Saturday, 21 March 2009

Another One!

I have the apron bug!

Must dash off and enjoy the sunshine now!  Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Very pretty Hen! I like the red spotty pockets and red trim.

  2. You're becoming quite the production line!

  3. Lovely....I made my sister something similar for her Hen Night last year..along with matching rubber gloves trimmed with the my dad said in his "father of the bride speech" she's the only person we know who uses a smoke alarm as a timer...but a year later, and a bit of "big sister" encouragement she's enjoying using her Nigella mixing bowls and pinny for real now !
    Your blog is lovely, I'll be putting a tutorial for a crocheted Spring Garland up soon on mine if you fancied a new project !

  4. That apron is so pretty - it ought to be worn as a dress! - Natalie x

  5. They are just too pretty to be worn for cooking and cleaning-they may get spoit!
    love the brooches too!

  6. One of my fave ck prints!
    Super brill...hope you managed to get in the sun..its been

  7. I know I already said this about your last apron - but that flowy skirt part is just beautiful! Love your work!

  8. Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have given you a Kreativ Blogger Award, just pop on over to my Blog to see.

  9. Hi Hen
    I do like your choice of colours, they give a good feel factor. I see from the sidebar that we share the same love of Miss Marple, Joan Hickson was THE one and only Miss Marple. Could watch that series over and over again!
    Happy Mother's day.
    Isabelle x


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