Friday, 6 March 2009

Spring has Sprung

Well, it has in the HenHouse, anyway.  Yesterday, I ventured out to the shops to augment my yarn stash, intent on finding bright turquoise, as you do.  I came back with a few things I hadn't bargained for and Easter celebrations are starting early around here.  We're going to be far away for Easter itself so I thought we may as well get going with the cute things now!

I bought Homes and Antiques magazine to read on the train (and because I noticed Claire's house in there!) and I spotted the egg garland in the magazine.  I was going to John Lewis anyway and well, it just hopped into my basket.  The Munchkin hasn't noticed the eggs yet, thank goodness!

Something else momentarily found its way onto the mantle, amongst all the pinky, duck eggy prettiness.

Following my crochet and felt flowery efforts of a few days ago, I've still been enjoying spending time with my hook, yarn and more felt - oh and beads and embroidery thread and so on.  I adapted the flowers from a pattern in this book:

I just made them a bit smaller by making fewer chain and treble crochets instead of double trebles, hardly rocket science.  First, I went off on a leafy adventure...

Then I thought about a basket...

And finally, some good old hearts..

A spectrum of cheery, pretty colours, textures and shapes...

Thinking I'd finished with my faffing and photographing, I turned round to see my wonderful Carlton Ware cabinet. Now I know where my inspiration comes from...

Happy Days!  Find the pretty brooches here if you should wish.


  1. Hello Hen....just popped back to see your new post, all finihed for the day here.....boy I'm tired!

    Lovely brooches....all three are super designs!

    Have a fab weekend!xxxx

  2. Well done they look fabulous!

    Lets hope we have a sunny weekend!


  3. OI do love your flowers they are absolutely wonderful!

  4. I love all the springy brightness you've shown.


  5. What pretty colors you have scattered about your home. I would be in a happy mood every day surrounded by them. I too need to get going on Easter decor so that there is time to enjoy them all.

    Your pins are so cute! How creative you are.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. I spotted that easter garland in the magazine and thought how lovely it looked, and it looks fab on your mantle. Love your brooches, really love them.
    Thanks for your comment - I am finding it hard to stay out of there, tis true! beefburgers... like the idea of cheese inside and haven't tried that, so I will. I think they will love it. xxx

  7. I love that basket design, very sweet.

  8. gorgeous brooches, OH I really, really need to learn how to crochet!
    They look fab, well done Hen!!!!

  9. Lovely brooches, very pretty, the hearts are my favourites. xxx

  10. Hi Hen

    Firstly, am wondering why I've not visited your gorgeous blog before??? It's beautiful, your house is depressingly gorgeous! Mine is a tip at the moment. I'm proud to be your 100th follower :)

    Anyway, just wanted to say thank you v much for your advice re the schools. It is good to hear from people who know more about them than me. I still just don't know what to do, the way I see it either choice is not good so I feel like I'm letting her down whatever happens :(

    Love the egg garland, Mel xxx

  11. Your crochet and felt brooches are absolutely gorgeous Hen, I especially love the heart shaped ones...
    I've just bought H&A cos of the words "vintage Easter" on the front cover and a quick flick through inspired me..saving it for my wkend read (can't wait!)
    Have a happy weekend yourself my lovely

  12. Just love the sweet brooches - once again - just lovely!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hi ...

    I discovered your blog the other day and have been coming back to have a peek but don't think I've commented yet.

    I love the look of the painting that is only partially showing in the first photo ! Did you paint it ? Any chance you'd post a photo of the whole painting ?

    Anyway ... love your blog and will be visiting again !


  14. Hello Hen, lovely brooches.... I like the basket. My flowers go in to the local florist today... fingers crossed!!! I've been unsure about it 'cos she's not given me as much as I hoped & she's making lots :( But it saves me having to post them etc. I've got another 2 places interested so hopefully it'll work.
    I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore magazines but I'm liking the sound of H&A. Have you seen the new crochet mag with DVD & yarn?? I've looked in smiths but I can't find it. Have a good weekend x

  15. BTW isn't the picture that Bonnie's asking about from habitat?? If it's the one I'm thinking of it's discountinued x

  16. Hi, Gorgeous things once again and I am taken aback by your packaging of the brooches. Have you sewn fabric on to the card to display the brooch on?? Very clever. I love how you much stuff (obviously whatever you feel like at the time) and then sell it, I find myself doing the same but never make enough to resell and recoup and pay for my hobbies. You are very very clever and I looooove your home. Leah

  17. Love the little basket of flowers, so Spring like.

    I cut out the sleeping maske to make the other day but haven't got round to it yet. Love the look of yours.

  18. Oooh Hen, such mouthwatering colours and gorgeous eye-candy! I have an old pastel check seersucker tablecloth in my kitchen and it is a mix of those lovely Easterly colours! Love the colour and pattern in your blog -and your wonderful creations!

    Clare x

  19. Hen your colours are fab as usual, especially when outside is very overcast and dreary (good old Scotland). Have a lovely weekend - jacqui x

  20. Loving your pretty brooches, Hen.

  21. What gorgeous brooches! I love the colours and your collection of carltonware is enviable. A real pleasure to look at your blog.
    Isabelle x

  22. oh they look so adorable, fabulous colours!

  23. Hi, I love your blog, so many lovely ideas, thanks for sharing. I was wondering, would you know where I can find a tutorial so I can learn the ripple design. Looks delightful, and I have some left over wool I'd like to use for that. HELP! Thanks,

  24. Talk about being dumb! I've found your photos, it is a good start, thanks again! Lori xxx

  25. Pest here! I've printed your photos, and I've tried, been a bit ambitious and made a long chain, did the multiplying thingy as proposed. I am novice in crochet, can do straight things, that is where I decided to learn further. Got stuck at tr2tog. Note on photo says: for description of tr2tog see page 10 (clusters). Could you help me? Same as above,

  26. Your mantle looks very pretty and ready for easter.
    I love the brooches, very pretty too.
    Carol xx

  27. What GORGEOUS Spring'ness. Fabby spring colours - a cheery post to brighten up the downpour we've just had here.
    Lovely work and lovely photo's x


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