these, they really are my faves and so "Spring-like", too.  The posy with the flowers coming out of the lemon-coloured "horn" (the posy at the top of the photo) is just right for this time of year, daffs and tulips.  Flowers which promise us a change from the gloom of Winter, I think. Oh please, please, PLEASE hurry up Spring! And thank you mum, my little shopping helper.

Vorey says please can Spring hurry up, too!  And is this stripey fabric thing going to make my new bed? Err, definitely not, young man!

I have to cheat a bit now, on the title of this post, because the patchworky fabric is no longer a WIP, as I've made the notebooks covers since I started this post this morning. I think (I know, I am biased), they look really nice and I love the bright colours and the simple flowery patterns.  I do think these fabrics look better when you put them together than they do on their own.  Maybe that's because I can never just restrict myself to using one!

This time, I've made some A4 sized notebooks which are a real luxury. It takes a heck of a lot of patchworking to make those!

Now, nothing to do with WIPs at all, but didn't I mention I went to Cath K's outlet store?

At first, I thought it wasn't there as I dashed off the shuttle bus straight round the corner to its usual spot to find, well, no Cath K.  A few enquiries in the Le Creuset shop (and a new enamelled casserole pot in that delicious turquoisey colour) later, I find the new Cath K  store and it is TWICE the size.  Oh happy days.  Lots of lovely textiles to be had (and some spotty placemats too).  I just love that towel, I'm going to turn it into a roller towel for the kitchen at the cottage (when I find one of those old wooden roller thingies, that is).

Couldn't resist this "Threads" tin at half price...

I had promised myself a new overnight bag ages ago and had kicked myself for not having bought one the last time I spotted them in the outlet store. Well, it was a good job I waited (I'm soooo restrained) as they had several different patterns from which to choose this time and I plumped for this one. No one's going to lose me in a crowd...

I also got some lovely blue cotton sheets with crochet lace edging which were fab bargains. I'm going to turn the single sheet into two pillowcases; I'll post piccies once that WIP (very IP as they are currently in the washer) is completed.

Just to prove this post really is mainly about WIPs, whilst I've been typing this, I've managed to field a call from the gardener about pruning lilac trees and brambles, make and light the fire, install a Munchkin with a cold under a candlewick blanket on the sofa in front of a Thomas the Tank video and...start the mustardy colour on my ripple.  

I'm not loving the colour but I do think it will work overall.  I did only manage one page of the Boden catalogue whilst all this was going on (need to hone my multi-tasking skills) so I'll get back to that later, with that glass of wine which I think I definitely still need..!


  1. I love the new kitty in your sidebar!! I've been petting him and he purred! CK outlets are so great - Love all your wip's - I think the mustard will look great when you have more ripples done.

  2. Love the ripple crochet....:>))

    The bag is wonderful!
    What a good bargain!
    The teatowels are much better value from there, I see the you manged to find some of the cute flower one, tis my fave cheerful!
    The towel will be super as a roller one, pretty design.....

    Loving the book covers, you do make some super things!

    Have a fun evening!xxx

  3. Woohoo! I think you have cracked the crochet. I love the little china posies too.

  4. So many pretty things to feats our eyes on in your post.
    Those notebook covers are just so lovely.
    Lisa x

  5. I love the daffodils in your posie they are one of my favorite flowers. Love the rppled effect crochet too.

  6. Well done on cracking the ripples! The cushion cover is looking great. I'm not so sure on it now I've done some, which is a good thing because I still have to finish my blanket. The shopping trip sounds good, I really need a trip to CK for some goodies & 1/2 price sounds good!! I'm off for 2 weeks in 3 weeks time...can't wait...think I'll sort something out, I've got no plans at the mo.
    As always you've fitted in so much, I'm sure you're super woman!! x

  7. Lots of lovelies there Hen, the posies are gorgeous. I didn't know there were CK outlets! Prepare for lots of questions...... are they much cheaper? Do they have lots of bedding? I'm thinking Bicester's my nearest (I'm near southampton) is it far from the train station?

    Sorry about all the questions, but a girls gotta know :O) xxxxxx

  8. My hubby said that I was making weird noises in my sleep on Sat night..he thinks it was the after effects of visiting CK!! ;-)
    Now then, how easy is it to get a train from Devon to Bicester?
    Nice one again,Hen ;-)

  9. I am so jealous..Bister never had a Cath K when I used to visit whilst staying in Oxford...I love the bag..just wondeful...I wonder if they would do mail order...Polly would love one..I saw tons of those little china posys in a charity shop at the weekend..I cant remember where..If I see any I will pick them up fr you...any in particular that you like? I often see them in charity the ripples..I have tried lots of time and end up with a pyramid...

