Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Grand Ripple Reveal

Yes, the day is finally here.  My first "big" crochet project is finished.  And yes, I am quite pleased with it, thank you.   I hope you will indulge me in a fair few photos; on a time-taken-to-make : number-of-photos ratio, I think it's quite restrained?!

I'm too scared to sit near it, obviously!  I'm having palpitations at the thought of the boys coming home; Mr HenHouse thinks cushions are for sitting on, rather than against.  Actually, I'm pretty certain he would agree if I suggested he thinks cushions are completely superfluous. Sad, because I just cannot contemplate a world without cushions, and the more the merrier, really.  Now that could be the subject of a whole other post...  I'm sure my preciousness (is that a word?) shall pass in a few days!  I've already got my next cushiony project up my sleeve which I shall be researching later on.  I like the ripply crochet cushion though, it adds a bit of texture to all the fabric cushions, but it does need a crochet cushion friend...

For the back, I'm afraid I didn't carry on rippling but used a felted jumper I bought in the Red Cross charity shop (so everyone benefits!) I did make some nice little pink buttonholes to house the pinky buttons. This is a good, quick way of making cushions backs and you can also use the felted wool for all sorts of other crafty projects.   Alicia Paulson has a project for a felted sweater bag in her book "Stitched in Time".

Isn't the hyacinth plant looking lovely (and it is smelling lovely, too).  This is my third pot this year (£1.99 in Sainsburys seems a bargain to me).  However, I hadn't noticed how they were diverging until I took these photos so a little remedial action was required.  Nothing ground breaking there, I know.  I ended up using chopsticks because I couldn't find any plant stakes!  

This morning, whilst waiting for the washed and felted jumper to dry, I faffed about making a little eye mask.  I've been meaning to get round to this for ages;  I don't think the Virgin Atlantic one I currently use is really that attractive (or acceptable in the house of a sewing and fabric fanatic!)

I started using the pattern in "Sew Pretty Homestyle" but as usual, the instructions were terrible (something really is lost in translation in these books), so I ended up partly scrapping the first one and remaking another my own way.  Not rocket science, wish I'd just winged it from the start!  I covered the elastic with a bit of raw silk for a bit of sumptiousness for my boudoir.  Ooh la la!

Back to the ripple.  Some folks have contacted me asking for a pattern.  There is a pattern for a blanket in Vintage Crochet.  (A tip if you buy Vintage Crochet, there is a US and an English version, in the UK, the hardbacked version I have has English stitch terminology; the paperback appears to have US stitch terminology.)  The pattern/method in Vintage Crochet is the same as this extract below, from my tutor's crochet stitches book, which she gave to me.  I've tried to copy it here for you, hope you can read it ok...

I find it very useful to work from a diagram.  You just need to work in groups of 12 stitches, adding 3 for your base chain.  I think for my cushion, I chained about 87 to start, just measure up your cushion/blanket and do the multiplication thingy. 

Recently, people have also asked me about the spotty fabrics I bought and the Russian doll transfers.  These were from the lovely Noor at Holland Fabric House.  Beautiful fabrics and trimmings can be found in her shop and lots of inspiration, too.  Get your credit card at the ready if you visit!

Happy rippling...


  1. Oh hen I love it! You talented thing.
    I am on my 16th of 40something granny squares and really enjoying it.

    What is it with men sitting ON cushions. They are quite clearly deranged. Mr Thrifty had ripped two of my cushions in the past month with his stupid belt. Pah!

  2. Loving the ripply cushion!! It looks perfect nestled in amongst the others. Mr Deravelled actually takes all the cushions off the sofa so he can sit on them on the floor to play his X Box!!! And what makes it worse is that he then leaves them there for me to tidy up the next morning when I come downstairs. Makes me quite wild!!

    Gemma x x

  3. Love the ripply cushion! LOVE everything you make - so happy. Can you tell me what kind of yarn you use for your brightly coloured crochet creations? I am sure you have it listed somewhere - but my wee ones seem to have something against me sitting here for too many minutes searching it out! Thanks so much for the joy!


  4. I think I would be quite happy lounging in your front room for a day!

    What an ingenious way of making a cushion back with an old cardie.

    Thanks for the crochet pattern, I would love to start one, its just the patchwork ia all consuming!


  5. The ripple looks really striking amongst the fabric cushions. I hope your cats don't pick it!!! I really would like to have a go at a ripply something but I have to finish this humungeous blanket first!

  6. The cushion is beautiful and I love the back almost as much.


    I would show hubby your eye mask but he would say I needed a bigger one to cover my whole face as I wouldnt scare any intruders !!!


  7. Gorgeous and so pretty cushion, your home is adorable :)

    I laughed at your pun, the fact that it had never even be used, good olde Mum :)

    Ohooo yes we had to have the Jacket, though they do now go up to age eight in their children's range, so maybe something Munchkin likes :)


  8. Oh Hen it's fabulous. Worth all that effort - I'm in awe!

    And what is it about men don't get about cushions for goodness sake?! Living wth three of them, every sngle one of mine end up on the floor. But I'm tougher than that, they won't wear me down - the cushions maybe, but then I'll just make some more!

    Ar you off on your hols then hence the very pretty, long haul flight mask? Have fun!

  9. Oooo, deliciously gorgeous cushion! Ingenious backing too, I've never heard that idea.
    I think the Man/Cushion thing is global, we have to just keep at the cushion collecting so they know they can't win!!
    Thanks for the ripple instructions - will be keeping these safe until the "hexies" are done.

  10. lovely lovely lovely :-)
    clever hen strikes again you are a talented lady :-)
    and people actually using cushions - oh my goodness there should be some sort of sign that says these cushions are for looking at not using!!! even bedroom cushions i have to take off the bed and arrange nicely on the blanket box - hubby just throws them on the floor!! the horror of it !
    (mistresses was v good, - v.naughty but v good!! )

  11. Beautiful cushion, love the idea of the jumper, saves time!!
    Had a look at the web site for the russian doll transfers but I could find them :( x

  12. it looks wonderful Hen...dont let the boys near cushions are always out of bounds...thanks for the pattern too and the book will be on amazon in a mo...have a great week...H

  13. Thank you for that Hen. I brought Jan Eaton's book after lusting Over Attic 24's ripple but seem to get a bit confused. I have a bin bag of 4 ply aplaca yarn to use and I though I would tackle a ripple. Any tips??

    Take care

  14. Beautiful Ripple Cushion Hen, I bet your pleased with it, I know how much time and effort went into it. I used chopsticks for my Hyacinths too so your not bonkers. xxx

  15. I love them all! The ripple pillow is especially gorgeous! My husband think nothing of squishing up the pretty pillows and shoving them under his behind all wrinkled and mooshed. The horror!

  16. Ripplingly great Hen! It looks right at home on the couch with the other gorgeous cushions you have made. Well done.

  17. The ripple turned out to be FABULOUS! The colors really look nice amongst the other pillows. Nice job! I might have to make some pillows to add to the many I have already. :)

  18. Well done it's great!! And the hyacinth looks lovely, i love it in the red pot! so pretty! x

  19. Love your ripple cushion Hen and the back works really well too, such a pretty colour. How do you do that to a jumper?
    I love hyacinths they smell divine - mine always bend over like that and I go to other friends and they all stand up straight like soldiers!

  20. What a lovely cushion. Great colours, and thanks for the ripple patttern. Is that the English version? I'm just trying to teach myself crochet!

  21. As said by Lesley in her comment: Clever hen strikes again lol! I like that!
    Thanks for the pattern; it can become my next project once the granny squares are done, whenever that is!! The ripple cushion looks so nice amongst the other cushions doesn't it! Love Sal x

  22. Ripple is lovely - queen amongst the other cushions, although they are all lovely too. What a fabulous room. I'm amazed you let the boys anywhere near!

  23. Just lovely! I can't imagine being able to do such things or having the time to do them :) Wonderful. I'm amazed every time I visit.

  24. Hi Hen hope you don't get this twice but seems to be playing up today. Thanks for the ripply pattern, but just one question..Can we have the instructions for tr2tog(clusters) as shown on page 10, not sure what to do? Also what yarn did you use for the cushion, which is gorgeous by the way. dev X

  25. Hyanciths and ripples!!! Lovely, Hen, just lovely!!!

  26. Really nice cushions. Yu create very nice things. You can never have too many cushions, I love them. My husband would agree with Mr HenHouse though...
    Isabelle x

  27. The ripple cushion is gorgeous. I love the colour combination, just like the lupin picture.
    Must get my granny blanket finished...

  28. I am not being sexist or anything but I do think cushions are a 'girl' thing. A male friend of mine once remarked that when a girl started to buy/bring cushions to a boy's flat that was it they were 'serious'!

  29. Yummy, Hen. Love the spring colours!

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  30. Well I am mightily impressed Hen... you are certainly on a creative roll and there is no stopping you!
    Love all of your cushions and I think I suffer from the same addiction as you.. maybe there is a help group for us somewhere!
    Do you think you could have crochet class for beginners set up at the fair??? Can I sign up now please?

    Michele xx

  31. i just had to say hello-your blogworld is divine.

  32. Love the cushion! haven't done anything like that in a long time. Inspired by your organisation the other day I started on my own.see what you think!

  33. Just to let you know, I have left you an award, mightly well deserved I should add. x

  34. Hi Hen..thank you...I'm looking forward to it!
    Must be crazy!

    Have a super weekend!xxxx

  35. Hi Hen
    I just found your blog this evening.
    I love it!!!!!!!!!!
    The colour from your ripple cushion
    is wonderful.
    Have a nice weekend!


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