  10. Do your days consist of an extra ten hours to mine Ms Hen? :-D am very impressed how much you get done and what lovely things !!! the ripple is fabarooney I love it! and i actually really like the blend of colours including the mustard yellow :-)
    maybe one day i will be a ripple ability with my crochet!
    Lesley x

  11. I cant believe how much you get done - I am going to set my alarm for 530 in the morning

    Love the posies - think there may be some in my local charity shop will have a look on Wednesday

    Crochet is fab


  12. HAHA! Lovely WIP's Hen. I am a pro at the WIP. I found one in the back of the cupboard this week which I started when I was 17.... the fabrics are... well...I think it will stay a WIP for the forseeable!
    Hope Munchkin is feeling better soon! Poop timing for the half term holiday poor lamb! t.x

  13. I love it all as always hen!!! xx

  14. Hi Hen,

    Re the patchwork note books - it's really interesting to see how you make things! I didn't realise you made them in long strips like that! You have been a real inspiration to me and a reason I have got back into sewing again after such a long break.

    I love those ripple blankets, I'm not sure if I should say this out loud, but here goes - I prefer them to granny squares! :-) I love the one Kitschen Pink made for her son.

  15. I too have many many W.I.P's!!! I really want to have a go at a ripple blanket but I am just doing a huge granny square at the moment to get back into the swing of things. I love that mustardy wool! The book covers look really lovely and I love all the strips of floraly fabric. Vorey is a handsome cat but I still have a soft spot for Jacky-Ginge!

  16. What a great post - I loved it from beginning to end. Your are one organised and crafty girl. I just love the covered notebooks, I really must have another go at doing that - my last effort was hopeless!!! Thank you for sharing your very productive day!!

  17. I'm loving those colours, Hen!! Very country cottage garden and peeling paint, if you know what I mean!! Well, I'm seeing honeysuckle, ferns, daisies and lavender, anyway!! :) Ahhhh I really can't wait for spring now!

    Gemma x x

  18. I've been trying to teach myself to crochet over the last couple of evenings and it's been driving me crazy. Maybe classes are what I need too. Your ripples are looking great.

  19. Love love LOVE those note book covers!!

    Sam xx

  20. Hen, I'm very envious I think you have multi-tasking down to a fine art. The notebooks are lovely and some lovely finds too at CK by the sound of it.
    Take care.

  21. All gorgeous, such a talented lady.

  22. Hi there, I am so loving that ripple there a pattern available? Must get my granny one finished first but think that the ripple might be next on my list. I only have access to CK via a department store in Canterbury called Fenwicks. They have a small stand on the top floor, cannot imagine a whole outlet..are the prices very different, can you pick up a bargain? Dev X

  23. What a wonderful post, jam packed with visual loveliness............... thank you! Love the note books................ and am very jealous of your Cath K goodies.............. the towel in particular. Looking forward to the progress of your ripple blanket................... looks wonderful so far.

  24. I love your blog... I could spend all day here! I love your ripple crochet, I think your right great choice with the mustard. My ripple crochet blanket has been one of my longest WIPs ever.

  25. Hen, I am really relishing in the vibrant color and orginal creativity of your blog. The fabric...the bags...the cushions...yarn...ripples...and your sweet kitty pictures....just pure blissful loveliness!!!!!!

  26. I love your shopping trips. I'm sooo glad I don't live around the corner from you, because I'd have no money left. You're a very bad influence. Hope Munchkin is better soon.

  27. Love the ripple you are working on. It is going to turn out wonderful. And the journals are so cute. Nice job! :)

  28. LOL - the WIPs thing took me a while to figure out too! I love your blanket - the colours look lovely together - perfect for spring. I'm working on a mini-ripple for the baby at the moment but I'm only using 3 colours and I really wish I'd got more.... oh well. I'm sure that at 19 months old she's not going to be too bothered! :)

  29. Love your crochet, I will progress to that after I have made my granny squares!
    Those cooks are gorgeous, scrummy, lovely!!! what a wonderful idea!!!
    My b/f, Dave lives in Buckingham, so it's not too far at all to CK!!! I want to go again after payday, as hopefully the finances should be better then....

    Happy crafting : )

    Sharon xx

  30. Thank you Hen.....
    That's so sweet of you!xxx

  31. Just this morning I found your blog and I was struck so much by all the beautiful pictures, that I have started to read and to read, back until the very first of your posts.
    You are making so many beautiful things and I especially love your inside-pictures of the Cath Kidston store. And your cottage, and your bags, your crochet blanket and so many things more. What a lovely, charming blog!
    With my very best wishes from the cold and snowy Bavaria,

  32. I love the crochet piece!

    Cath Kidston is a genius at designing fabric. I love the little notebooks you made. Too cute!

  33. Hello Hen, I love to ripple too, I started a blanket but got confused by the edging.. .mine went all wonky! So I've yet to unravel it and start again. I love your colours, especially the yellow! And the notebooks are gorgeous. Thanks for the advice re: the embroidered picture... I'm still thinking!! x

  34. Hello,
    I've just started a ripple blanket too and love it! It took me a week stuck in bed with a bad back before I mastered it though!! I think the mustard colour blends really well with the others and is def. needed! I wish there was a ck near me!!!!
    felicity xx


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